• BBC Radio 1
    Essential Mix - Live from Radio 1 Big Weekend, Preston (Live Broadcast)

01. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - 'Waiting For' (Genix Edit) [white label]

02. Randy Katana - 'Session Impossible' [Jinx]

03. Tom Day - 'Whisper' [Kitschy]

04. E.Craig vs. The Prodigy - 'Home Smacker' (K-System Bootleg) [white label]

05. Minimalistix - 'Whistling Drive' (Filterheadz Mix) [Mostiko]

06. Filo & Peri feat. Eric Lumiere - 'Anthem' (Nic Chagall Mix) [Vandit]

07. Lost Witness feat. Vicky Fee - 'Dreams' (Unknown Remix) [slinky Music]

08. Muse - 'Cydonia' (John 00 Fleming & Wizzy Noise Rework) [white label: CYDONDJ001]

09. Lost Witness vs. Sassot - 'Sin Mas' [Fenology Records]

10. Vincent De Moor - 'Fly Away' (Cosmic Gate Remix) [Cloud 9]

11. Viator - 'Rangiroa' [Fraction Zero]

12. Judge Jules vs. BK - 'Sickness' [Riot]

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