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  2. Episode 301 - our first of 2022! 2 hour Studio Session of Hard Techno frivolity Tracklist 01. B. Riley "No Good Deed" (Orion 1am Reconstruct) [CMND CTRL] 02. Vinicius Honorio, Orion "Pandi v3" [ANAOH] 03. Claas Herrmann "Focus Lost" [Oskryth] 04. Steam Shape "Metro" [Metaphase] 05. Sara Landry "The Dawn of Time" [Possession] 06. O.B.I. "Second Thoughts" [Suara] 07. Pesante, Mython "Permanent Beta] 08. Modular Method "FCKNCVD" [DSR Digital] Future Focus 09. Bearman "Slap" [Siverdity Records] 10. Lost Minds "Structural Interruption" [DSR Digital] 11. Andreas Kraemer, Jon Connor "Alpha" [Bulbblejam] 12. Lost Minds "Existence" [DSR Digital] 13. Tiago Santos, Carl Shorts "Supercluster" [Hydraulix] 14. Alt8 "Hope In Darkness" [Moments In Time] 15. Alex TB "Special Affair" [Mad Made] TechnoRecommended - Record of the Week 16. Sebastian Groth "Stigma" [ReWasted] 17. No Neim "Lost In The Dark" (Minor Dott Hardgroove Remix) [Wicked Waves Recordings] 18. Daniela Haverbeck, Alex TB "Fofinhos Crew" [Clube dos Lenhadores] 19. Mython, Pesante "Echoic Response" 20. Virus D.D.D. "Sophistication" [Mad Made] 21. Bearman "Punch" [Siverdity Records] 22. DRAKK "Bloodstream" [Heist Mode] 23. Minor Dott "Body Fire Move" [Hydraulix] Headline Mix - Max Kane 24. Zeltak, d.aiff "Boehme" [FLASH Recordings] 25. Tiago Santos, Carl Shorts "Protocol" [Hydraulix] 26. SveTec "Dementia" [Eco Records] 27. Haze-C "Ira" (Sikztah Remix) [Mad Made] 28. Compound X "Sending Me Signals" (Markus Weigelt Remix) [CX Black] 29. Alt8 "Valhalla Calling" (Rudosa Remix) [Moments In Time] 30. SveTec "Fire In My Body" [Mad Made] 31. PETDuo, D.A.V.E. The Drummer "Weapons of Math Destruction" (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix) [Hydraulix]
  3. Just keeping this thread alive. Burien, did you manage to get a reply from John Barlow in the end? That SA31 remake is very good to be fair. I'm hopefully going to get it pressed to a dubplate so i can play it in some vinyl sets.
  4. If he was playing that mix of Silence I would say it was the latter half of 2000. I saw him in October that year and he played it
  5. JEREMY HEALY MIXMAG #59 MAGAZINE APRIL 1996 The Jeremy Healy one is here for sale, Mixmag was not really my thing would rather buy wank mags
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  7. Hello, Way back in the 2000's...either 2001 or 2002...or 2000...sorry my brain is dead. I jumped at the chance to see JJ in Baltimore MD in the USA. It was at The Paradox in Baltimore for a club night called Fever. It was an amazing night! It was a Thursday and it was empty. PvD was in DC the next night so only a few JJ diehards were there. He was really excited to be there and a few of us chatted him up for awhile. He was really nice and gracious. I hounded him about how I thought The Sanctuary Mix of Silence was better than In Search Of Sunrise and he politely disagreed. Of course he spun it towards the end! Magical Night! Anyway...looking for a date so I can label the Mp3's and can post if anyone wants it and its not here already. Any help would be appreciated! FP
  8. Completely missed this! I'll have to see if it's still on the iPlayer. Always hopeful of new audio @Burien. I upload everythign I find to here and I am always hopeful there is more out there.
