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    Completely agree with you Jason. Rekordbox's bpm analysis is so tight now that there really is no excuse for tracks drifting out during short transitions. Add in the very dodgy looping and inappropriate placement of "Something for your mind, your body & your soul" and what you have is an absolute car-crash of a set. Embarrassing.
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    No lip-biting here - I think we need to be honest; his mixing was absolutely shocking. Each year he gets a little bit worse (which is hard to understand given the advances in DJ technology - it's easier than ever before!). Some people have always bashed him for his mixing technique, and yes there was always the odd clanger, but he used to absolutely nail most of them. And on vinyl too. I just wish he had retired completely a few years ago because this is embarrassing now. No one here wants to see a legend slide & struggle but continue on regardless.
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    I'm going to have to bite my lip here, but lets just say I was not happy, putting it mildly. Horrendous mixing, you're booked to perform in the biggest trance festival there is, for a lot of money, and you put in that effort? So frustrating as Jules can be so much better.
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