1997-10-31 - Judge Jules, Essential Selection, Live from Oxford for Soundcity 97

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BBC Radio 1

Friday, 31st October 1997

Essential Selection

Live from Oxford for Soundcity 97

01. Serious Danger - 'Deeper' [Fresh]

02. Da Hool - 'Meet Her At The Love Parade' (Dextrous Remix) [bonzai Italy]

03. Soundscape - 'Dubplate Culture' (JDS Remix) [satellite Records (UK)]

04. BBE - 'Desire' (Full Forces Club Mix) [Positiva]

05. Overcharge - 'Minds Are Changin'' (Wave Captain Remix) [Time Unlimited]

06. Camisra - 'Let Me Show You' [VC Recordings]

07. Brutal Bill Marquez - 'Sweat' (J&B's Mix) [Deeper Rekords NYC]

08. Gisele Jackson - 'Love Commandments' (Loop Da Loop Vocal Mix) [Manifesto]

09. Todd Terry - 'It's Over Love' (Loop Da Loop Mix) [Manifesto]

10. Trevor Reilly - 'Down With The Underground' (Judge Jules Mix) [Manifesto]

11. K Capone - 'Pain' (Club Mix Instrumental) [urban]

12. The Space Brothers - 'Forgiven (I Feel Your Love)' (Dub Vocal Mix) [Manifesto]

13. Da Hool - 'Bora Bora' [Manifesto]

14. PF Project - 'Choose Life' (JDS Vocal Remix) [Positiva]

15. Paul Janes / Amadeus Mozart - 'Gettin Hot (Un-Tidy Dubs Volume One)' [untidy Trax]

16. Afrowax 101 - 'English 101' [Respect!]

17. Morel Inc. - 'Are You Ready To Play The Game?' (Morels Groove Mix) [strictly Rhythm]

18. Lucid - 'I Can't Help Myself' [Delirious]

19. Limited Growth - 'No Fate' (Santini & Stephenson Mix) [bonzai Trance Progressive / Suck Me Plasma]

20. Energy 52 - 'Cafe Del Mar' (Three 'n One Mix) [Hooj Choons]

21. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label]

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