  9. Some top tunes in there Aza. Looking forward to giving this a blast in the car later in the week.
  10. AZA presents an 'Old Skool - Essential Mix-esque' live recording in this offering: 'REINCARNATION'. Based on some of Aza's 'idol inspirations', & in particular; paying homage to Eddie Halliwell's Essential Mix (May 2003), and 'BOSH' mix CD's, this set features records from Aza's early DJ'ing days spanning Trance, Hard-Trance, Techno & Hard-House. Tracklist: 1. Starfighter - Apache (John O'Callaghan Remix) 2. Cave - Street Carnival (Original Mix) 3. Henrik B - Tube Vibes (Original Mix) 4. Soke2Seven - Envy (Solaris Remix) 5. Renato Cohen - Pontape (Original Mix) 6. Gimeq & Spero - DMT (Original Mix) 7. DK - Murder Was The Bass (Original Mix) 8. Igor S - Boomerang (Original Mix) 9. Mauro Picotto - Iguana (Yoji Biomehanika Remix) 10. Marco V - The Mutalisk (Original Mix) 11. Scot Mac - Damager 02 (Original Mix) 12. S.H.O.C.K - Folie Á Deux (Original Mix) 13. Frank Biazzi - Turbulence (Original Mix) 14. DJ Elite - That Fuct Camera (Original Mix) 15. Bodyshock - Rock This House (Original Mix) 16. Marzz - Orbiter (Original Mix) 17. DJ Garry - My Own Kinda Style (Original Mix) 18. DJ Sakin & Friends feat. - Thunderbird (Original Mix) 19. Rank 1 - Such Is Life (Deep Dub Mix) 20. DJ Kim - Jetlag (Alphazone Remix) 21. DJ Tiesto - Urban Train (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw) (Cosmic Gate Remix) 22. Ricky Effe - Rectifier (Original Mix) 23. VPL - T-Break (Steve Murano Remix) 24. TNT - First Match (Technoboy Remix) 25. Global Cee - Burnin' (Karan Cold Remix) 26. K90 - Red Snapper (Jon Doe Remix) 27. Lakata - Sunsational 28. Legend B - Lost In Love (Paul Janes Remix) 29. Heaven's Cry - Til Tears Do Us Part (Flash Harry Remix) 30. Signum - What Ya Got 4 Me (Extended Vocal Mix)
  11. Nice post - my mixing nowadays still falls victim to 'nostalgia'!
  12. That would be great Burien! Always keen to hear "new" old stuff!
  13. i hope to find new audio and tracklistings soon im always huntig for more stuff
  14. Episode 300! Our final broadcast of 2021. A full-on 143+bpm 2 hour mix from yours truly including masses of Hard techno goodness. Tracklist Extended Headline Mix - Max Kane 01. Geerson "Crazy With All The Squad" (Blicz Remix) [Moments In Time] 02. Claas Herrmann "Alliance" [Revised Records] 03. Andreas Kraemer & Jon Connor "Lights In The Dark" (Shadym Remix) [Bubblejam] 04. DRAKK "Voices" [Space yacht] 05. Patrik Gora "New Forms" [Emphase] 06. Carl Shorts "Expect Carnage" [Mechanikal] 07. Patrick DSP "Muzzle" [Elements Records] Future Focus 08. Bearman "Vicious" [Siverdity Records] 09. Dax J "Calipha" [The Third Room] 10. Florian Meindl "All Those Moments" (Mython Remix) [FLASH Recordings] 11. Utoka "Black Knight" [Technodrome] 12. Jonas Xenon "Kung Fu" [Out Rage Records] 13. Andreas Kraemer, Shadym "Reflect" [Hydraulix] 14. Carl Shorts "Hungry Animals" [Mechanikal] TechnoRecommended - Record of the Week 15. SveTec "No Mercy" [Eco Records] 16. Segler "Boomerang" (Claas Herrmann Remix) [Dreizehn Schallplatten] 17. PETDuo, D.A.V.E. The Drummer "Weapons of Math Destruction" (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix) [Hydraulix] 18. Jonas Xenon "Rellek" [Out Rage Records] 19. Y-NØT "Loop" 20. Mython "Thumbtack" [GENERA41] 21. Andreas Kraemer & Jon Connor "Special K" [Bubblejam] 22. N4K!D "XTC" (Shadym Remix) [Bubblejam] 23. SIS, Bentech "No One Takes Me Down" (SveTec Remix) [Raw Techno Reach Town] 24. Patrik Gora "Sideways" [Emphase] 25. Hardcell & Grindvik "Square" (Markus Weigelt Bootleg) 26. SveTec "N.R.G." [Mad Made] 27. Rudosa "Lost Control" [The Meaning of Rave] 28. SveTec "Dementia" [Eco Records] 29. Lucid "I Can't Help Myself" (Rudosa Remix)
  15. Hi mate, I pop in from time to time but there's not much happening! Did you see Jules on The Chase on Christmas Eve?
  16. Well team, a new year is upon us. It has been sadly quiet here over the last couple of years but I do hope that the few regulars who are still frequenting the archive are well. If you are about then do reply to this thread as it would be great to hear from some board members in the new year.
  17. I would love to be able to listen to that Millennium Essential Selection for NYE in 2022 if possible? :)
  18. an introspective of house 3rd dimension these mixers have a a ton of the same tracks on them am bored of these, so am glad I have the Jude Jules and John kelly tapes to listen to
  19. Cheers for naming this track just been listening to this on tape totally love this tune might buy it to mix with saves me time trying to find out what this tune is.
  20. Hi Jason B im looking to find an issue of mix mag with judge jules playing the temple theatre in dublin. Any chance you might be able to tell me which issue that was in please?
