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  4. Latest edition of TRR - our 293rd show! 2 hours of hot new techno (including a banging final mix from yours truly): Tracklist 01. Tony Tyson "Flare" [Cortex Recordings] 02. Insical "Flood" [The AudioBloc] 03. DCM "Conciencia" (Linear Phase Remix) [Signal Ltd] 04. Ian Axide "Phrenetic" [Emphatic Records] 05. Antidote MT "Fuse Injector" (Linear System Remix v1) [Solid Tracks Recordings] Future Focus 06. Michel Lauriola, Fixeer "Integration of Parts" [Gynoid Audio] 07. RNGD "Forward
  5. Tracklistings 1.Energy 52 - Café del Mar (Paul van Dyk’s SHINE Remix) [Superstition] 2.Armin van Buuren & Jorn Van Deynhoven - Lost In Space [ASOT] 3.Richard Durand - Off the Grid [In Trance We Trust] 4.Dante - Greed [AfterDark] 5.Chris Schweizer & Paul Denton - Hammer Time [WAO138?!] 6.ID - ID 7.ID - ID 8.David Forbes - Equator [WAO138?!] 9.Jody 6 - ImmersaSound [Nocturnal Knights] 10.Kinetica - Over & Out [High Voltage] 11.Nord Horizon - Orion {Monster Neos] 12.Rated R - Any Given Day [Regenerate] 13.Sean Truby - When You Put It Like That [FSO
  6. Tracklistings Hour 1 1.Armin Van Buuren & Rank 1 - The Greater Light To Rule The Night [ASOT] 2.Starpicker - Sapte Coline [High Voltage] 3.Blue Serigala - Challenger [InfraRed] 4.Chris SX - Over The Top 
[Monster Force] 5.Mario Piu & Sygma - Dedicated [Nocturnal Knights Reworked] 6.Will Rees - Exponent [FSOE] 7.Asteroid - Home [Afterdark] 8.Zach Zlov - Ergo [VII] 9.Andrew Davies - Valhalla [Radiation] 10.David Nimmo - The Golden Ticket [Nocturnal Knights Fusion] 11.Kinetica - Over & Out [High Voltage]
 12.David Forbes - Equator [WAO13
  7. Tracklistings 1.Alexander Komarov - When I Leave [ASOT] 2.Alessandra Roncone - Feel The Trance Energy [TER 8th Anniversary Anthem] [FSOE] 3.Thomas Bronzwaer - Constellation (Luke Bond pres. Bond Remix)[ASOT] 4.Alex Wright - Instinct [FSOE Clandestine] 5.Simon Lee & Alvin - OVLD [Suanda Dark] 6.Cedric Lass - Andromeda [Tranceformer] 7.AlexMo - Xenon [Mental Asylum] 8.Heatbeat - Fire [Critical State] 9.Michael Kaelios - Dolores [High Voltage] 10.Richard Durand - White Dolphins [In Trance We Trust] 11.Joint Operations Centre - Gizmo [Subculture] 12.David Nimmo - The
  8. no 6 features Zongi Beat'z* – Бейби, Счастье Это ssame sample but its to young its from 2016 so mabie it sampled from an old record of 1997
  9. Naughty But Nice @ The Crystal Rooms, Hereford, Dec 1997 - Judge Jules e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track 1. The Swimmer - Django 2. Brown Bread - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly 3. Somore - I Refuse (What You Want) (Serious Danger Mix) 4. Bosco - Everybody On The Dancefloor [Platinum] 5. Afrowax - English 101 (FR8 Mix) 6. [17:00] ? inst 7. Byron Stingily - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Baby Blue Inside Out Dub) 8. DJ Disciple - 12 Steps 2 Heaven 9. A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd - Retro (Electro Vocal) 10. Camisra - Let Me Show You 11. Thomas Sch
  10. I couldn't agree more. It's odd isn't it. I know he was always on the cheesier side of clubland, but to have ended up like this is just baffling
  11. Hi Nick, It's all good mate. This was a gem of a show so if you manage to get it done I would love to get a copy off of you somehow. Let me know how it goes! Cheers, Tim.
