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  • BBC Radio 1
    Saturday Show (Studio Session)
    7:00pm - 9:00pm

01. Kujay Dada - 'Let It Play' [Amato]

02. Moby - 'Rain Again' (Steve Angello Mix) [Mute]

03. Deep Dish - 'Say Hello' (Deep Dish Mix) [Positiva]

04. The Soundtracks - 'Beautiful Moon' [white label]

05. Sugartape - 'Summerdaze' [white label]

06. Coburn - 'We Interrupt This Program' (Interrupted Vocal Mix) [Great Stuff]

07. Fischerspooner - 'Never Win' (Benny Benassi Mix) [white label]

08. Freddy Filter vs. BT - 'Loving You More' [white label]

Judge Jules' Tried & Tested

09. H.O.T. - 'House Of Trance' [Overdose]

10. Filo & Peri - 'Dance With The Devil' (Flipside Mix) [white label]

11. JDS - 'Jump Around' [TCR]

12. System F - 'Cry' (Pedro Del Mar Mix) [London]

13. Coldplay - 'Speed Of Sound' (Karl G Mix) [white label]

14. Headstrong - 'Close Your Eyes' (Matt Darey Mix) [Darey Products]

15. Dynamic Sense - 'Get Your Feet Back On The Ground' [white label]

16. Invisible Man vs. Pearl Jam - 'Better Man' [white label]

Judge Jules 30 Minute Mix

17. Judge Jules - 'The Serpent' [white label]

18. Mr Sam - 'Lyteo' (Rank 1 Mix) [black Hole]

19. Corduroy - 'Drifting' [Accord]

20. DJ Atmospherik - 'Aquarius Reloaded' [white label]

21. GD - 'Pukka' [Mondo]

22. Thomas Datt pres. Two Roads - 'Antarctic Rain' [Technoclub]

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