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  2. Episode 269 - back in the studio for 2 new mixes Tracklist Part 1 - In The Studio 01. William Arist "No Place" [UNCAGE] 02. Vinicius Honorio "Pandora's Box" [Fiedeltwo] 03. Javi Lago "Lower Mantle" [Unterwelt] 04. Marcal "Zero Point" (Andre Salata Remix) [Liberta Records] 05. Vinicius Honorio ft Tali "Righteous" [Planet Rhythm] 06. William Arist "Next Hype" [UNCAGE] 07. Matt Ess "Acid Dreams" (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix) [The AudioBloc] 08. Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy "Descendents" [Dynamic Reflection] Part 2 - In The Mix 09. Empath & O
  3. WAP! Hey dude, did you ever get this job of work with your minidiscs done?! If so please can you point me...? I still have a stack of minidiscs, I love them. Sigh. Cheers mate, Damian
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  5. Hi all Has anyone got this set recorded? I would love to get it. Thanks
  6. Episode 268 - 90mins live recording from a 6th birthday livestream that we ran on Saturday Tracklist 01. William Arist "Crudo y Salvaje" [UNCAGE] 02. Vinicius Honorio "Clairvoyance" [Planet Rhythm] 03. KUSP ft Theo Nasa "Gettin' Deep" [Korpus 9] 04. Uncertain "Crime" [Kneaded Pains] 05. Dubesque "Isch Bin Jetzt" [EI8HT] 06. Kai Van Dongen "We Don't Slap" [Truncate] 07. Vinicius Honorio & Orion "The Hour Glass" [Planet Rhythm] 08. Hans Bouffmyhre, Lex Gorrie "Systems Failing" (A. Paul Remix) [Sleaze Records] 09. Vinicius Honorio "Brainwash" [Fiedeltwo]
  7. All the hyperlinks were broken and just pointing to the thread URL, I've now fixed them all
  8. Great News!! This has now been released, you can get it here
  9. Jonathan1990 I’ll send you a PM on here as I’ve still got my Sony MDS JB980 deck - so I can happily extract the audio from that minidisc if you wish.
  10. That song is in my mind from that hot may afternoon, when Dave Pearce played it on his essential mix set from homelands 2000. I recorded it and lost tape month later. It's incredible, how madness can overtake You for so long...
  11. Episode 267 - celebrating 6 years of the show! Tracklist Year One 01. Christian Smith "Who You Are" (Dosem Remix) [Tronic] {TR007} 02. Alan Fitzpatrick "Truant" [Cocoon Recordings] {TR001} Year Two 03. DJ Boris "Language" (Carlo Lio Remix) [Transmit Recordings] {TR054} 04. Pig & Dan "The Licker" [Drumcode] {TR066} Year Three 05. Kaiserdisco "Black Mamba" [100% Pure] {TR068} 06. Spektre "R U Listening?" [ELEVATE] {TR127} Year Four 07. Ryan McKay "Deception" (Drum Tool) [BEK Audio] {TR161} 08. Arjun Vagale "Age of Lust" [Suara] {TR136} Year Five 0
  12. Finally I.D.ed by someone on Youtube as S.O.O.N Sonata and is either the Original mix or Original Dub.
  13. Finally bought this on wax last month for £40. Quite cheap now seeing as most copys are up for sale at £80+
  14. Episode 266 - 2 new studio mixes Tracklist Part 1 - In The Studio 01. Marck D "Isolated" [The Audiobloc - Forthcoming] 02. The Yellowheads "The Known Universe" [Kraftek] 03. Modea "Body Language" [We Are The Brave] 04. Layton Giordani, Bart Skils "Midnight Magic" [Drumcode] 05. Nicolas Taboada "Atenea" [Respekt Recordings] 06. Rudosa "Adapted" [Terminal M] Part 2 - In The Mix 07. William Arist "Strategy" [Perseverencia Records] 08. Roberto Capuano, Luigi Madonna "Mad World" [Drumcode] 09. Klauida Gawlas "Abundance" [KD RAW] 10. Deep Dime
