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  2. My word! What a site and what treasure being uploaded. How long has the DMA been going?
  3. Andi Durrant dug up the DAT tape from his radio archives and uploaded this and a stack more this week Some belters on here
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  5. Not Jules' best broadcast, but some nice selections in there. Thanks for uploading @mitchmix99 and thanks for the updates @brick.
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  7. Seems there is a track missing (#25) from the end of the tracklist, after 24. Primer - 'Everlast' [bonzai Music]. Jules calls it "DG - 573" - perhaps someone knows if that was a working title because I can't find a track by that name (and neither can Shazam). Or maybe "DG" is spelt differently. Sounds like hard house. Also "21. Eden Project - 'Unknown' [white label]" is Eden Project - Mummy. Interesting that he was playing this as a white label in 2004 as it doesn't look like it was released until 2006!
  8. TR Radio for October 1st = our 294th show (across all formats). 2 new mixes, featuring swathes of raw techno goodness: Tracklist 01. Juan Trujilo "Crystal Matter" [Unknown Territory] 02. Roll Dann "The Downfall" [Soma Records] 03. Vinicius Honorio "Transcendence" [Arts] 04. Ian Axide "Eleven" [Emphatic Records] 05. Kalter Ende "Nomad" [Utopia Society] Future Focus 06. DCM "Conciencia" (Linear Phase Remix) [Signal Ltd] 07. Hemissi "G-Blast" [Olympian] 08. Vinicius Honorio "Deadpan" [Liberta Records] 09. Pfirter, Oliver Rosemann
  9. Tom Bradshaw EQ Radio Show Get Uplifted! Showcasing the best, Uplifting,Tech,Hard Trance In The Mix Every First Friday Of The Month 22.00 - 23.00 [Uk Time] Bradley Stoke Radio 103.4 FM/DAB - Bristol Folow the show on Facebook
  10. Latest edition of TRR - our 293rd show! 2 hours of hot new techno (including a banging final mix from yours truly): Tracklist 01. Tony Tyson "Flare" [Cortex Recordings] 02. Insical "Flood" [The AudioBloc] 03. DCM "Conciencia" (Linear Phase Remix) [Signal Ltd] 04. Ian Axide "Phrenetic" [Emphatic Records] 05. Antidote MT "Fuse Injector" (Linear System Remix v1) [Solid Tracks Recordings] Future Focus 06. Michel Lauriola, Fixeer "Integration of Parts" [Gynoid Audio] 07. RNGD "Forward
  11. Tracklistings 1.Energy 52 - Café del Mar (Paul van Dyk’s SHINE Remix) [Superstition] 2.Armin van Buuren & Jorn Van Deynhoven - Lost In Space [ASOT] 3.Richard Durand - Off the Grid [In Trance We Trust] 4.Dante - Greed [AfterDark] 5.Chris Schweizer & Paul Denton - Hammer Time [WAO138?!] 6.ID - ID 7.ID - ID 8.David Forbes - Equator [WAO138?!] 9.Jody 6 - ImmersaSound [Nocturnal Knights] 10.Kinetica - Over & Out [High Voltage] 11.Nord Horizon - Orion {Monster Neos] 12.Rated R - Any Given Day [Regenerate] 13.Sean Truby - When You Put It Like That [FSO
  12. Tracklistings Hour 1 1.Armin Van Buuren & Rank 1 - The Greater Light To Rule The Night [ASOT] 2.Starpicker - Sapte Coline [High Voltage] 3.Blue Serigala - Challenger [InfraRed] 4.Chris SX - Over The Top 
[Monster Force] 5.Mario Piu & Sygma - Dedicated [Nocturnal Knights Reworked] 6.Will Rees - Exponent [FSOE] 7.Asteroid - Home [Afterdark] 8.Zach Zlov - Ergo [VII] 9.Andrew Davies - Valhalla [Radiation] 10.David Nimmo - The Golden Ticket [Nocturnal Knights Fusion] 11.Kinetica - Over & Out [High Voltage]
 12.David Forbes - Equator [WAO13
  13. Tracklistings 1.Alexander Komarov - When I Leave [ASOT] 2.Alessandra Roncone - Feel The Trance Energy [TER 8th Anniversary Anthem] [FSOE] 3.Thomas Bronzwaer - Constellation (Luke Bond pres. Bond Remix)[ASOT] 4.Alex Wright - Instinct [FSOE Clandestine] 5.Simon Lee & Alvin - OVLD [Suanda Dark] 6.Cedric Lass - Andromeda [Tranceformer] 7.AlexMo - Xenon [Mental Asylum] 8.Heatbeat - Fire [Critical State] 9.Michael Kaelios - Dolores [High Voltage] 10.Richard Durand - White Dolphins [In Trance We Trust] 11.Joint Operations Centre - Gizmo [Subculture] 12.David Nimmo - The
  14. no 6 features Zongi Beat'z* – Бейби, Счастье Это ssame sample but its to young its from 2016 so mabie it sampled from an old record of 1997
  15. Naughty But Nice @ The Crystal Rooms, Hereford, Dec 1997 - Judge Jules e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track 1. The Swimmer - Django 2. Brown Bread - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly 3. Somore - I Refuse (What You Want) (Serious Danger Mix) 4. Bosco - Everybody On The Dancefloor [Platinum] 5. Afrowax - English 101 (FR8 Mix) 6. [17:00] ? inst 7. Byron Stingily - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Baby Blue Inside Out Dub) 8. DJ Disciple - 12 Steps 2 Heaven 9. A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd - Retro (Electro Vocal) 10. Camisra - Let Me Show You 11. Thomas Sch
  16. I couldn't agree more. It's odd isn't it. I know he was always on the cheesier side of clubland, but to have ended up like this is just baffling
  17. Hi Nick, It's all good mate. This was a gem of a show so if you manage to get it done I would love to get a copy off of you somehow. Let me know how it goes! Cheers, Tim.
  18. Show 292 - featuring a 1 hour Warm Up mix from yours truly + an awesome guest mix from Albert Salvatierra in hour 2 Tracklist Hour 1 - Max Kane 01. Yan Cook "Synthetic Soul" [Planet Rhythm] 02. Joao Cambraia "Rubber Brake" [Liberta Records] 03. Juan Trujillo "Crystal Matter" [Unknown Territory] 04. Matt Altman "Old Habits Die Hard" [Trau-ma] 05. 4NYØN3 "Dropping Swing" [Utopia Society] 06. RNGD "Forward Motion" [Utopia Society] Future Focus 07. Insical "Flood" [The AudioBloc]
  19. your welcome it was easy once i found out it was Signum
  20. I have seen this also listed as 1994 Judge Jules @ Cream - Volume 2. Any ideas which is the right title?
  21. that's the one I've been looking for this for years legend thank you!!
  22. Hey, I’m really sorry I never got round to doing this. I’m back in the UK tomorrow and I am determined to get it done for you guys- I know that sounds a bit hollow given how long I have taken to do it. I do have it (and others) and I resolve to get it done for you guys- sorry again for the tardiness/ poor effort- nb it’s the first 90 mins only sorry! Nick
  23. Think what you will, im not coming back here again now. I am done for good, quote me. Boom.
  24. Well, theres no file to listen to now, the uploads dissapeared....
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