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    Not sure if this has already been mentioned but this same mix is also available on YouTube but it includes 4 additional tracks at the beginning so 15 tracks in total. 01. Fragma - Toca Me (In Petto Remix) 02. Progress Pres. The Boy Wunda - Everybody 03. Agnelli & Nelson - Everyday 04. Starfighter - Apache Lovin this site BTW, I recorded many Judge Jules shows on a Friday night during the late 90's and usually before I drove to London to dance the night away at The Fridge (Brixton). I'm also pretty sure I have the full recording of this show but whether it stood the test of time I don't know, my tape decks sound a little slow and wierd now. I'll see if I can find that tape and try and upload it.
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    A lot to look forward to there Simcut! Cheers.
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    To give you an idea, I have the following amount in my archive that still needs to be recorded and uploaded:- 1998 - 13 shows (mixture of 90 minutes & 2 hours) 1999 - 17 shows (majority are 2 hours) 2000 - 3 shows 2001 - 2 shows 2002 - 18 shows unknown dates - 2 shows that's 55 shows worth of audio to come!
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    I've wanted to know what that Apparition tune was for so long! Have all the others on vinyl now just need to get a copy if that one!!! Cheers JJ archive!!!!!
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    Amazing site - this is one of the two Jules studio sessions that got me into dance music. The other was on March 5th 1999 i.e. a week later. The master mix went like this: Lost Witness - Happiness Happening C+J - David's Song Van Gills - Don't Need You Any More Travels - Bulgarian Yomanda - Synth and Strings DJ Tiesto - Theme from Norifhioll The Secret - Hold Me Anyone have a copy of this, perchance? Thanks all, great work.
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    01. 02. Chris Raven - I Know You Love Me Too! (Bruce Norris Mix) (Additive) 03. Chris Raven - I Know You Love Me Too! (van Bellen Remix) (Additive) 04. 05.