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    I remember listening to a recording of this round a mates house. He recorded the show on cassette. It was Jules sitting in for Dave Pearce on Dance Anthems. My mate didn't record the whole show, just tunes he liked the sound of. I can remember him playing Ayla, then this tune you are on about. I can remember Jules saying during the outro, i quote "Radio one dance anthems with me Judge Jules, chirpy and quirky" A very catchy number. I have always wanted to ID it. I would say, tail end of 1998.
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    yes, I have a massive stash of Friday night Judge Jules 9-11pm tapes ... I thought I had a Yamaha analogue tape player but apparently it is no more !! ( someone (!!) he/she who shall be nameless !!) .. threw it out in the skip !! Grrr ... I will deffo get a new tape player and I will upload digital versions as soon as I can ... …. its important to keep this awesome trance archive alive and growing ..
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    Tried for years to ID this as well, had it on tape and used to listen to it on my Walkman loads. Thanks for the upload. Have you emailed Jules, he might remember it as he sounded excited about it? Think it was late 1998 or early 1999 as I remember playing it to a friend at college that left around the same time (strange memory but he gave me a load of DJ Hixxy tapes off the back of it).
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    wow amasing never heard before if you have the whole show on tape please digital mp3 of the show wee need it cheers tune before is Touch and Go - Would You sounds like he sitting in for the dance anthems 1998 on dave pearce show if we get eny audio of dave pearce show will be great we could id some tunes there to
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    Nothing better than reading people's long searches for sets and then finding them in our archives. Enjoy! SpinDoc - the 2 hour studio mastermix (subbing in for Jules) by Ferry Corsten is here - one of my favourite mixes ever: http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archives/board/index.php?/topic/3356-2000-03-10-ferry-corsten-mix-covering-for-judge-jules-studio-session/