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  • BBC Radio 1
    Friday Show (Studio Session)
    9:00pm - 11:00pm

01. Glasgow Gangster Funk Tracs - ‘Deeva Feeva’ [Regal]

02. Unknown - ‘Unknown’ [white label]

03. Doolally - ‘Straight From The Heart’ (Unknown Remix) [white label]

04. Basement Jaxx - ‘Rendez-Vu’ [XL]

05. Hands Burn - ‘Good Shot’ [Spot On]

06. Soup - ‘New York, London, Paris, Chicago’ [Dropout]

07. Cardigans - ‘My Favourite Game’ (Unknown Remix) [white label]

08. Beatbox - ‘Dial M For Moguai’ [Kosmo]

09. Yomanda - ‘Synth & Strings’ [Manifesto]

10. Deadly Avenger - ‘King Tito’s Gloves’ [Illicit]

11. R.M. Project - 'Get It Up' (Rhythm Masters Mix) [Inferno]

12. Unknown - ‘Tainted Love’ [white label]

13. Loop Da Loop - ‘Hazel’ [Manifesto]

14. Sounds Of Life - ‘Feel Good’ [white label]

15. Baby Blue - ‘R.E.S.P.E.C.T.’ (A Side) [Tin Tin Club]

16. Mr. Pink - ‘Ride The Pony’ (Unknown Remix) [Distinct'ive]

17. Liquid Child - ‘Diving Faces’ [Neo]

18. Electrotheque - ‘Everyone’s A Winner’ [Fresh]

19. Madonna - ‘Nothing Really Matters’ [Maverick]

20. Topazz - ‘The New Millennium’ (Freezzy Jam Edit) [Reverb]

21. Johnny D. & Nicky P. - ‘Major Sea’ [4th Floor]

22. Unknown - ‘King Of Pain’ [white label]


Half Hour Mix

23. Dave Kane - ‘Clarkness’ (Original Mix) [Plastic Fantastic]

24. DJ Sakin & Friends - ‘Protect Your Love’ [Additive]

25. PRP presents Chuck Weavers - 'In The Back Room' (Spellbound EP) [white label]

26. Veracocha - ‘Carte Blanche’ [Deal]

27. George Llarnes Jr - ‘Ghetto High’ [Av8]

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