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  2. Am well out the loop now, lol, but had a word with a young (27ish) trance orientated DJ I know and he said "I regularly play classics and stuff, can't beat them often lead up to more modern stuff". But as for a resergence in general I wouldn't know...
  3. so i got Issue No.73 - June 1997 - The Day Trafalgar Square Danced! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Issue No.80 - Jan 1998 - Heroes of 97 Reprazent Issue No.82 - Mar 1998 - This is Sonique Issue No.84 - May 1998 - Get On My Land! Issue No.85 - June 1998 - Ecstacy UK Issue No.86 - July 1998 - Beat Dis Issue No.87 - Aug 1998 - Totally Spannered! Issue No.88 - Sep 1998 - Planet Prodigy Issue No.89 - Oct 1998 - Fatboy Slim Issue No.91 - Dec 1998 - Come On Ye Faithful ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Issue No.92 - Jan 1999 - Burning Up Issue No.100 - Sep 1999 - 200th Issue Special Edition thats 12 magazines all i got will do scanns soon
  4. up untill i dunno tean or so years ago i had every issue from feb 98 to earlt 2001. no one wanted them, so i ripped put certain pages of articles and such i wanted to keep, including all the judge jules show listings and judge and the jury etc articles, and binned the rest of them. I have a couple of full issues still, like jan and dec 97, also the 200th issue, and dec 99. also a few from 2000/2001 time.
  5. Hi i would like to start a big job scanning all mixmags (sure all 178 sides ore 200 per magazine) to Picture PDF i would like to have all from 96 to end of 99 will scan my mixmags one after another will be great if the members of Jules archive will help me with this big project because there is a lot of other tracklistings beside the Essential mix ore the Jules show. shure people can post earlyer ore older mixmags to . for scanning you can youse your phone yousing ore if you have a real scanner whatever i found it easyer to scan with my phone .. some magasines did it for free like ore this helped me alot doing tracklistings of jules unofficial cassete mixtapes from 1996 to 2000 for example will upload the tracklistings one after another on the jules archive mutch tracklistings are on here is the info off all mixmags from 96 to 99 1996 Issue No.56 - Jan 1996 - 1995 : We've Never Had It So Good (comes with supplement - The 50 Greatest Dance Albums) Issue No.57 - Feb 1996 - Underworld Issue No.58 - Mar 1996 - Justin Robertson Issue No.59 - April 1996 - Has Jeremy Healy Got Too Big For His Boots? Issue No.60 - May 1996 - Orbital (comes with supplement - The 100 Greatest Dance Singles Of All Time) Issue No.61 - June 1996 - Carl Cox Rocks Mixmag started printing the Essential Mix tape covers, 1st = 6-5-96 Issue No.62 - July 1996 - Fugees Issue No.63 - Aug 1996 - Why Does Speed Kill More People Than Ecstacy? Issue No.64 - Sept 1996 - What is Tricky Hiding From? Issue No.65 - Oct 1996 - The Future Sound of London (2 Copies) Issue No.66 - Nov 1996 - Money Money Money Issue No.67 - Dec 1996 - Were All Doomed! 1997 Issue No.68 - Jan 1997 - The Year of Underworld Issue No.69 - Feb 1997 - Are Drugs Driving You Mad? Issue No.70 - Mar 1997 - Lost In Bass Issue No.71 - April 1997 - Chemicals Issue No.72 - May 1997 - This Aint The Jazz Tent Issue No.73 - June 1997 - The Day Trafalgar Square Danced! Issue No.74 - July 1997 - The Prodigy Issue No.75 - Aug 1997 - Daft Punk Issue No.76 - Sep 1997 - Goldie (comes with free CD - The Best Of Mixmag Live) Issue No.77 - Oct 1997 - Portishead Issue No.78 - Nov 1997 - Extreme Clubbing Issue No.79 - Dec 1997 - All Aboard The Night Train (free CD - Allister Whitehead & Dave Seaman - Zeitgeist: New Directions) 1998 Issue No.80 - Jan 1998 - Heroes of 97 Reprazent Issue No.81 - Feb 1998 - Gang Law Issue No.82 - Mar 1998 - This is Sonique Issue No.83 - Apr 1998 - Massive Attack (comes with supplement - Clubbers Bar Guide) Issue No.84 - May 1998 - Get On My Land! Issue No.85 - June 1998 - Ecstacy UK Issue No.86 - July 1998 - Beat Dis! (comes with free CD - The Journey - Anthony Pappa) Mixmag stopped printing the Judge Jules tracklistings, last = 23-05-98 Issue No.87 - Aug 1998 - Totally Spannered! Issue No.88 - Sep 1998 - Planet Prodigy Issue No.89 - Oct 1998 - Fatboy Slim Issue No.90 - Nov 1998 - The Freaks Come Out Issue No.91 - Dec 1998 - Come On Ye Faithful 1999 Issue No.92 - Jan 1999 - Burning Up Mixmag stopped printing the Essential Selection tracklistings, last = 18-11-99 Issue No.93 - Feb 1999 - Are You Out There? Issue No.94 - Mar 1999 - Underworld Issue No.95 - Apr 1999 - Safe? Mitsubishis Issue No.96 - May 1999 - The Good Comedown Guide Issue No.97 - June 1999 - Millennium, Where Will You Be? (comes with free CD - Tom Middleton - Weekend Warm-Up) Issue No.98 - July 1999 - Ibiza Issue No.99 - Aug 1999 - Yessssss! Issue No.100 - Sep 1999 - 200th Issue Special Edition Issue No.101 - Oct 1999 - Beat The Guest List Issue No.102 - Nov 1999 - The Mixmag DJ Awards Issue No.103 - Dec 1999 - The 90s, The Decade Reviewed (CD - Clublife 2000 Selection - Kiss) pictures and info taken from
