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  2. L.V & M.I.K.E of course .. BUT I really liked your comment about F&W !! Really glad to hear that someone else is appreciating their unique sounds, circa early noughties !! as you say they had lots of production guises .. I remember them with lots of affection ... aside from MIKE, probably my favourite trance outfit ever ! out of Denmark .. I lost track of them and have been searching for info ever since .. I know they split and Fredriksson.. and Weile went separate ways .. I miss them , a lot ! ( if U have ANY info about them .. give me an e mail !! I would love it , thanks .. )
  3. anyone got a sample of the beatchuggers he plays on this show there isn't a sample online anywhere. I have the vinyl but not sure what mix he played and would like to know
  4. I congratulate you !! Dream waver Liquid MM into Sunrise at Palamos ... an all time classic Judge mix .. thank you very much !! I downloaded it ... ( I already had it on magnetic tape but time told its sorry toll and it is now unplayable) .. ( you R awesome.)
  5. Absolutely superb work, sir. Thank you.
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  7. Edited my initial post with more info. Hope loads of random people join!
  8. Any hyperlink to how we go about this?
  9. Hi does anyone have any Fergie Radio 1 Shows from 2002 - mid 2005 they might want to share ? Also would anyone have Eddie Halliwell's first radio 1 residency show from 01.05.05 by any chance ? Just said i would ask. Thanks Guys.
  10. Yes, the Judge Jules Archives league still exists, even though it was just me and Simcut in it last year. If you would like to join, sign up for an account if you do not already have one here: Then click on the Leagues tab or this link: Click on 'create or join new leagues' then 'join a league' then 'join a private league' and enter the following code to join this league: 107663-28607
  11. after 17 Years Atlantis - Outland
  12. i think it was one of the roland ore yamaha synth but what one.?
  13. Hello to all do somebody know what synthesizer PVD yoused for the piano part this piano sounds verry balearic and was yoused mutch times on trance productions the example starts at 5:34min ore here at 0:56 sec
  14. Avo

    The percussion reminds me of Cosmic Grapa, could be another track on the same release? See below
  15. I'd rather remember him the way he was than watch this rubbish. How can it be that he was better at mixing with vinyl than on the Nexus 2's? It makes no sense!! Even my Dad can mix on the Nexus'
  16. New mix from yours truly, banging techno frivolity + a genuine classic... Tracklist 01. Robert S "Imperium" [Ground Factory Records] 02. Samuel L Session "Hang Drums" [Materia] 03. Robert S "Sacramento" (UNDFND & PRML Remix) [Ground Factory Records] 04. Matt Mus "Pation" [Hydraulix] #TechnoRecommended - Track of the Week 05. Hans Bouffmyhre "Battle Worn" [Alleanza] 06. Axel Karakasis "Broken Thrills" [Devotion Records] 07. Matt Mus "Basic" (Rework) [Ohn.Cet Records] 08. Gayle San "What's The Fuss" [Orange Recordings] 09. Dimitri Motofunk "Solar" [Eclipse Recordings] 10. Slam "Venit" [Soma Records] 11. Gene Karz & Lesia Karz "Pan" [Driving Forces Digital Series] 12. Steel Grooves "Hidden Agenda" [Layer 909] 13. Markantonio "Muzica" [Analytictrail] 14. Jacks Menec "Intensivo" [Compacto Records] #ThrowbackTrack - 2004 15. Mojado "Naranja" (Dimitri Andreas Vision) [Magik Muzik] 16. Steel Grooves "Gut Check" [Dolma Records] 17. Simone Tavazzi "Exon" [Sleaze Records]
  17. Suddenly it dawned on me. But I'd forgotten my jja password well... what a rigmarole. Anyway I believe this is Pulser. I don't mean in a random guessy way. I mean I suddenly heard something and lightbulb went off in my brain. So far, that's all that's happened, then I came here xx
  18. Suddenly it dawned on me. But I'd forgotten my jja password well... what a rigmarole. Anyway I believe this is Pulser.
  19. My archive HDD crashed & sadly a few DJ sets had no backup My bad. Anyway, the set I am looking for was given to me by a now dead friend and labeled as: "Judge Jules & ??? ... Ibiza 2003" The standout tracks I remember being mixed in it were: kernkraft 400, emerge by fisherspooner, & it ended with sandwiches by Detroit grand pubahs. I have not been able to find any sets that contain all three of these mixed into them... wondering if the label was all wrong. I actually was given the file around 2005. It had very few interruptions to the music & I don't remember if they were radio1 or MoS.
  20. Avo

    hi there, I thought it was :this is the voice :this is the voice of your conscience What do you think
  21. whats happend to the music nowdays thats an perfect example what beautiful music jules played in the past and now he plays shitty jungles and classic sets with comertial old tunes where are his white labels .. sad sad...
  22. Avo

    sounds like 1997 im still recovering all tracklists need to work on 1997 to i dont think its 1998 lirycs : this is a noise? ore this is my noise ?
  23. Great stuff Tim.
  24. Track 14 should be Delignum - Hideaway, it was a bootleg/mashup back in day.
  25. DJ that played this:: Judge Jules
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