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  • BBC Radio 1
    Friday Show (Studio Session)
    9:00pm - 11:00pm

01. Ruff Driverz Presents Arrola - 'La Musica' (Untidy Dub) [inferno]

02. Baby Blue - 'R.E.S.P.E.C.T.' (A Side) [Tin Tin Club]

03. R.M. Project - 'Get It Up' [inferno]

04. Veracocha - 'Carte Blanche' [Deal Records]

05. Trumpet Thing - 'Don't Need You Back' [XVX]

06. Shut Up & Dance - 'Green Man' (Marco V. & Benjamin Remix) [Talking In Tones]

07. The Chemical Brothers - 'Electronic Battle Weapon 3' [Freestyle Dust]

08. Gouryella - 'Gouryella' [Tsunami]

09. B-Boy - 'Front To Back' (Jonesey Remix) [Caged Records]

10. James Brown - 'Funk On Ah Roll' (Unknown Remix) [inferno]

11. Soup - 'New York - London - Paris - Chicago' (Unknown Remix) [Dropout]

12. Deadly Avenger - 'King Tito's Gloves EP' [illicit Recordings]

13. The Invisible Man - 'Give A Little Love' (Judge Jules Meets Mr Smith) [serious Records]

14. Anthony Atcherley - 'The Radio' [Just Do It]

15. E-17 - 'Betcha Can't Wait' (Sharp Boys Club Mix) [Telstar]

16. Kulay - 'Burn' (Judge Jules Remix) [iNCredible]

17. Unknown - 'The World' [white label]

18. Dope Smugglaz - 'Double Double Dutch' [Perfecto]

19. Pills - 'Super Harmony' [Mercury]

20. Gold 'n' Delicious - 'Ascension' (Lange Remix) [white label]

21. Johnny Vicious - 'Ecstasy (Take Your Shirts Off)' (DJ Wout Remix) [Promo]

Half Hour Mix

22. OD404 - 'Biofilter E.P' (Original Mix) [Kaktai Records]

23. Mike Ski - 'Welcome' (Mike Ski's Domain Mix) [byte Progressive]

24. Aptness - 'Contact' [white label]

25. Sundance - 'The Living Dream' (Unknown Remix) [React]

26. Floorplay - 'Oh Yeah!' [bitch Records]

27. Lovechild - 'Liberta' (Moonman Remix) [Neo Records Ltd.]

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