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  2. Just a little TL corrections tracks in n. 15 and 16 are swapped and Dreaming is not Lange Remix. 15. Reysan Khan - 'Shi Du 98' [white label] 16. Ruff Driverz pres. Arrola - 'Dreaming' (Percussion Mix) [inferno] 17. Clear View - 'Cry For Love' (DJ Phillip Mix) [blackhole] is the final tune in the recording 18. DJ Quicksilver - Timerider' (Lange Remix) [Positiva] was not broadcast on the radio though
  3. Dear Spin Doctor, thank you for your words. No ungratefulness at all. Unfortunately, I reckon, original shows do not exit in the entire lenght anymore. I doubt even BBC has got them. Myself, I never had intention to record the whole regular radio shows, I was just seeking for hot tunes that fitted my vibe. If there was someting I was not into, I pressed stop on my cassette recorder back in the day. In the mid and late 90´s I wouldn´t have imagined I would be desperately looking for my old cassete and video tapes with radio broadcasts on them and would spend enormous portions of t
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  5. it does get very fogey who you have seen I had to get out old magazines i found on line am pretty sure I've seen tall paul tony de vit in 96 100% I know I seen danny rampling on a mix mag tour as i found a magazine cutting online. I know I have seen gatecrasher on tour maybe scott bond was their who knows. Lisa loud or lisa pin up but which one am not sure. tom wainwright or allister whitehead but i can't be 100% sure which one. It's so fogey.
  6. Episode 279 - 2 new mixes, raw & hypnotic techno Tracklist Part 1 - In The Studio 01. Dykkon "Track 01" 02. Axel Karakasis "Ataxia" [Alleanza] 03. Arnaud Le Texier "Shades" [Warg Records] 04. George Libe "Goblins" [Remain Records] 05. Axel Karakasis "Open Up" [Remain Records] 06. A. Paul, DJ Dextro "Tracing" (Dub Mix) [Onh.Cet] 07. Luca La Rocca "Open Arms" [Planet Rhythm] 08. Lex Gorrie "Changing of the Guard" [Remain Records] Part 2 - In The Mix 09. The Plant Worker, DIAPO "Intro" [Suara] 10. Hans Bouffmyhre "No Subst
  7. People still want to use record box even with expensive gear, it is know to be full of bugs I could use traktor pro but it finding the Wright mapping that works with my controller, as you have to upload a flie to make the mapping work but the one I uploaded does not make all the functions work correctly on my controller. I will have to have a look on the Pioneer website. I can manual mix but record box 6 is buggy so i downloded 5 what works a lot better
  8. 13 years later heres my take on it: Ruby Turner - Never Gonna Give You Up (Big Bump Mix) Supa T - Love & Respect is Actually Gotta Jump (Party Animals Drop Mix) Thelma Houston ‎– Don't Leave Me This Way is one of the joe t vanelli remixes raw stylus-believe in me is Raw Stylus Believe In Me (Vission Larimer Acid Trip) inner city-do me right is (Lisa Marie Sequential Dub)
  9. Just buy a proper stand a lone all in one. Worth every penny. I bought the rx 2 in october 2019, paid it off over a year. No issues with beatmatching whatsoever. Sync is sometimes out, I stick to manual beatmatching mainly. I have never 'got' laptop djing at all. Who nneeds it when I have this all ine one and can plug in a usb stick and away I go.
  10. Doesnt sound like a PVD trac,k to me anyway, but no ide who it is by.
  11. checkout every issue of muzik here:
  12. Just listened to this set and I agree one of the best live sets with an awesome selection of high energy tunes, thanks for posting
  13. I thought it was ok but I went for the free plan then I moved over to record box 5 as I have a serial number, 6 is still very buggy it does not synchronise tracks correctly and even if you are beatmatching by ear and do it with the speed pitch control it still does not work correctly. I'm going to hang back using it for a while until they fix all the bugs in it.
  14. What are your thoughts on the Record Box subscription model?
  15. I would pay money for this essential selection if it’s possible?
  16. jules and tong played this
  17. Thanks guys, i eventually id'd it as the General Midi track and got a copy on vinyl. Anyway, cheers for the replies :-)
  18. Hope this post is allowed mods. If not then i apologise. Does anybody know the name, or recognise this track PvD played. Track 6 on his mix from radio BU Israel 31/12/2000. It sounds very familiar. Not played again, or by anybody else as far as I'm aware. It sounds like a PvD remix or production, which was Unreleased. Real nice track whatever it is. Have a listen guys and see what you think.
  19. Judge Jules & Jeremy Healy@ Sex Mixtape (1256) Am sure most people have already got a copy of this but if not here you go
  20. John Kelly & Judge Jules - Sex 1244 1997 I re uploaded because my recording of the Judge Jules tape is a little bit better than the other one I heard
  21. I have re uploaded and updated the recording hope you enjoy:)
  22. just got back from work tried ripping it again with windows media player and its working so will upload soon I reckon my pc had been on for to long and needed a reboot.
  23. I managed to find some time over Christmas to record a FSOE Clandestine mix. You can listen here:
  24. What program are you using to rip the CD with Gregsta?
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  26. Judge Jules - Up For It- 60 Minute Mix CD
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