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  2. ok i've had a quick flick through and I think i'm too emotionally attached to the scrubby version i remember - bits of this sound too clean!
  3. Don't want to sound too dramatic but this mix effectively changed my life when I heard it as it's what inspired me to start DJing and am still at it 21 years later. Looking forward to seeing what the quality of this is like as i'm currently recording the minidisc recording I have of it (off cassette in the first instance) onto my PC and the quality is average at best!
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  5. Yeah, the link for this is broken, if any of the mods get a chance to look at it, appears to link to some exterior url. Having a current delve back even further than I usually do. Even going through the tracklists for this era blows my mind, Jules was always way ahead with so many tunes. And still the obligatory ids!
  6. JasonB

    The Techno Recommends Podcast

    Chicago Loop on a very simple but effective and respectful rerub. I'd rather you'd played the dark train or another of the versions that actually came out back in 94 though! :P. Much love, thankyou and goodnight, terry tibbs1
  7. It would be good to hear a bit more of the track. The audio clip that I've uploaded and, more recently, the YouTube clip is all I've ever heard.
  8. Amazing set. Ferry on Fire..... A special mention goes to Ferry's opening gambit on this mix. Impact 'Inspiration' [In Trance We Trust] Only discovered this last year. What a TUNE!
  9. I can remember this as if it was yesterday. Two heavy hitters of the Trance scene, both at the top of their game. Covering for Jules. Ferry's mix is just amazing from start to finish. Plenty of flow and energy to it. Lost Horizon, is so Dutch Trance, you would think it was his own production. A bit of Prog trance, techy trance and uplifting stuff to boot. Much like his 2 hour mix on Jules show in March 2000. van Dyk's mix is also good. He's always been my favourite dj, but his mix falls short of Ferry's here. I think his timing is off. But the tunes are absolute class. Still have this on cassette somewhere. Good memorys, good times . The Gate IV 'Give All You Got' (Gate Mix) [Go For It!]
  10. blakeface

    Mozart Remix played by Jules 1998/1999.

    I remember listening to a recording of this round a mates house. He recorded the show on cassette. It was Jules sitting in for Dave Pearce on Dance Anthems. My mate didn't record the whole show, just tunes he liked the sound of. I can remember him playing Ayla, then this tune you are on about. I can remember Jules saying during the outro, i quote "Radio one dance anthems with me Judge Jules, chirpy and quirky" A very catchy number. I have always wanted to ID it. I would say, tail end of 1998.
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  12. Burien

    id048 - Drum n Bass track from Oct '97

    solved after 21 years is Seba - 'Connected' [Looking Good]
  13. TomBailey

    The Techno Recommends Podcast

    Yet more new techno hijinks. This week's mix is pretty full on, lots of looping, FX & such to keep you entertained Tracklist 01. Charlotte de Witte "Kuda" (Intro Loop) [novamute] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week] 02. George Makrakis "Internal Dimension" [Naked Lunch] 03. Dario Sorano "Hybrid Amp" [Pitch Perfect Records] 04. Ryan McKay "Deception" (Drum Tool) [BEK Audio] 05. [Wex 10] "Best Friend" [Odd Recordings] 06. Blicz "Jungle Alert" [Involve Records] 07. Arjun Vagale "Sputnik" [Planet Rhythm] 08. Luca Agnelli "Raveolution" [Etruria Beat] 09. Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani, Green Velvet "Space Date" [Drumcode] 10. [Wex 10] "Jc2204" [Odd Recordings] 11. Luca Agnelli "No Gravity" [Etruria Beat] 12. Skream "Poison" (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) [We Are The Brave] 13. Flug "Rejected" (Sam Paganini Remix) [JAM] 14. Axel Karakasis "Petrified" [Alleanza] 15. Ramiro Lopez & Andres Campo "Stomper" [Odd Recordings] 16. Blicz "Old School Calling" [Involve Records] #ThrowbackTrack - 1994 17. Underworld "Dark & Long" (Chicago Loop Bootleg) [Unreleased]
  14. Thanks, both. Any feedback appreciated... Tom, your techno podcasts have consistently been solid, amazing & faultless. And you've been doing so for as long we were with trance as it times started to change. I moved onto Prog House, still have big place in the heart for that. Now it's Prog, Tech House & Techno. I've matured to these partly because of times and the current scene. I've also teamed up with someone and we run our own night in South Wales.
  15. TomBailey

