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    Studio Session (Other)
    7:00pm - 9:00pm

01. Timbaland ft Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake - 'Give It To Me' (Paul Random mix) [white label]

02. Diego Ray - 'Afterlite' [superstar]

03. Dale Corderoy - 'You' [Accord]

04. Amerie - 'Take Control' (Timo Garcia mix) [white label]

05. Tomkats - 'Listen To The Music' [white label]

06. Marrs - 'Pump Up The Volume' (SPF mix) [white label]

07. My Digital Enemy - 'Wasted' [used And Abused Music]

08. Robbie Craig & The Audiofreaks - 'Freak' [white label]

09. Dada Life - 'Vote Yes' [Prestel]

10. Hardrox - 'Feel The Hard Rock' [Oxyd]

11. Henrik B - 'Soul Heaven' [boss]

Tried'n Tested

12. Julian Jewell - 'Air Conditionné' [skryptöm]

13. Filo & Peri - 'The Anthem' (Nic Chagall Mix) [Positiva]

14. Laptop DJ - 'Boom' (Shane 54 mix) [white label]

15. Coldplay - 'Fix You' (Ali Wilson mix) [white label]

One For The Weekend - Dave Pearce

16. Kirsty Hawkshaw Meets Tenishia - 'Outsiders' (Cosmic Gate Mix) [Armind]

17. Lost Witness - 'Dreams' [slinky]

The Saturday Night mix

18. VDM - 'Fly Away' (Cosmic Gale) [More Moor Music]

19. Lost Witness & Sassot - 'Sin Mas' [Fenology]

20. Albert Vorne - 'Formentera What' [Club Elite]

21. Steve Allen - 'Salvation' (DJ Jack mix) [Diverted]

22. Nu NRG - 'Natural Think' [Monster Tunes]

The Last Dance

23. Stuart King - 'Perfect' [white label]

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