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  2. Hey SpinDoctor. It's not something I've given much thought before now to be honest. My personal reason for not making a YouTube channel for Jules stuff is that all upload to YT is re-encoded and therefore worse quality than the original file. Since JJA's archive is for preservation in the best possible quality, i would any day rather contact the person who uploaded the content (be it to Mixcloud, YT, etc) and get a copy of the original file. So while YT is fine for consuming the content, it's not great for archiving with quality in mind. As you say, sometimes content goes missing after a while, so the trick is to be vigilant and contact those uploaders first time you see content that isn't here or otherwise accessible as a file.
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  5. None whatsoever sadly. The whole sample sounds very familiar to me but I just can't place it.
  6. Episode 252 - 2 new studio mixes, part 2 is especially banging! Tracklist Part 1 - In The Studio 01. "Hope Is Stronger Than Fear" [Elementra Records] 02. "Cyber Rave" [Elementra Records] 03. SRVD "Black On Black" (Rudosa Never Rocks White Remix) [Unreleased] 04. Hadone "How To Fake Success" (Rudosa Remix) [Unreleased] 05. Militiā "Reverie In Sedona" [SXCALA] 06. Orion "Stoic" [Elektrax Recordings] 07. Vinicius Honorio, Orion "Love Lost" [Gynoid Audio] Part 2 - In The Mix 08. JoeFarr "Tempered" (Buried Secrets Remix) [Elements Records] 09. Manni Dee "Exploit Me I'm Yours" [Perc Trax] 10. Balrog "Dreadnought" (Tassid Remix) [Taro Records] 11. Darzack "Fucking Masked Depression" [Take Hit Records] 12. Ekors "Erable" [Leyla Records] 13. 3phazegenerator "Junkie" (Rene Reiter Remix) [SKUXX] 14. VII Circle "Relentless Flight" [HEX Recordings] 15. New Frames, Buried Secrets "Beneath You" [Global Death Wish]
  7. Matt Darey Presents DSP - 'From Russia With Love'(Solar Stone's Red City Remix) What a beauty of a track
  8. Tracklist correction: 21. Nick Sentience - 'Musical Rush' [Nukleuz] I am surprised I didn't pick this up at the time or during my last listen as I was, and still am, a fan of the Nukleuz Purple sound. Jules announces it as Purple Twilight which is in fact the A side to Musical Rush (Discogs).
  9. I remember being gutted I couldn't attend this night, as usual due to work commitments. This is an iconic Bond tune for me and one which is criminally under rated. Tension, release, emotion in the melody; great stuff. Thanks for sharing this.
  10. I listened to this show for the first time today whilst out for a run. I missed it when originally broadcast due to work commitments and I’d stopped listening to Jules when his regular show times changed. Even though I had diverged from him musically by this point it’s still a sad occasion recorded here. I’d refrained from listening to this almost out of denial that this era had truly come to a close. I know we had a separate thread for his departure (link), but it’s a shame to see such a quiet response from the board discussing this show given we are Jules’ strongest proponents, prepared to acknowledge and discuss his work at its best and worst. Featuring Jules’ favorites from each year of his tenure in the second hour is a really memorable touch as are the shout outs from Armin, Marco V, Oakie, Dangerous Dave and Eddie. All of these are huge names in their own right, highlighting the massive influence Jules has had on electronic music. The Above & Beyond comment really hits the mark though; a radio persona larger than life but down to earth. Perhaps bold to suggest, but Jules has to be up there in the annals of Radio 1 history with Tong, Peel and co, given the length of his career and the significant backing he once enjoyed from the BBC Radio 1 management team during the ‘golden years’. Unfortunately, the emotional resonance declines as he heads though years in his retrospective mix. It was disappointing to hear Gladiator feat. Izzy and not the infamous Hans Zimmer - Gladiator (Judge Jules Remix). That said, it was poignant for him to drop Can’t Keep Me Silent and Alone Tonight both of which seemed very appropriate choices. I’m not afraid to admit that listening to this has really generated nostalgia in me. Not the ‘happy nostalgia’ which is marketed and exploited commercially. Rather nostalgia in the old sense of the word; a deep home-sickness and longing for a time and place which you will never be able to visit again. Listening to this show has also stirred nostalgia for this board, a longing for the time it was thriving and full of energy with regular new uploads of rediscovered audio, posts and a large following. Sadly, but understandably, we are left with the resolute regulars doing their best to share knowledge and memories of this time. To echo Quadrant, a name we haven’t hear from in a long time, thanks for the memories Jules, you will not be forgotten. I wouldn’t have got into the depths of electronic music, DJing or production if it wasn’t for you. While I haven’t given it the energy and attention I’d like to have done, the boyhood dreams of following in Jules footsteps given way to a more humble career, it’s still a considerable part of my life. Huge respect. The Judge won’t budge.