  12. Show 292 - featuring a 1 hour Warm Up mix from yours truly + an awesome guest mix from Albert Salvatierra in hour 2 Tracklist Hour 1 - Max Kane 01. Yan Cook "Synthetic Soul" [Planet Rhythm] 02. Joao Cambraia "Rubber Brake" [Liberta Records] 03. Juan Trujillo "Crystal Matter" [Unknown Territory] 04. Matt Altman "Old Habits Die Hard" [Trau-ma] 05. 4NYØN3 "Dropping Swing" [Utopia Society] 06. RNGD "Forward Motion" [Utopia Society] Future Focus 07. Insical "Flood" [The AudioBloc]
  13. your welcome it was easy once i found out it was Signum
  14. I have seen this also listed as 1994 Judge Jules @ Cream - Volume 2. Any ideas which is the right title?
  15. that's the one I've been looking for this for years legend thank you!!
  16. Hey, I’m really sorry I never got round to doing this. I’m back in the UK tomorrow and I am determined to get it done for you guys- I know that sounds a bit hollow given how long I have taken to do it. I do have it (and others) and I resolve to get it done for you guys- sorry again for the tardiness/ poor effort- nb it’s the first 90 mins only sorry! Nick
  17. Think what you will, im not coming back here again now. I am done for good, quote me. Boom.
  18. Well, theres no file to listen to now, the uploads dissapeared....
  19. It really is not the fontaine & vern rmix, there is a very distinctive noticable sound to it, and as far as I am aware I have never ever heard Jules, or Tong or anyone play anything other than the original version. Get yer ears cleaned out if you think otherwise!
  20. To bump this thread on a bad note, hes having his streamed on home rave and also tiwtch now, so i had a look and yes, still the same old streams of pre recorded sets badly being mimed to. I riled up the viwers in the chat, truth obviously really hurts. All 49 nine of them sheep. Jules rerally is an embarassment, playing some technoy bootleg remix of gwen stefani hollaback girl? crikey. Man he has fallen low. Hes mid 50's multi millionaire, bloody retire!. There are others older than him with very little money it seems, like talla 2xlc who are struggling and porbably will be djing p
  21. Show 291 - 1 hour from me + a 1 hour guest mix from RE_MAART Techno Recommends Radio with Max Kane & RE_MAART Techno Recommends Radio welcomes the brilliant RE_MAART to the show this week, for an exclusive Headline Mix! August 6 2021 Tracklist Hour 1 - Max Kane 01. Joline Scheffler "Strövtåg" [SUB TL] 02. A. Paul & DJ Dextro "Black Rainbow" [Naked Lunch] Future Focus 03. Vohkinne "Glacial Tides" [MindTrip] 04. Insolate "In Praise of Shadows"
  22. Hand's Burn - Good Shot (Fontaine & Vern Mix) I think you would do well to notice the different between both mixers they sound pretty much the same. I would of said it was this one Hand's Burn - Good Shot (Fontaine & Vern Mix) he play about 3mins of it.
  23. NEW cover added just a tad better might have some new Judge Jule Mixers to add soon Sorry about watermark but took it from my forum were all my images are watermarked
  24. He has a great voice. I has given him custom/.
  25. 01. Loop Da Loop ‎– Hazel (Johan S Toxic Club Mix) 02. Blackout ‎– Gotta Have Hope (Judge Jules Remix) 03. Ruff Driverz Presents Arrola - La Musica (Untidy Dub) 04. Barabas & OD1 ‎– Deeper '99 (Jon The Dentist & Shane Morris 99 Remix) 05. System F - Out Of The Blue 06. Kaycee ‎– Escape (Signum Remix) 07. Hand's Burn - Good Shot 08. The Cardigans ‎– My Favourite Game (Vengaboys Remix) 09. Fool Boona ‎– Popped (Trevor Reilly) 10. Deep Stereophonics ‎– Tuff Groove 11. The Headliners ‎– Who's My DJ 12. Liquid Child - Diving Faces
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