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  • BBC Radio 1
    Saturday Show (Studio Session)
    5:00pm - 7:00pm

01. DJ Sakin & Friends - ‘Protect Your Mind’ (Lange Remix) [Positiva]

02. Loop Da Loop - ‘Hazel’ [Manifesto]

03. Brother Brown feat Frank’ee - ‘Under The Water’ [FFRR]

04. Cameo - ‘Word Up’ (Unknown Remix) [white label]

05. Hardwire - ‘Tearin The Country Up’ [Kingsize]

06. Ian Pooley - ‘Chord Memory’ (Daft Punk Mix) [AV8]

07. Unknown - ‘Got Myself A Tonic’ [white label]

08. Gary Gamble - ‘The Gambler’ [white label]

09. Invisible Man - ‘Give A Little Love’ (Judge Jules Remix) [serious]

10. Kulay - ‘Burn’ [iNCredible]

11. Candy Station - ‘Love On Love’ [white label]

12. Friends Of Matthew - ‘Out There’ (Lange Remix) [Perfect World]

13. Rest Assured - ‘Treat Infamy’ [FFRR]

Judge Jules Tried & Tested

14. Pulp Victim - ‘The World 99’ (Moonman Remix) [Neo]

15. Thunderchild - ‘B Boys To The Dancefloor’ [Fire Island]

16. Armand van Helden - ‘Flowers’ [FFRR]

17. Stonebridge - ‘All Nite Long’ (Stockholm Sound Clash Vol. 1) [stoney Boy Music]

18. Lennie De Ice - ‘We Are I.E.’ [Dark Matter]

19. Arrola - ‘La Musica’ [inferno]

20. MC Bass - ‘Louder’ [Mo’Bizz]

21. The Puerto Rican Mob - ‘Cut The BullShit Man’ [Episode]

This Week’s Long Player

22. Underworld - ‘Push Upstairs’ [Junior]

In The Mix

23. Ronald Klinkenberg - ‘Inner Laugh’ [sim]

24. DJ Mantra - ‘Holding On’ [Reef]

25. Three 'N One Presents Johnny Shaker - ‘Pearl River’ [Low Sense]

26. Lovechild - ‘Liberta’ (Moonman Remix) [Neo]

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