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  12. @Jonathan1990, there's a good chance the recordings you are after are in the archive so get searching. As for your tapes, if they are no in the archive already and are newly unearthed recordings, there are a number of us regulars who would be more than willing to rip them for you and get them included.
  13. Fuzzy, have you though of having a YouTube section of the archive where you can post links to recordings like this, or perhaps the Gatecrasher @ NEC videos for example. Alternatively, is there an appetite to rip the audio and upload that? Just thinking that things sometimes, though not frequently, go missing from YouTube. Also, while there isn't a huge quantity of recordings on there which aren't uploads of existing MP3s, there is definitely audio and video which isn't featured in the archive.
  14. Interestingly enough we were actually provided with such a thing but of a more commercial vein than techno BXR. The follow up single to The Awakening was of course On The Beach with the CRW Mix being the main feature of the release. CWR were made of some of the usual BXR players including Andrea Remondini, Massimo Chiticonti, Mauro Picotto, Riccardo Ferri. See Discogs for more: link.
  15. Top quality show here from the beginnings of Jules' golden age.
  16. Episode 251 - strap yourself in - 140+ from the start, hardest mix I think I have ever recorded Tracklist 01. Militiā "Deviant" [SXCALA] 02. VØIDIST "Spirit" [Soma Records] 03. Lars Huismann "Centaur" [Soma Records] 04. Balrog "Dreadnaught" (Tassid Remix) [Taro Records] 05. Inglawt "Camino De La Luna" [Green Fetish Records] 06. Darzack "Fucking Masked Depression" [Take Hit Records] 07. Hioll "3AM" [Unreleased] 08. VII Circle "Relentless Flight" [HEX Recordings] 09. Kozlov "Control Freak" [Arts] 10. Militiā "Reverie In Sedona" [SXCALA] 11. Manni Dee "Exploit Me I'm Yours" [Perc Trax] 12. VINYA "Flui" [Marked] 13. Jehra "W Paradise" (Hioll Remix) [Abstraction] 14. Tham "Raw Reverberation" [R-Label Group] 15. Buried Secrets "Echoes From The Past" [Soma Records] 16. VINYA "Caun" [Marked]
  17. There is something extra-special about 'bootleg' recordings that haven't been broadcast on radio or uploaded to a streaming platform; a hidden moment captured for eternity which only you, the DJ and the crowd at the time are witness to. This period, in the early 2000s before streaming took off and MP3s were the default medium, is fertile ground for these 'secret' recordings. Thanks to Jules and Tim for the work here. It's disappointing that the rest of this wasn't captured, however, I think it adds to the charm. I particularly enjoyed hearing Lost Witness which to me is another signature Jules' tune. Interesting also to observe the trends away from including the formulaic second breakdown from late-90s trance is gaining traction here.
  18. I know they are t the same as old stuff but I dont mind them when I’m messing on in the garage woukdnt mind downloading them from somewhere
  19. Hi, new to the site. Been listening to jj for prob around 25yrs, obviously clubbing days are over but still love the tunes. Ibiza was a firm favourite, judgement Sunday was usually on the first night we got there ive got loads of the essential mixes from years ago, back when Napster used to be decent. Does anyone have any of these live stream lockdown things he’s doing on download? I know they aren’t the same as the old stuff but still worth a listen
  20. I think we all need to stick with the archived gems. I wish he had retired gracefully and maintained his dignity.
  21. chicane one might be this track 2003
  22. Great set this. I think it's really interesting to hear Jules from around '96/'97 as the genesis of his style we love from '99 onwards are all coalescing in an almost primordial way. The baleric house sound is there, drawing influences to his earlier house days, but full on dutch trance has yet to explode. Dashes of hard house, old style not the Nu-Nrg, are also filtering in. Thanks for sharing this one.
  23. Is this set just the Jude Jules segment or are there elements of Kelly and Seb? Or is this a three way back to back?
  24. Lol I got it VBR 280kbps and I bought the CDs and soon will arrive to me
  25. It is a conundrum; he's gone to the effort to bother recording/broadcasting these during lock down for which he deserves credit. At this point it's not like he's chasing the social media profile. The themes behind them are a nice touch too but the pre-recording and dodgy voice overs really detract from the output. What a shame. I've listened to two now, this and the Kevin & Perry mix. Don't think I'm going to bother with another. Back into the archive I'm afraid.
  26. so I've just noticed something with this.. The Space Brothers - Forgiven (I Feel Your Love) is an unreleased extended vocal mix. The Dub Vocal which came out and the Radio Edit are both slightly different.
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