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    Jules mentioned during his recent facebook live chat video that hes got the rights back to that hi gate album, which I noticed today is available on junodownload: https://www.junodownload.com/products/hi-gate-split-personality/3769081-02/?track_number=1 So finally you can have digital copies of Hurricane and Saxuality. I have noticed that D Tune is taken from a mix, as theres about a minute or so of Junior Jacks Thrill me on the needle drop player. I'd love for the full versions of d tune and you & me to be made available, aswell as the dumonde mix of saxuality. Fingers crossed that happens soon!
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    yes, I have a massive stash of Friday night Judge Jules 9-11pm tapes ... I thought I had a Yamaha analogue tape player but apparently it is no more !! ( someone (!!) he/she who shall be nameless !!) .. threw it out in the skip !! Grrr ... I will deffo get a new tape player and I will upload digital versions as soon as I can ... …. its important to keep this awesome trance archive alive and growing ..