  15. Not sure where you got Dubtribe from mate. It's clearly Ice MC ;-) Good work on the others though!
  16. Hello there, anyone know any good torrent sites for downloading old radio shows from Jules and Tong? 2000-2003 era? Thx
  17. Exploring amazing memories of Jules shows and music from 2004 to 2007 and exploring the stuff I missed before then

  18. These were extra special shows for me the couple of times Jules covered for Tong in 2008 as Jules had finished on Sat night the year before and so it was a rare treat to hear his house selections again, even if they were a mashup of his selections and the tunes Pete Tong was playing at the time. Two awesome tracks at least on this show brining back magical memories. PNAU - 'Embrace' [sam Le More] a very excellent under rated tune also, I think Fred Falke played that on his awesome essential mix that year. The first half an hour of that set was one of the most memorable a beautiful s
  19. Episode 265 - 2 new studio mixes Tracklist Part 1 - In The Studio 01. Sian "Storm" (Brennen Grey Remix) [Octopus Records] 02. Tiger Stripes "Resistance" [Kneaded Pains] 03. Dok & Martin "Elevation" [ELEVATE] 04. M Fukuda "Cube Sugar" [Octopus Records] 05. Oscar L "Agrio" [We Are The Brave] 06. The Yellowheads "Fluff Cloud" [Kraftek] 07. William Arist "Strategy" [Perseverencia Records] Part 2 - In The Mix 08. Shaun Moses "Initiate Sequence" [Tronic] 09. Superstrobe, Dominik Vaillant "Dirty" [KD RAW] 10. Layton Giordani, Cevin F
  20. Dark Lullabies - Ultimate, Maria Milewska Fallen feat. Alina Renae - Nicholas Gunn Another You feat. Gid Sedgwick - Allen Watts Silent Waves - Matys, CJ Stone Stoneheart feat. Maée - Michael Fate, Anomique Skyline - Roman Messer, Allen Watts Okay To Fall - Mary Sweet, Robbie Seed Umzansi - Illuminor Elevate - ReOrder, XiJaro & Pitch I've Been Needing You - Roman Messer, Joe Jury A Life Time Away - Rich Triphonic All for Love - Siskin, Craig Connelly Mimosa - Maria Healy Nebula - Rene Ablaze, Tiff Lacey 365 Days at Dawn - Alex Di Stefano Enjoy!
  21. Sounds a bit like some of the stuff Mac Zimms was producing under his various aliases at the time.
  22. Sacrifice - Oliver Smith Eternity - Denis Airwave Cova - Super8 & Tab Everywhere I Go - ALPHA 9 Water - Elysian Kingdom - Yang, LTN In And Out Of Love feat. Sharon Den Adel - Armin van Buuren It's My Turn - Angelic Way Back When - Kyle Reynolds, Farius Freedom - Norni Back To Life - Talla 2xlc, Clara Yates The Love You Give - Alex Kunnari, Christina Novelli Gouryella - Gouryella Pieces - Jennifer Rene, Joel Hirsch Dystopia - Ahmed Romel Revelations - Factor B Serenity - Paul Skelton, Nicholson Till We Meet Again - Giuseppe Ottaviani Enjoy!
  23. The Only One - Jaytech On The Run feat. Katie DiCicco - We Are Loud I Saw Your Face - Gareth Emery In Your Hands feat. Eric Lumiere - Dennis Sheperd, George Jema Oceanic - Tranquility Base, Above & Beyond Everything Everything - Olivia Sebastianelli, Andrew Rayel Jam - Above & Beyond The Launch - Cosmic Gate, Andrew Bayer Hurt Yourself - Cassidy Ford, LTN The Accord - Jason Ross Something Bigger feat. Sub Teal - Gabriel & Dresden When I Dream - Solarstone The South - Fisherman, Husman Excalibur - Maywave Flamingo - Frank Dueffel Enjoy!
  24. So it was made by A member of Lost Witness, and you obtained the original unreleased version from the current sole active member, If anyone else contacted this person regarding this same track you would probably get it off of them. Sounds like.
  25. Phil, would be good if you shared it so we can listen seeing as this is a community.
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