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    Hey folk, Since it's a nice day, and I've almost finished my new bedroom (and cut the grass), I thought I'd stick up a limited 7 day download for my sought after K.o.L rework! The track has been supported Tiesto, Mike Koglin, Andy Moor, Mark Sherry & Jules himself on his Radio 1 show. Something nice for the summer. This won't see the light of day unfortunately so here it is for the kind folk who have been asking about it! Enjoy! Clicky wick
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    Jesus mate, will you relax. Bottom line is, the people who run this site can do whatever they please. Whether we like it or not. I've never seen anyone have any trouble on this site whatsoever. I think you're getting very confused about things and getting wound up over nothing. As someone else said, if you're not happy about something,contact the admins or p.m. No need for all the threads. Please realise that there is no agenda, and we're all very happy with the way this site is run. Hopefully you'll enjoy the site as much as the rest of us then.
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    Found this the other day - what a great little clip: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/school_report/8561924.stm Jules helping out - he seems to be really good with the children
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    01. Dutch Force - 'Deadline' [inferno] Half-hour Mix 02. Gizeh - 'The Rain' [Liquid Recordings] 03. Megamind - 'Taub' (Noise Maker Volume 5) [Nukleuz] 04. The Act - 'Something About U' [bXR] 05. SuReal - 'You Take My Breath Away' (Lange Remix) [Cream Records] 06. The Conductor & The Cowboy - 'Feeling This Way' [serious Records] 07. Apparition - 'Partial Hallucination' (Spoiled Remix) [Low Sense] 08. York - 'Reachers Of Civilization' (Rank 1 Remix) [Manifesto]
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    I have this mix in audio cassette, and I check the date. Maybe 2000 Feb 11. friday the correct date.
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    sorry mate, but i have to laugh... i thought this set was famous! This is one of those incredible sets Jules played back in the golden era... one of my personal faves! So many good tracks, and so smooth mixing! oh, and did i mention the vibe? I am adding audio in chronological order and this set will be in the audio section shortly... watch this space! and there goes... audio added, enjoy: http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archive...?showtopic=3574
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    1999-08-27 - Radio 1 Dance Party #10 - Brighton View File BBC Radio 1 Dance Party Friday, 27th August 1999 Live from Brighton Boy George 01. Amanda Ghost - 'Filthy Mind' (Boy George & Kinky Roland Trancesexual Mix) [Warner Bros] 02. Missy Misdemeanor Elliott Featuring MC Solaar - 'All'N My Grill' (Boy George & Kinky Roland Mix) [East West Promo] 03. Kinky Roland ‎- 'Born Funky' (Gross National Product) 04. Floor Federation - 'Music For The Masses 2000' (Lisa Pin Up & Tomislav Suitcase Mix) [Club Class] 05. D.C. - 'Something I Feel' (Progress Remix) (Club Class Recordings) 06. System Lush - 'Goin On!' [Red Parrot] Judge Jules 07. Fragma vs Coco - Toca's Miracle (DJ Vimto Bootleg) (White Label) 08. Hi-Gate - 'Pitchin'' [incentive] 09. Cascade - 'Transcend' (Transa Remix) [uG] 10. Starparty - 'I'm In Love' (Ferry Corsten & Robert Smit Remix) [incentive] 11. Agnelli & Nelson - 'Everyday' [Xtravaganza] 12. unknown - 'unknown' [white label] 13. York - 'The Awakening' (Quake Remix) [Manifesto] 14. Martay - 'Gimme All Your Lovin' 2000' (Encounters Space Chase Dub) [Riverhorse] 15. Binary Finary - '1999' (Gouryella Mix) [Positiva] Dave Pearce 16. Gouryella - 'Gorella' 17. Salt Tank - 'Dimension' (Salt Tank's Voice Of Reason Mix) [Hooj