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2004-06 - June Mix


  • BBC Radio 1
    Recorded live (location unknown) (Never broadcast)

01. Hi-Gate - 'Saxuality' [incentive]

02. VPL - 'T-Break' [Closet]

03. Merge - 'Armageddon'

04. Fabio MC - 'Return of Memory' [bXR]

05. Dogzilla - 'Dogzilla' (Simon Patterson & Richie Kayvan Remix) [Maelstrom]

06. Michael Woods - 'Solex' [free2air]

07. [b]unknown - 'unknown' [white label][/b]

08. DJ Choose Presents That Mucho - 'Release Me' [Drizzly]

09. Darude - 'Music' (Bostik Remix) [urban]

10. Body Shock - 'Rock This House' [bonzai]

11. Three Drives - 'Air Traffic' [Nebula]

12. DJ Energy – 'Ayra' [Nukleuz]

13. [b]unknown - 'unknown' [white label][/b]

14. Tomcraft - 'Loneliness' [Data]

15. Harry Diamond Vs. Jim Sullivan – 'The Brent' [white label]

16. Laurent Pautrat - 'Talk About It' [Academy]

17. System F - 'Solstice' [Tsunami]

18. Kota - 'Waiting' (Mike Koglin Vs. Darren Tate Remix) [Mondo]

19. Svenson and Gielen - 'Answer The Question' (Cosmic Gate Remix) [iD&T]

20. Storm - 'Time To Burn' Vs. Mark N-R-G – 'Don't Stop' [white label]

21. Green Velvet - 'La La Land' (unknown mix) [white label]

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