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  • BBC Radio 1
    2FM & Live from Bar M, Ibiza before or after Café Mambo (Other)

2fm Friday 1999-08-07


01. Hi-Gate - 'Caned And Unable' [Incentive]
02. Alter Ego ‎– 'Betty Ford' [Klang Electronik]
03. Unknown - 'The Music Makes You' [White Label]
04. Yomanda ‎- 'On The Level' (Manifesto)
05. Joey Beltram vs. Technasia ‎- 'The Start It Up' (Technasia Remix) (Glass Splinters)
06. The Clergy - 'Saints and Sinners' (Saints Mix) (M Bargo)
07. Warrior ‎- 'Warrior' [Incentive]
08. Unknown - Unknown [White Label]

09. Unknown - Unknown [White Label]
10. Namdam featuring Lloyd Da Kleena - 'Fruits' (Bulletproof Bangin Edit) [Serious]
11. Unknown - Unknown [White Label] - Techno with trumpet samples
12. Green Velvet - 'Answering Machine' (The Chicago Connection Remix) [F111]


BBC Radio 1 Saturday Bar M, Ibiza 1999-08-06


12. X-Cabs - 'Neuro 99' (99 Mix) [Hook/Bang On!]
13. Lost Witness - 'Red Sun Rising' (Lange Mix) [Ministry Of Sound]
14. Kriana -' The Weekend Has Landed' (Yellowstone's Burgled Mix) [Essential]




Audio discussion thread:

looks lie a werd mixing tapes from 2fm Friday and BBC Radio 1 Saturday Bar M, Ibiza 1999-08-06
strange mixes but all Judge Jules..

No link available

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