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  2. A little treat... keep us entertained Like myself, guess everyone busy nowadays (work / family life etc.) - and things from our time have moved on a bit. Still frequent here occasionally and nice to see it's still going. Thought would drop in and say hello...nowadays I seldom listen to trance, dont think there's much of a scene for it anymore. I think John O'Callaghan still plays and produces good stuff, and Will Atkinson has really done well - graudating from here and putting out some quality productions - he keeps getting better. I tend to - when opportunity presents - play progressive house now. Trance still has a place in my heart, but more the classics. I still love to spin trance if i can and thought would ask you all if you wanted to pick a fave of yours (preferably from the '99 - '03) era and, if I have it, I'll put together a fresh mix. Can't believe it was two years since the Jules special mix for us; I also put something together for us then - so if there was something you missed then, we could maybe try feature it now for another installment Over the past few years there's been a couple of remix resurrections on some classics, so I'll include those too (if worthy and possible).
  3. 07. Skinky Pink - 'Last Train To Kings Cross' [Positiva] is the rhythm masters remix Fool Boona must be the Uber Disko release as it sure aint any of the versions on the VC release.
  4. Judge Jules 01. Spacedust - 'Music Feels Good With You' (Bootleg) (White Label) 02. Termination Source - 'Poing 98' (De Bos Remix) [Massive Drive] 03. Blue Adonis - 'Disco Cop' (Original Climax Mix) [serious] 04. Anthony Moriah - 'The Reality' [EastWest] 05. David Morales presents The Face - 'Needin' U' (Original Mistake) [Manifesto] 06. 187 Lockdown ‎– The Don (Sharp "DTPM" Edit) (EastWest) 07. Skinky Pink - 'Last Train To Kings Cross' [Positiva] 08. The Shrink - 'Nervous Breakdown' (Original Rohypnol Mix) [Neo] 09. Gold N Delicious - Ascension [Club 18:30] 10. UBM - Loving You (Untidy Dub) [Logic] 11. Bob Sinclair - 'Gym Tonic' [East West/Yellow] 12. Radical Playaz - 'The Hook' [Duty Free]? 13. ID 14. Fool Boona ‎– Popped (VC Records) Alister Whitehead 15. The Whitehouse - Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Allister Whitehead's Zero-G Mix) (Beautiful Noise!) 16. Prophets of Sound - High (Outta Space Mix) (3345 Recordings) 17. Z Factor ‎– Give It On Up (Z Records) 18. ID 19. Natalie Imbruglia - 'Smoke' (Allister Whitehead Pan Fried Mix) [RCA] 20. Murk - 'Reach For Me' (Matthew Roberts Funk Force '98 Mix) [99 North] Dave Pearce 21. Baby Bumps - 'Burnin'' (Blocksters 12'' Mix) [Delirious] 22. Afrika Bambaataa vs Carpe Diem - 'Got To Get Up' (Original Mix) [Multiply] Live PA - Martha Wash 23. Martha Wash - 'Catch The Light' [Logic] 24. Martha Wash - 'It's Raining Men' [Logic] Dave Pearce 25. Danny Tenaglia - 'Music Is The Answer' [Twisted] Live PA - Lucid 26. Lucid - 'I Can't Help Myself' [Delirious]
  5. Latest Retromix

    Another top mix with a great, diverse selection of tunes here. Top work as always fella!
  6. Latest Retromix

    Great mix,alot of goodies here

    So have a few tunes from beatport-juno-cd singel, and they where so low had to turn up the volume alot.Now i have increased some songs in audacity and wow what a difference.What i need help with is CLIPPING<< i can't up the Volume withouth clipping, and some say you are not supposed to go with CLIPPING(a little confused) the only way to up the volume is to allow CLIPPING for increasing the volume if anyone feel's like helping PM me EDIT: Ok so u can drag the waveform without clipping, just need how much can u drag? you cant drag it so the waves hit the wall (up and down wallls),and there are some small thinner waves that,when u drag those will connect.Have tested with new songs WAV from beatport,and some of those are touching ! a little confused,talked to a friend , and he told me to be very careful with this kind of increasing....
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    Now thats a good afternoons listening
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  10. Do any trance fans have any recordings cassette or cds from the summer of 2003 of Jules radio 1 shows in the summer? Or online mix sets downloaded which sound ok from the summer of 2003? I like the Airscape Sosei tune. I will be willing to make a purchase of these specific recordings along with tracklistings on ebay, should anybody have them. Joseph
  11. 1998 Piano House (Juliet Roberts Vocal Sample)

    Thank you for sharing this Burien !
  12. Check your music if it really is 320kbps or Lossless ! Download free here >
  13. Sebastian

    Thanks!!!! GREAT :-)) But it seems to be a different Remix, not Matt Hardwick?
  14. Sebastian

    John O'Callaghan feat. LoFi-Sugar - Every Lesson Learned (Matt Hardwick Remix)
  15. 2002-08-24 - Judge Jules, Live at Creamfields

    This is the creamfields jules played three sets - radio 1, cream and passion tent. Should have been in the passion tent all night it was awesome..
  16. 1998-12-18 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    Those were the days.
  17. 2002-08-24 - Judge Jules, Live at Creamfields

    I was here Spin Doctor! I knew I’d met you! Don’t you remember?
  18. Have We Reached The End????

    It’s never the end
  19. id131 - last track played @ Lush, 30-06-2000

    It’s Pulser I reckon
  20. The Republic of Gatecrasher. Did anyone go?

  21. That last Lush track I’d 131

    I’m pretty sure it’s Pulser I just wanted to get that out there where someone else would see it. That is all xx THAT one xx
  22. Latest Retromix
  23. Judge Jules Live Clubland 2015

    nobody here know this great version? when i shazammed it<< i got freemasons - Watchin (pjanno mix)<< its not that version!
  24. The Techno Recommends Podcast

    Latest techno nonsense Tracklist 01. Tom Laws "Long Knife" [Silent Storm] 02. Rudosa "Halcyon" [Phobiq] 03. Arjun Vagale "Le Freak" [Odd Recordings] 04. Shelley Johannson "Crank" [Octopus Records Black Label] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 05. Spektre "R U Listening?" [ELEVATE] 06. Frank Biazzi "FlashBack" [MATTER] #ThrowbackTrack - 2014 07. Keith Carnal "Prospect" [Affin]
  25. Anyone got any samples or versions of these?

    Bump I updated the list, it is rare stuff now
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