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    I'd just about turned 14 when I started listening to Jules and buying vinyl, what great times they were , how things have changed. Listening to the show now and as for the current rubbish 1st hour, I'm actually enjoying it, even the Ellie Goudling remix fitted ok, much better selection of tracks than at othere times, even if most of them are on Armada labels Second hour well..... memories of how I walked to school back while it was still a bit dark in the morning n 98 listening to Ayla on my walkman (which I still own, it packed up playing tapes a few weeks back though the radio bit still works fine)(which I'd recorded from vinyl). As much as I'd loved to have spent my teenage years in the 70's due to my love of Disco, I feel priveliged in a way to have grownup during the Jules era of Radio 1.