    The Techno Recommends Podcast

    Really enjoyed putting this week's show together, pretty full on Tracklist 01. Quentin Ravn "Orion" (Jusai Remix) [Flash Recordings] 02. Roberto Capuano "Define" [Suara] 03. Balthazar & JackRock vs Vinicius Honorio "Lure" [Suara] 04. Ramiro Lopez & Andres Campo "Fluor" [Odd Recordings] 05. The Micronauts "Acid Party" (Luca Agnelli Remix) [Micronautics] 06. Arjun Vagale "Sputnik" [Planet Rhythm] 07. The Southern "4C1D" [Odd Recordings] 08. Ramiro Lopez & Andres Campo "Stomper" [Odd Recordings] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 09. Luca Agnelli "Raveolution" [Etruria Beat] 10. Flug "Rave" (Coyu Raw Remix) [Suara] 11. Rudosa, Hush & Sleep "Extinction" [Second State] 12. Spektre "Carnival Of Souls" [Respekt Recordings] #ThrowbackTrack - 2015 13. Weska "Black Boots" [Octopus Black Label] 14. Joyhauser "Galaxy Motions" [Kraftek] 15. Arjun Vagale "Ultrasharp" [Odd Recordings]
  16. JasonB

    Angelic white label

    That is for live performances. The instrumnetal of its my turn on acetate or whatever i bet is till owned by jules.
  17. i bought a cheap sony walkman from argos a few years ago and use a 1/4 jack to 1/4 jack from headphones to pc line input to record tapes
  18. TomBailey

    The Techno Recommends Podcast

    Latest mix from me Tracklist 01. Charlotte de Witte "Kuda" [novamute] 02. Flug "Rejected" (Sam Paganini Remix) [JAM] 03. Ramiro Lopez, Andres Campo "Stomper" [Odd Recordings] 04. Ryan McKay "Deception" (Drum Tool) [BEK Audio] 05. Axel Karakasis "Petrified" [Alleanza] 06. Weska "Playground" [Unreleased] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 07. Spektre "Carnival of Souls" [Respekt Recordings] 08. Skream "Poison" (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) [We Are The Brave] 09. The Micronauts "Acid Party" (Luca Agnelli Remix) [Micronautics] 10. Wehbba "Catarse" [Drumcode] 11. Andres Campo "Red Room" [Odd Recordings] 12. Balthazar & JackRock vs Vinicius Honorio "Lure" [Suara] 13. Ryan McKay "Illusions" [BEK Audio] 14. The Southern "4C1D" [Odd Recordings] #ThrowbackTrack - 2004 15. Nicolas Bacher & Felipe "Senso Di Fortuna" (Gaetano Parisio Remix) [MB Elektronics]
  19. Seems our tastes are very much aligned these days mate. Will have a spin of this
  20. ankarra

    Itchy & Scratchy come on 98 remix

    anyone have this version? talked to seb long time ago,he told me it was on discogs..never found it
  21. Spin Doctor

    Technocality III - Mixed by Aza

    Good stuff Aza. I still need to leave you feedback on I & II!
  22. Put this together a few weeks ago, next instalment in the series, & thought would share here for your aural pleasures & entertainment: 01. Marco Bailey - Acid Dragon 02. Alex Danilov - Inside (Len Faki Hardspace Remix) 03. Charlotte De Witte - This 04. Mauro Picotto - New Time New Place 2018 05. Pig&Dan - Cryptic 06. Wehbba - Protocol 07. Bart Skils - Ocean Drive 08. Amelie Lens - In Silence 09. Alex Stein - The Arrival 10. Hidden Empire - Black Beauty 11. Dast (Italy) - Romeo Code 12. Lutzenkitchen - Radium (George Makrakis Remix) 13. The Lizard Man - Claxxix (Picotto Megamix)
  23. Times flies... I thought of the and days and I thought I wonder what the other DJs are up to nowadays like Lazarus, DJX2, DJ Carl Briggs etc The mix is banging, Carl! I loved it. The mixing was spot on so the tinnitus ain't stopping you yet, though it looks like the quarterly sessions didn't last long as the last one was 5 months ago. Shame a lot of the music forums are dying, etc. gone, I closed down when we had that Radio trouble with Passion Radio if you remember? Boooo. Look forward to the next one. Anyhow, Cheers
  24. Mark Carlyon

    id131: last track played @ Lush, 2000-06-30

    Could this be by Darren Tate?
  25. yes, I have a massive stash of Friday night Judge Jules 9-11pm tapes ... I thought I had a Yamaha analogue tape player but apparently it is no more !! ( someone (!!) he/she who shall be nameless !!) .. threw it out in the skip !! Grrr ... I will deffo get a new tape player and I will upload digital versions as soon as I can ... …. its important to keep this awesome trance archive alive and growing ..
  26. Burien

    Angelic white label Angelic ‎– Can't Keep Me Silent is on a acetate so i believe the It’s my turn was an acetate to in an instrumental version we just need to wait till someone upload on discogs ..
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