• BBC Radio 1
    Saturday Show (Studio Session)
    5:00pm - 7:00pm

01. Wamdue Project - 'King Of My Castle' (Unknown Remix) [AM:PM]

02. Bob Marley vs. Funkstar Deluxe - 'Rainbow Country' [Edel]

03. Progress pre. The Boy Wunda - 'Everybody' [Manifesto]

04. Perfect Phase - 'Horny Horns' [Positiva]

05. New Vision - '(Just) Me & You' (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark Remix) [AM:PM]

06. Mario Piu - 'Communication' (Yomanda Remix) [incentive]

07. Soulsearcher vs. Apollo 440 - 'Stop The Rock vs. Can't Get Enough' (Rejected EP) [white label]

08. Stretch & Vern - 'Michel Lombert' (Vocal Mix) [spot On Records]

09. Flickman - 'Sound Of Bamboo' (Boo Extended Mix) [inferno]

10. Hi-Gate - 'Pitchin' [incentive]

11. Angelic - 'It's My Turn' (Unreleased Intrumental Mix) [serious]

12. William Ørbit - 'Barber’s Adagio For Strings' (Ferry Corsten Remix) [WEA Records]

13. Loop Da Loop - 'Hazel' [Manifesto]

14. Fridge - 'Angel' [Go For It!]

15. Disposable Disco Dubs Vol. 2 - 'Twister' [Tidy Trax]

16. Hani - 'Drugs Are Bad' [white label: SP-001]

17. Dome - 'Feel It' (Unknown Remix) [strictly Rhythm]

18. Dial M For Moguai - 'Bang The Drum' [Kosmo Records]

19. Novy vs. Eniac - 'Pumpin' (Timo Maas Remix) [Additive]

20. Bed & Bondage - 'Don't Take The Mick' [untidy Trax]

21. Hatiras - 'Superfly' (Liquid Adrenaline Session 2) [international House]

22. Dave Audé - 'Push That Thing' [Duty Free Recordings]

23. Conductor & The Cowboy - 'Feeling This Way' [serious]

24. Oliver Lieb - 'Subraumstimulation' (Main Mix) [Orbit Records]

25. GD - 'Choral Reef' [iDJ]

26. Hi-Gate - 'Caned & Unable' [incentive]

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