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  2. Jules @ Peach 25th

    Beware the awful jingles and acapellas and such stupidity maybe.
  3. Finally got around to watch this. Really good and very honest docu! Makes me wanna buy a second 1210 and dust off my Bonzai 12's
  4. Last week
  5. Absolutely brilliant, Aza! Loved it. It felt like a true Radio One broadcast with a certain Mr O'Riordan doing voiceovers.
  6. The Techno Recommends Podcast

    New mix from me... Tracklist 01. Stiv Hey "Memories" (Spektre Remix) [Loose Records] 02. Mark Reeve "Redemption" [Drumcode] 03. Vinicius Honorio "Dying Of The Light" [Liberta] 04. Petter K "Sokt Kick" [H-Productions] #ThrowbackTrack - 2014 05. Hans Bouffmyhre & Kyle Geiger "Dispatch" [Unrilis] 06. Jacks Menec "Reset Transport" [Industrial Philharmonics] 07. Spiros Kaloumenos "Atomic Orbitals" [Decoy Records] 08. Sin Sin "Pegasus" [Suara] 09. George Libe "Sheet Metal" [DSR Digital] 10. Sopik "Robot Era" (George Libe Remix) [Finder Records] 11. Axel Karakasis "Falling Away" [Pornographic Recordings] 12. TEUTON & Dimitar Georgiev "The Northwest Remembers" [Decoy Records] 13. DeLaRock "Mad Synth" [IAMT] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 14. Simone Tavazzi "Cellar" [Stige] 15. Thomas Schumacher "Dances On Wood" [Electric Ballroom]
  7. Thanks for listening and for the feedback mate. Boca - Play With Me is such a tune isn't it? Warped records is the one side to DJ'ing with vinyl that I don't miss. I remember Altitude - Excession being a nightmare to mix because it suddenly jumped up 2bpm which threw the entire mix out. My aim is to have a "retro" mix similar to this online every three months - the next one should be recorded and online within the next couple of weeks hopefully :-D
  8. Jules Live Facebook Q&A

    I asked him his thoughts on this site, he was very complementary
  9. What a great idea this was. A real shame I was hibernating at the time. Will deffo give the mix a listen.
  10. The Techno Recommends Podcast

    Tracklist now added chums 01. Schach Matt "They Don't Know" [Suara] 02. Axel Karakasis "Falling Away" [Pornographic Recordings] 03. George Libe "Sheet Metal" [DSR Digital] 04. Atze Ton "Attack" (David Temessi Remix) [DSR Digital] 05. Dax J "Zulu Nation" [Electric Deluxe] 06. Mark Broom "Fire" [Beard Man] 07. Anderson Noise & Paco Osuna "Noiser" (Dub Remix) [Noise Music] 08. George Makrakis "Tainted" [Dreizehn Schallplatten] 09. Spiros Kaloumenos "Vector" [Decoy Records] 10. Linus Quick "In The Club" [Naked Lunch] 11. The Advent "Matter" (Mark Broom Remix) [Geushky Records] 12. Dax J vs Cleric "Lost In Bermuda" [Clergy] 13. Marla Singer "Transient" (Coyu Raw Mix) [Suara] 14. Setaoc Mass x Cleric "Madame Butterfly" [Clergy] 15. Renato Cohen "Pontape 2013" [Drumcode] 16. Dax J "Escape The System" (Dax J Dub Mix) [Arts] 17. Anderson Noise "Copacabana" [Noise Music]
  11. Digital Society 6th Birthday

    I can't even remember if I did make it! I don't think I did, as I was there in May for my stag do.
  12. Some really good tracks listed there and it has inspired me to get Gatecrasher Red on Good to see some old faces still around on here.
  13. Jules Live Facebook Q&A

    Thought this was quite interesting, from about a week ago. Was surprised to hear he wasn't sure where the pic in the background was from, think a few in the comments got it rightaway.
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  15. Jules @ Peach 25th

    Booked lol
  16. 1998-07-17 - Radio 1 Dance Party #01 - Irvine

    *thumbsup!!!* Good work guys
  17. Obscure white label called 'Sunrise'

    Amazing! Good to hear there are still popping tapes up with Jules! Do you have an idea of which period they were recorded? Also, please do create mp3 files in 192kbps or higher as 128kbps sounds horrible. There are more subtleties in an old cassette recording than one might think Holla if you need advice on the digitizing process.
  18. The Techno Recommends Podcast

    New mx from me, 133+ bpm throughout, recorded at an Easyer weekend gig. Loads of classics & plenty new techno too! Tracklist TBC - will update soon
  19. as for the white label song entitled 'sunrise' , unless it turns up on one of my cassette tapes (!) .. it is a long and gone song ! ( gone and forgotten!) but that's okay ! thank U everyone on the forum who took the time to make some suggestions .. thanks guys !
  20. I just discovered a genuine big box full !! ; loads and loads of classic Judge Jules cassette tapes ..! some are damaged .. but some are salvable ... I recorded every Friday night for a few years ! I will try and find a way to digitise them and upload them to your excellent channel ;))
  21. This popped up on Facebook, really good enjoyed it
  22. 1998-07-17 - Radio 1 Dance Party #01 - Irvine

    2 to id jet 16 is Cool Britannia ‎– Waves (Surfs Up Mix) (Crosstrax)
  23. Jules @ Peach 25th

    Should be good ... Peach was one of my regular stomps in the mid - late 90s @ Camden Palace (now KOKO) Had some serious nights down there, as well as Clockwork Orange on Saturdays, monthly. Graham Gold and Jules in those days were pretty much the same sounding DJ's. Their flagship shows on Kiss Fm were a staple of our weekend. Gold is a really lovely geezer, not an ounce of ego or big head about him. I caught the Peach reunion last Thursday. The main room was all post 2000 trance, which is really my bag. Gold played the main room, then the back room at 5am for the last set. He did, to my relief, dig the crates and pull out some mid 90s gems. Had a little chat with him just before, as well. I may well check this out, as I've not seen Jules live since 1999 lol ...

    Mixup of early - blueprint tunes that more than paved the way
  25. Mixmag article - the evolution of the turntable

    it just needs a sonic blower and a micro hoover to clean the record prior to the laser reading the record ;-)
  26. 7pm on a Friday night, this was the scene outside Atomics in Maidstone as we waited to get into the club ahead of Jules live broadcast at 9pm. Jules arrived and actually got out of the car to go down the line shaking everyone's hand. Testament to what an absolute legend he is! THE best night i have ever had. Sadly Atomics is now a whole bunch of flats but the memories remain. The best club we ever had.
  27. Direct download link if wanted...
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