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    eny more info about this one?? can somebody contact dave pearce he palyed it .. and jules but dave wont answere to me mabie somebody got better contact to dave please what a great tune..
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    Hi Guys This tracks was mine which was recorded at Judge Jules studio in Finckley. I think it was Ricky Salmon who was the engineer. This was back in 1999. It was due to go out on Jules label but for some reason it didn't come out. I think it was due to the Gambafreaks ripping it and releasing it. This would have been a great springboard for me back then. Bean under various manes since then. Trix, Wizards on Was, Prime Attack and others. Thanks Billy - Wizards on Wax
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    confirmed on discogs Cold Steel ‎– The Real Rap Superstar (Original Mix) ( Bubblin' Blu Records) solved
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    confirmed of discogs Homeless - Piano Roots (Undiscovered) (UNDC001) solved
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    After a bit of googling... Cetroit - Mind Yourself (Tukan Remix) [Big Star Records]
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    BBC Radio 1 Dance Party Live from Torquay Friday, 21st August 1998 track number 04...
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