• BBC Radio 1
    The Essential Selection (Judge Jules covering for Pete Tong) (Studio Session)
    6:00pm - 9:00pm

01. Paul Johnson - 'Get Get Down' [Defected]

02. DJ Jean - 'The Launch' (Yomanda Mix) [AM:PM]

03. Progress pres. The Boy Wunda - 'Everybody' [Manifesto]

04. Moloko - 'Sing It Back' (Boris Dlugosch Musical Mix) [Echo]

05. Cosmos - 'Summer In Space' [island Blue]

06. Aleena - 'Turn It Around' [basic Beat]

07. Beth Orton - 'Central Reservation' (Joe Clausell Mix) [Heavenly]

08. Cherry - 'Boogie On The Floor' [Distinctive]

09. Joe Montana vs The Trumpet Thing - 'Itza Trumpet Thing' (Judge Jules Mix) [serious]

10. Leftfield - 'Africa Shox' (VW Mix) [Higher Ground]

11. Stunt Nuts feat. Melle Mel - 'The Message' [white label]

12. York - 'The Awakening' (Natious Mix) [Manifesto]

13. Tin Tin Out - 'Strings For Yasmin' [VC]

14. Funky G - 'K-Sera' (Paul Masterson Mix) [EastWest]

15. Mauro Picotto - 'Lizard' (Claxxixx Mix) [VC]

16. Vengaboys - 'Paradise' [Positiva]

17. Daddy's Favourite - 'I Feel Good Things' [Go Beat]

18. Orson W - 'The Love I Lost' [Rewind]

19. Paul van Dyk - 'Avenues' [Deviant]

20. Bedrock - 'Heaven Scent' [bedrock]


Judge Jules' Essential New Tune

21. On The Run - 'Big Time Charlie' [inferno]


22. Sunshine - 'Let The Sunshine' [white label]

23. Partision – 'No Me Gustah' [Neo]

24. Chris Bangs - 'Warm Weather' (Solar Stone Mix) [Onion]

25. Fragma - 'Toca Me' (In Petto Mix) [Orbit/Additive]


The New Cool Cuts Countdown - The Buzz Chart

26. CRW - 'I Feel Love' [Nukleuz]


27. Mr Spring - 'Blaxxtraxx 3 (Funky Nassau)' [Tommy Boy]

28. New Vision - 'Just Me & You' [strictly Rhythm/AM:PM]

29. Trouser Enthusiasts - 'Sweet Release' [Delirious]

30. Carl Cox - 'Dr Funk' (Rhythm Masters Mix) [Edel]

31. Studio 45 - 'I Like The Sounds' [Azuli]

32. Laurent Garnier - 'Sound Of The Big Babou' [F Communications]

33. Roger Sanchez - 'I Never Knew' [R Senal]

34. Celeda - 'Music Is The Answer' (Cevin Fisher Mix) [Twisted]


Buzz Chart No.1

35. Bob Marley - 'Sun Is Shining' [Edel/Hypnotic]


Friday Night Hot Mix with Judge Jules

36. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label]

37. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label]

38. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label]

39. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label]

40. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label]

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