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  2. That would be really great Nick, cheers!
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  4. thats actually really nice of him to comment makes me think of tenth planet - Ghost remixed by jon doe :)
  5. Hold on, same jon doe who remixed the Lost Witness 7 colours, and has a few other tunes on here?? Were are honoured! All these years later, theres something humbling knowing that even the artists themselves still chase these tunes!
  6. Hah! You must be proud - you created a mystery that couldn't be Googled and lasted for 20 years! You've made some Judge Jules completists very happy. Jules played a few of your tunes about that time, didn't he?
  7. Hi Tim, I think it’s only a 90 minute cassette not the whole show unfortunately. I’ll have a word with the IT guys in work see how easy it is/time consuming and I’ll do it if I can or if not I can post it out to you? I’ll have to root through my cassettes- got lots of Essential Mixes- the live ones from the late 90s, jules at homelands, bar m in ibiza, london Mardi Gras, a slinky essential mix, essential selections in Ibiza. Oh and a fair few dance anthems shows including one where Jules covered it. Might be worth me making a list and getting them over to you?
  8. took me just 22 Years Brothers Love Dubs (BLD) - Song 2 (Acetate)
  9. Hi Nick, That is great news! I suppose there are a couple of options; do you have the facilities to digitise the cassette? Or are you able to copy to another cassette and send the copy to me? I'm assuming you are in the UK? I am in Sydney but would obviously pay for the postage. Cheers, Tim.
  10. I have this on cassette, not mp3. Any chance of help?
  11. Episode 233 - 1 hour studio mix Tracklist 01. Optimuss "Redoubted" [Miles From Mars - Forthcoming] 02. Transcode "Devotion" [Terminal M] 03. Spektre "What Once Was Lost" [Kraftek] 04. Drunken Kong "Neo" [Tronic] 05. Lazar (IT) "Inhuman Signal" [We Are The Brave] 06. 2nd Phase "Liberty Claps" [Say What] 07. Sam Arsh "The Groove" [Le Club Records] 08. Weska "Rad Squares" [Weska] 09. Spektre "Against A Dark Background" [Kraftek] 10. Spektre ft Juliet Fox "Black Heart" [Kraftek] 11. 2nd Phase "Absolute Warper" [Analytictrail] 12. Julian Jeweil "Outline" [Drumcode] 13. Ramon Tapia "Out of Control" [Suara] 14. Steam Shape "Cogs" [Miles From Mars]
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  13. My point was, you encode it yourself after...i use kingdia extractor on every files....wav has no vbr.. And my files from itunes don't show vbr, maybe it has to do with how you configure it in itunes ? i use personel prefrenecess there, and my 275 file in winamp has no vbr
  14. Er... its 320 variable bit rate , when you play the mp4 file using winamp for example, you can see the bit rate constantly changing while the track plays. The same with the mp3 from amazon music, that is 320 vbr mp3. Since the mp3 is the same quality as the mp4 (yes I purchased both from both places), I dont need to convert the mp4. itunes is not almost lossless, its variable bit rate to 320 tops for the 79p file, is there a higher quality file available? if so I didn't see that option. Boom.
  15. Circulation - Lilac (Mix A) << what a top tune that is
  16. itunes is aac....almost lossless....very good quality....when you convert yourself, do you have vbr on the converter ? mine is off
  17. the annoyance is its vbr mp3 on amazon music as thats all they bloody sell. So will tere ever be a cbr 320 or even wav made available? Mostiko have not released the download bundle on the big download sites, so annoyingly we still wait. Cheers for the heads up any way. Better than nothing.
  18. this massive tune is also now available digital on itunes, juno and beatport
  19. Here is one of the few i have seen mixin overture video starts around 9.00 min..Dj phi-phi....Some other cool tracks here too... Tracklist: 1: 0:00 - 0:40 ? 2: 0:40 - 1:40 ==> Plastikman - Hypokondriak 3: 1:40 - 7:00 ==> Circulation - Lilac (Mix A) 4: 7:00 - 9:30 ==> Corvin Dalek - Pounds & Penz (Alex Flatner's Deutsche Mark Remix) 5: 9:30 - 16:00 ==> Twice AS Nice - Overture (Rocking With)) 6: 16:00 - end ==> Jark Prongo - Shake It (Club 69 Trance Mix)
  20. yeah, saw that cd atime ago..why don't you get it on itunes ?
  21. The same albums on amazon US music, but it won't let me buy it.
  22. It has appeared full and unmixed on a compilation: but it turns out it is a vinyl rip, where the speed varies, so its a bugger to beatmatch with
  23. i have both tracks on the release which i downloaded as 320 from juno when they were available.
  24. 15. sounds porn kingish, but might not have anything to do with them, just a idea.
  25. Amazing- just googling the incorrect Mishka remix- its by me- Jon Doe! Thats why you cant find it. It was so sad that it broke into three parts!
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