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  2. Episode 311 Hour Two - Max Kane 01. VRODAK "Xenofish" 02. Marco Leckbert "The Fusion" [DSR Digital] 03. JØNAS "Divinity" [GENERA41] 04. Sub Terra "Isengard" [Sacred Court] 05. O.B.I. "Red Sky" [R-Label Group] 06. Fractions "Daytona" [Monnom Black] 07. Tanzanfall "Abstract Patters" (Mython Remix) [Darkart] 08. Jonas Xenon "Effizient" [Introspective Rec] 09. JØNAS "Reasons" [GENERA41] 10. Marco Leckbert "Rock Boy" [Darkground Records] 11. Mython "Visual Snow" [R-Label Group] 12. Jonas Xenon "No Rest For The Wicked" [OXID Records] 13. Danielle Ciuro "Lost In Translation" [DSR Digital] 14. Sanchez Jr "Coriolis Effect" [Dirty Waves] 15. Luckes "Dark Mood" [Hardwork Records] 16. Carl Shorts "I Am" [DSR Digital] 17. Kobosil "Heat" [R-Label Group] 18. Fractions "Sonder" [Monnom Black] 19. David Strasser "Paimon" [AKRONYM] 20. Rudosa "Stuck In 04" [Dusk Records] 21. Andreas Kraemer, Shadym "Wipeout" [Volume Berlin Records]
  3. Episode 310 - including a 60mins guest mix from Luckes: Tracklist Hour One - Max Kane 01. Mython "Double Defender" [Exhale] 02. Jonas Xenon "No Rest For The Wicked" [OXID Records] 03. Patrick DSP "Axon" [Heroes] 04. Selective Response "Salt In The Wound" [Crisis Of Man] 05. Marco Leckbert "Rock Boy" [Darkground Records] 06. Luckes "Dark Mood" [Hardwork Records] 07. PETDuo "Cabulosa" (Tassid Remix) [[RE]SET] 08. OGTS "Forsaken" [Mad Made] 09. Rudosa "Stuck In 04" [Dusk Records] 10. Sanchez Jr "Minaccia" (Mython Remix) [CoreBeats] 11. OGTS "Lustorious" [Mad Made] 12. DJ Buzz Fuzz "Dreamgirl" (Sebastian Groth Power Edit) 13. David Strasser "Paimon" [AKRONYM] 14. D.A.V.E. The Drummer "Drop Beats Not Bombs" [Hydraulix] 15. Lukas Meunier "Deine Macht" [Dusk Records] 16. Lvgo "Vampire Complex" [Fluctuat Records] 17. CENSURE "Outbreak" (Alex TB Remix) [DSR Digital] TechnoRecommended - Record of the Week 18. DYEN "Back" [GEN X] Techno Recommends Headline Guest Mix - Luckes 01. Marrie - Paranoid 02. Andreas Kraemer,Shadym - Wipeout 03. Stan Christ,ORYMA - Mental Misery (OBI & Juliana Yamasaki) 04. Alex TB - Keep Calm And Resist 05. Alex TB - Spread The Message (SveTec remix) 06. SveTec - You Can Not Resist 07. SveTec & MOX - The 9th Life Of A Cat 08. PetDuo - Technomicon (SveTec remix) 09. Luckes - Revolution 10. Luckes - Wild Ride 11. Luckes - Wake Up 12. Luckes - Dark Mood 13. Luckes - Phobia 14. Luckes - Orbitec 15. Luckes - Shadow 16. Sub Terra - Play Me Harder Series 17. Eskha - La Vie C’est Fantastique
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  5. Burien, having just listened the section of this Kiss show, you are totally right, Jules mentions the Speedy Gonzales tune in the tracklist he played. I had not realized before this was a name of the song. Once again superb TL correction!
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  7. Hi.... where is the link to download for this... cheers
  8. Hi this link isn't working anymore that was posted. Any chance of another link. Cheers in advance
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  10. Burien, Thanks a million! What a TL´s correction. UR the master!
  11. Dear all members, valued community friends, big thanks all of you for keeping such a great site running. From my point of view, there are only a few other renowned "godfather" DJs from the golden era of rave clubbing days of the 90s who have not only the webpage but the awesome community gathered around. And, moreover, I believe the JudgeJulesArchive is the only platform that so massively focuses on one DJ star only, no matter whether we, community members, still follow Judge these days. Correct me, if I am wrong, I cannot think of any other single DJ with such a site, though? I am still totally impressed how many audio files, TLs, comments and other interesting facts have been piled up here. The work, the effort from you is hardly believable. And you must be a real fan of the dance music to understand what has been created here. I still have some parts of Judge´s BBC radio shows from 1998 and on, ready to be uploaded. I do apologize I have not done it yet. Life is just twisting. With this my comment I would also humbly like to ask you, whether you are interested in other UK radio (DJs) broadcast from the 90s to be exposed here. Some, for example, KISS 100 FM and BBC R1 sections of shows from DJs like Graham Gold, Pete Wardman, Pete Tong and others I have had on my Soundcloud profile which is no longer active. Some other sounds on cassette/video tapes still waiting to be digitized. I wish the JudgeJulesArchive would live on. Humble member TomasB
  12. Thanks khu, but OP found it two years ago. Seems to be an unreleased prod by Lost Witness span widget
  13. @Burien I really respect the fact that you felt compelled to correctly track list the ten seconds or so of Destination Sunshine! Listened again last night and this really is a top recording with some excellent tracks, in particular the Dan Bailey mix.
  14. Hi, a long shot but does anyone know any Dave Pearce Sunday show track listings from 1999? In particular I'm looking for a show from roughly Feb/March/April 1999 and trying to ID one track. Used to have a tape recording of it but no longer unfortunately. In the show he plays Jacob & Mendez - Sun & Rain (original mix) and then follows it up with a trance track I'm trying to ID. From what I remember, the bassline in the build up sounds like something similar to one in Groovezone - Eisbear and there is some kind of a male foreign voice that says something from time to time. Sounds like some kind of warrior call spoken in old Gaelic or Viking tongue. 6 or 7 words uttered fairly quickly in an authoritative, demanding tone. Then there is a breakdown, pretty epic, and again the strings sounds like some Gaelic/Scottish/Irish melody. The melody is similar to the two DJ Sakin tracks released at the time, Nomansland and Protect Your Mind but it's not either of those. The melody from the breakdown then carries on into the take off. It was mixed into Sun & Rain but I can't find any Dave Pearce track listings anywhere on the net. Cheers
  15. khu


    Guys witch kings spaced out white label played on 4/12/2004 in radio 1 show and also on jules live set that month at empire can anyone here shed any light on it it’s not on discogs or is it a wrong id
  16. in my wantlist since ages i think its an acetate send only to jules one for the archive ..
  17. That's effing brilliant Andy. You have nailed it.
  18. I just found the last 30 minutes of this set. It was broadcast at the end of 1999 on 2fm in Ireland when this set was voted the best DJ set of the year. Its more new old content at least. The files cant be merged seamlessly unfortunately. Here is a link to download or listen, maybe it could be uploaded to the board ? The tracklist is as follows (there are a couple of ID's at the end that escape me). Dail M for Mooguai - Beatbox Yomanda - Sunshine Sharpside Critikal Freaks Hands Burn - 'Good Shot' (Fontaine & Vern Mix) ID ID
  19. I still do my workouts to a lot of the downloads from this site. Mostly the 1999 mixes.
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