  21. Not sure how, but this week's show marks Episode 299 of Techno Recommends Radio/Podcast. A full, extended, uninterrupted 2 hour mix courtesy of yours truly to celebrate! Full fire Hard Techno from the get go. Enjoy! Tracklist Extended Headline Mix - Max Kane 01. Muhi "Back To Basics" [DSR Digital] 02. Kruger "We Live Again" [Coincidence Records] 03. Carl Shorts "Expect Carnage" [Mechanikal] 04. Andreas Kraemer, Shadym "Tobsucht" [Hydraulix] 05. SubSight "Nostromo" [Hydraulix] 06. Slam, Rebekah "Erratic Movements" [Soma Records] 07. Jonas Xenon "Kung Fu" [Out Rage Records] 08. David Oblivion "Submissive Oscillator" [Scourge] 09. Andreas Kraemer, Shadym "Reflect" [Hydrualix] 10. Mython "Thumbtack" [GENERA41] 11. Carl Shorts "Hungry Animals" [Mechanikal] 12. Azyr "Creator of Vengeance" 13. Stan Christ, 753 "Strategic Heist" [No Mercy] 14. Jonas Xenon "Rellek" [Out Rage Records] TechnoRecommended - Record of the Week 15. Segler "Boomerang" (Claas Herrmann Remix) [Dreizehn Schallplatten] 16. SIS, Bentech "No One Takes Me Down" (SveTec Remix) [Raw Techno Reach Town] 17. Markus Weigelt "Space Invaders" [ReWasted] 18. Shadym "In Dust We Cover" [Mad Made] 19. Claas Herrmann "Alliance" [Revised Records] 20. Blicz "Still In Hell" [OUTWORLD] 21. Exil Der Schatten "Path of Dispair" [AKRONYM] 22. Geerson "Crazy With All The Squad" (Blicz Remix) [Moments In Time] 23. Mython "Mental Exercise" [GENRA41] 24. SveTec "Lust" [Mad Made] 25. Patrik Gora "Into The Light" [Mad Made] 26. Hardcell, Grindvik "Square" (Markus Weigelt Bootleg) 27. Andreas Kraemer, Shadym "Control" [AKRONYM] 28. Modular Method "FCKNCVD" [DSR Digital] 29. Jonas Xenon ft Mython "Hurt" [Out Rage Records] 30. Rudosa "Fear of Rejection" [Moments In Time]
  22. Episode 298 - 2 hours of firing new raw & hard techno! Tracklist 01. Temudo "The Rhythm Track" [Illegal Alien Ltd] 02. BRÄLLE "Higher Powers" (SlugoS Remix) [Hardwork Records] 03. Axel Karakasis "Not Crash" [Remain Records] 04. Vinicius Honorio "Anubis" [Disturb] 05. A. Paul, DJ Dextro "Anomalo" [Suara] 06. Burakcan Yilmaz, AVCI "Unusual Rite" [Trau-ma] 07. I-K-O "Forbidden Industry" [DSR Digital] 08. Jerm "Threat Level Midnight" [Analogue] Future Focus 09. Skoden "Misconception" [Y.A.W.A?! Records] 10. Anoy "Rave Asylum" [Dancefloor Impact Research] 11. Exil Der Schatten "Dystopian Warfare" [OUTWORLD] 12. Andreas Kraemer, Shadym "Control" [AKRONYM] 13. Zeltak "Sleep Well" (Claas Herrmann Remix) [Darkart] 14. Shadym "Verblendung" [Mad Made] TechnoRecommended - Record of the Week 15. Slam & Rebekah "Erratic Movements" [Soma Records] 16. Y-NØT "Tension" 17. Lost Minds "Memories" (Snef Remix) [Big Punch Records] 18. Shadym "In Dust We Cover" [Mad Made] 19. Exil Der Schatten "Path of Dispair" [AKRONYM] 20. Geerson "Crazy With All The Squad" (Blicz Remix) [Moments In Time] 21. Skoden "Manifestation" [Y.A.W.A.?! Records] 22. Barbosa, DRAKK "Without Feeling" [Heist Mode] 23. SveTec "Lust" [Mad Made] 24. Markus Weigelt "Space Invaders" [ReWasted] Headline Mix - Max Kane 25. Geerson "No Limit For My Dream" [Moments In Time] 26. Patrik Gora "Into The Light" [Mad Made] 27. Y-NØT "Crave" (Mython Remix) [Out Rage Records] 28. Sikztah "Furyan" (SveTec Remix) [Mad Made] 29. Hardcell & Grindvik "Square" (Markus Weigelt Bootleg) 30. SveTec "N.R.G." [Mad Made] 31. Oxia "Domino" (SWART Edit)
  23. hi, does anyone know the first track played here ?
  24. Hi all.. im looking for a new year eve mix that was broadcast on radio 1 in 1999 (maybe 1998) just before midnight. Pretty sure it was Colin tevendale doing the mix. Has anyone got a link? Thanks.
  25. its still on my id selection mutch was ided in the last years but not this all i know it was played by Dave Graham 1998 was distributed by amado on a white label SAME ID John Kelly 1998-07-24 - Radio 1 Dance Party #02 - Liverpool
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