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  7. Hah! Yeah, I did bump into you on the trainspotters box. Flippin heck that was a while ago - don't remember that lineup though. I was there a few times but the only lineup I remember was Oliver Klein, Corvin Dalek, Jules& Eddie Halliwell. I'm probably mashing about 4 nights into one though.
  8. He's since had a crack at Hi Gate - Pitchin' which to my ears just doesn't work at all...
  9. I guess I can put Ejeca's Trance Wax stuff into this category too. There're some pretty ropey tunes in here:
  10. hi Drtim i sent you a message with download link hopefully you get it ok it seems the message thing is a bit dodgy lol if not comment bck here
  11. Love this mix. Scotti Deep - Brooklyn beats now added to Spotify and Gym playlist
  12. Just wondering if any *ahem* "more senior" people on here have noticed younger DJs starting to play old late 90s-early 00s trance records? HAAi played "ATB - 9pm till I come" at AVA recently, Denis Sulta has been doing it for years with stuff like "666 - DEVIL" and "York - OTB". Jackmaster, Space Dimension Controller, Nina Kraviz all pull out trance tunes intermittently. I'm curious as to what people make of this? I can't really tell if they're these playing records in an ironic way - cos let's be honest some of these records have not aged at all well - or whether it's based on the assumption that the average 18-25ish clubber will not have heard these tunes played out before and they are being played out of genuine love? In 2000 Sasha was playing "Yeke Yeke", Paul Woolford is playing full sets of old skool rave/hardcore. When I used to DJ I would never leave the house without my copy of "CLS - Can You Feel It". Is my discomfort about this based on my snobbery against trance compared to "better" records? Mainly it just makes me feel old. I own cassette singles of some of these tracks and now a DJ is playing them off a USB stick to a room full of people a decade younger than I am. Nostalgia, eh? It ain't what it used to be....
  13. Funkypete, i'd be interested too mate! Cheers!
  14. sent you a message Jason any issues drop me a message cheers
  15. drtim

    New Shows?

    Thanks Louk. Any idea where Fever was held?
  17. Hey all I'm stretching my memory back to what I think was a Friday night dance party around 2000. I recall a song with the lyrics/sound bite " women beat there men " am I right or have my brain cells rotted in the intervening years. Cheers
  18. Hello everyone, I'm New too site. Having discovered a cassette abused in my first cars recorded off the radio, from lush portrush, late 90's possibly 2000, on a Friday night it says. Didn't even no this haven for all things Judge existed. I'm abit tech dull so Bear with people
  19. Slowly losing the will to live day after day, but otherwise chipper as usual!
  20. Funny how all these years later the main now national kis fm has gone to shit, 'the beat of the uk' ? , the shir more like 99% rnb and the occasoanl commercial dance track, even friday and saturday night kis has gone to shit, stever smart or steve thick as i call him playing all the trendy radio edit length remixes of pop tracks. music for the short attention span generation. kistory is terrible as a standalone station, as narrow minded as hearts club classhits shows. kiss fresh is just as bad for the stuff they play. A big multimedia company ruins a once great dance music station. @funkypete id be interested in both tracks mate.
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  22. i Actually have a copy of Dj Luka - white City and i have a remix of it also. i also have Push - The Legacy (Simon Hunt Bootleg) if any one is interested/?
  23. It's been rather quiet her recently but still a few of us around. I hope everything is well with you.
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