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  • BBC Radio 1
    Scott Bond - Like it's 1999, Replica, Sheffield (Other)

01. Orkidea - 'Unity' [steel Fish Blue]

02. BT Feat. Jan Johnston - 'Sunblind' [Headspace]

03. Art of Trance - 'Easter Island' [Platipus]

04. JDS - 'Destiny Calls' (4 To The Floor Mix) [iDJ]

05. M3 - 'Bailamos' (Matt Darey Remix) [inferno]

06. Heliotropic - 'Alive' (Matt Darey Mix) [Multiply]

07. Joshua Ryan - 'Pistolwhip' [NuLife]

08. Vimana - 'We Came' [black Hole]

09. Photon Project - 'Illumination' [black Hole]

10. Red Sign - 'Wonderland' [Green Martian]

11. Mother's Pride - 'Learning To Fly' (Mike Koglin Remix) [Devolution]

12. DJ Taucher - 'Child Of The Universe' (Sanvean) (Phase II Mix) [Additive]

13. Moonman - 'Don't Be Afraid' (Ferry Corsten '99 Remix) [Heat]

14. Sosa - 'The Wave' (DJ Taucher Remix) [Additive]

15. Ayla - 'Ayla' (DJ Taucher Remix) [Additive]

16. Lost Tribe - 'Gamemaster' [Hooj Choons]

17. Skip Raiders - 'Come Back To Me' [white]

18. Katcha - 'Touched By God' (Alfie Conn Remix) [Hooj Choons]

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