Choons] 18. Mauro Picotto - 'Lizard' (Tall Paul Remix) [Nukleuz] 19. unknown - 'unknown' [white label] 20. DJ Jean - 'The Launch' [AM:PM] Live P.A. - Phats & Small 21. Phats & Small - 'Feel Good' [Multiply] 22. Phats & Small - 'Turn Around' [Multiply] Dave Pearce 23. Big Time Charlie - 'On The Run' (Big Ron Mix) [inferno] Carl Cox 24. DJ Dan Presents Needle Damage - 'That Zipper Track' (Needle Dubbage Mix) [ultimate Breaks Ltd] 25. Dave Angel - 'Body Punch Funk' [Rotation] 26. Rubadub - 'Gobounce' [white label] 27. A Small Phat One - 'Music For Pushchairs' [Very Limited] 28. Carl Cox - 'Dr Funk' (Rhythm Masters Mix) [Edel] 29. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label] 30. Starfighter - 'Apache' [Neo] 31. Le Voix Du Monde ‎- 'Tribal Tunes' [Fresh Fruit] 32. Joey Beltram - 'Energy Flash' [R&S] 33. Studio 45 Presents Le Pamp Play Housse - 'I Like The Sounds' (The Unabomber Disco Tech Mix) [Definity] 34. Rhythm Masters - 'Psycho' [Dis-Funktional] 35. Basement Jaxx - 'Jump'N Shout' [XL] 36. Leftfield - 'Phat Planet' (Dave Clarke Mix) [Hard Hands] 37. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label] Submitter leeruffles Submitted 08/25/2010 Category Radio 1 Dance Parties, 1998 - 2001  
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    BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix with Judge Jules Sunday, 25th October 1998 Live from Sound City, Newcastle Metro Arena 01. Southside Spinners - 'Luvstruck' [Orbit] 02. Mike Ski - 'Welcome' (Mike Ski's Domain Mix) [Product 19] 03. The Invisible Man - 'Give A Little Love' (Original 12" Mix) [serious] 04. Twisted Angel - 'Twisted (Feel It)' [bitch Records] 05. Aptness - 'The Answer' [good:as] 06. Babe Instinct - 'Disco Babes From Outta Space' (Lange Remix) [Positiva] 07. Boccaccio Life - 'The Secret Wish' (Original Mix) [Neo] 08. Copycat - 'Clap Ya Hands' [Le Club] 09. Alan Braxe vs. Beastie Boys - 'Beastiality' [white label: SEB-1111] 10. Roadblock - 'The Rules' [Y2k] 11. Signum - 'What Ya Got 4 Me' [Jinx] 12. Yves Deruyter - 'To The Rhythm' [bonzai] 13. Unfair Justice - 'The Truth' [M-->Bargo] 14. Gold & Delicious - 'Ascension' [Klub 18:30] 15. System F - 'Out Of The Blue' [Tsunami] 16. R.O.O.S. - 'Instant Moments' (Marino S Happy Mix) [sTIP] 17. The Escort Agency - 'Strictly High' [Pow!] 18. Trak A Holik - 'Funk Sol Brotha' [uC] 19. Bronx Boogie Crew - 'Panic!' [white label: BRONX 001] 20. Shrink - 'Nervous Breakdown' (Original Rohypnol Mix) [Neo] 21. Clear View - 'Cry For Love' [Planetary Consciousness] 22. Billie - 'Girlfriend' (Tin Tin Out Remix) [innocent] 23. Hands Burn - 'Good Shot' (Fontaine & Vern Remix) [spot On/NTL] 24. Ruff Drivers feat. Arolla - 'Dreaming' (Percussion Mix) [inferno] 25. Travel - 'Bulgarian' (Signum Remix) [Jinx] 26. Committee - 'Ripping It Up' (Jumbo Mix) [Club Image] 27. Inner City - 'Good Life (Buena Vida)' (Tommy Onyx Extended Remix) [PIAS UK] 28. Stretch & Vern - 'Michel Lombért' [spot On] 29. Brutal Bill - 'Woman Of Angels' [Playground Productions]
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    File Name: 1999-06-25 - Judge Jules, Studio Session File Submitter: Simcut File Submitted: 03 Jan 2010 File Updated: 18 Jul 2011 File Category: Friday shows Latest Tracklisting: http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archives/board/index.php?app=ccs&module=pages&section=pages&id=2&record=355 BBC Radio 1 Friday, 25th June 1999 Judge Jules, Studio Session 01. Agnelli & Nelson - 'Everyday' (Unknown Remix) [Xtravaganza] 02. DJ Jean - 'The Launch' (Yomanda Remix) [AM:PM] 03. Paul Johnson - 'Get Get Down' (XXX Remix) [Defected] 04. Sheer Brilliance - 'Don't Be Afraid Of My Love' [white label] 05. Alena - 'Turn It Around' (Another Edit Mix) [Wonderboy] 06. JPS Project - 'Found An Angel' (Bootleg Remix) [white label] 07. Signum Feat. Scott Mac - 'Just Do It' [untidy Trax] 08. Cyberdrive - 'Gravity' [stimulant Records] 09. Unknown - 'Unknown' (Unknown Remix) [white label] 10. Unknown - 'Unknown' (Unknown Remix) [white label] 11. Unknown - 'Unknown' (Unknown Remix) [white label] 12. Kulay - 'Burn' (Judge Jules Remix) [iNCredible] 13. Tyrome - 'The Underground' [Dance Opera] 14. Hi-Gate - 'Pitchin' (In Every Direction)' [incentive] 15. Blank & Jones - 'Cream' (Long Version) [Gang Go Music] 16. Whirlpool Productions - 'From: Disco To: Disco' (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix) [sum Records] 17. The Chemical Brothers - 'Electronic Battle Weapon 3' [Freestyle Dust] 18. Eric Powell - 'Reach And Hugg' (Olav Basoski's Sampletude Mix) [boo Records Inc.] 19. Fragma - 'Toca Me' (In Petto Remix) [Positiva] Half Hour Mix 20. Technique - 'You + Me' (Mash-Up Matt Mix) [Creation Records] 21. X-Cabs - 'Neuro 99' (99 Mix) [Hook Recordings] 22. DJ Tiësto - 'Theme From Norefjell' (Unknown Remix) [white label] 23. Binary Finary - '1999' (Gouryella Remix) [Positiva] 24. Der Dritte Raum - 'Trommelmaschine' [Additive] 25. York - 'The Awakening' (Quake Remix) [Manifesto] Click here to download this file
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    Broadcast on SSL and BigFM Friday, 3rd of August 2007 01. Ali Wilson & Martin - 'Solstice' [Teletek] 02. Randy Katana - 'Session Impossible' (Snair Mix) [Jinx] 03. Judge Jules - 'Laid Bare' (Ibiza Trumpet Mix) [Maelstroem] 04. Gleave - 'Fire Devil (Lost In Smoke)' [Detox] 05. K Sheehan - 'Sosei Fiction' [white label] 06. Dave202 - 'Generate The Wave' (Fabio Stein's Crasher Mix) [silicon] 07. Signalrunners - 'Recoil 2007' (Mat Zo Remix) [AVA] 08. Marcel Woods - 'Advanced' (Fabio Stein's Funky Trip Remix) [white label] 09. BK vs. Judge Jules - 'Sickness' [Riot] 10. Fred Baker & Greg Nash - 'Atlantis City' [spinnin] 11. Sander van Doorn - 'Riff' [spinnin] 12. Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Armin - 'Waiting For A Control Freak' (Ant Attwood Mashup) [white label] 13. Marco V - 'Red Blue Purple' [Maelstrom Records] 14. John Gibbons & Simon Tist - 'Beautiful Filth' [white label] 15. Marcel Woods - 'Lemon Tree' [High Contrast] 16. Joop - 'The Future' [High Contrast] 17. Digital Deviant - 'Perfecto Wavelength' [white label] 18. Viator - 'Rangiroa' (Octagen Remix) [Five AM] 19. Ron van den Beuken - 'Alcatraz' (Fabio Stein Rework) [white label] 20. Cassius - 'The Sound Of Violence' (Lee Haslam & Mearns Remix) [white label] 21. Miika Leinonen - 'Shadow Hearts' [Alter Ego] 22. DJ Tiësto feat. Maxi Jazz - 'Dance For Life' (Digital Deviant's Insomnia Edit) [white label]
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    I didn't know this. It really annoys me that audio has never been given as much consideration as the visual medium. Why make it 128 in the first place? That's less than 50% of the actual true sound than if you heard it live! Reminds me of the days when iTunes first came out, and people used it to rip all their music to mp3 en masse and bin their CDs - without understanding iTunes was (unfathomably) default to create mp3s at 128kbps... As far as I'm concerned, audio is a vital, precious commodity which people do not appreciate in this rather 'digitally disposible' age. The whole point of different bitrates back in the day was to make file sizes smaller. But now that disk space isn't such a scarcity, it doesn't matter in the slightest. It should be global law that all musical audio is created and maintained 320kbps! Ok I'll go find a sofa now. :sweatingbullets:
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    Jules did get a bit confused here so I corrected this in the archives which is why you couldn't find it. The track you're looking for is: SPX - 'Straight To The Point' (X-Cabs Remix) [inversus] You can find it on Junodownloads.com - but beware as it looks like they've mislabelled it as the "Original Mix".
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    I had all sorts of problems with it. Towards the end I was having crashes, blue screens of death (this sort of thing), loads of errors occuring, etc. I thought my hard drive was on it's way out. I backed up everything I needed, wiped the hard drive & installed Windows 7 from scratch & I haven't had a problem since.
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    Number 2 Fan; I agree with you and feel everything has been said and its time to move on. I see no reason for you (leonard1one) to leave the board either. We are all here for the music :thumbsup:
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    Absolutely - this is not what this forum is about. We are all very open here and of course your post is aptly placed in this area, but this confusing and unnecessary for the rest of us. We are all here as a team to help, please feel free to contact us for any help and we'll all do our best to resolve. Thread locked.
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    We do have all the Saturday show tracklistings, so it's a case of finding it as none are labelled as being from Knebworth, and I don't recall any broadcasts ever being from there? Can you remember the names of any tracks in the show at all? This will help a lot. If you have the audio, even better.
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    Bubblelove at Media. No question. Look at this for a tracklist: 01. Thermobee & Stratosphere - 'Stoned Trance' [strata] 02. Nigel Gee - 'Hootin' Harry' (Ariel's Paradise Factory Mix) [Neo] 03. The Clergy - 'Saints & Sinners' [M-->Bargo] 04. Julian Liberator - 'Funky' [4x4] 05. Patrick F - 'Bom Bom' [bass City] 06. Joshua Ryan - 'Pistolwhip' [NuLife] 07. Renegade Soundwave - 'The Phantom' (PFN vs. The Light) [10 Kilo] 08. Fiasco - 'Live In Bilbao' (E Craig Mix) [sunrise] 09. Hi-Gate - 'Work It Out' [incentive] 10. Santos - 'Camels' (Saints & Sinners Mix) [incentive] 11. Yves Deruyter - 'Back To Earth' (Rave Mix) [bonzai] 12. Non - 'Dizz You Right Now' (Unknown Mix) [Fuse] 13. Darude - 'Feel The Beat' (JS 16 Dark Mix) [Neo] 14. Commander Tom - 'Eye Bee M' (Timo Maas Mix) [Tripoli Trax] 15. Megamind - 'Taub' (Picotto Mix) [E.M.F.] 16. Mauro Picotto - 'Baguette' [bXR] 17. Jon Doe - 'D5B' [MOAS] 18. Hi-Gate - 'Caned & Unable' [incentive] 19. DJ Gert - 'Give Me Some More' (Airzone Mix) [No Name Trance] 20. Lost Witness - 'Seven Colours' (Jon Doe Mix) [Data] 21. Resistance D - 'You Were There' [Zeitgeist] 22. Citizen Caned - 'The Journey' [serious] 23. Matt Darey pres. Mash Up - 'Liberation' (Solar Stone Mix) [incentive] 24. Angelic - 'Can't Keep Me Silent' (12" Original) [serious] I was going to highlight in red all the best tracks but then it only ended up being about three that weren't in red :mrgreen: . Picked up the Timo Maas remix of Eye Bee Em on MP3 recently. Absolutely ridiculous! What about Seven Colurs? Wtf?
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    Fuzzys Top picks, in no particular order: Portsmouth Uni 2001 (this was broadcasted the day after my birthday and I listened live on the radio... the mix is superbly mixed and goes from breaks -> hard house/techno and ends perfectly with some of the most delicious trance tunes from the year 2001; 'Strange World', 'Questions Must Be Asked' and 'Sunrise at Palamos') http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archives/board/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=261 Sankey's Soap, 2000. "Full on fridays" got another meaning in 2000 when Jules started playing that really dirty hard techno... this set is SO energetic, and even though we don't have the complete show I'll vote for this anyway, coz this is as mad as it gets! Kicking things off with 'Pistol Whip'... goes techno from there, dropping classics like 'Factor Y' and 'Baguette'... diving into trancemode again later in the set with the brilliant 'Gizeh Mix' of Madelyne - 'A Deeper Love' which sets the perfect atmosphere for 'Superstring' and 'Angelic'... http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archives/board/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=68 Best 'Ibiza' mix; Bar M, 2000 http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archives/board/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=124 Note the way Jules mix 'Skydive' into the break of 'Played-A-Live'... it just works! Qontact 2001 ....do I need to say anything? Jules' Gladiator mix was played in the end. Period! The set is just amazingly put together from start to finish... very trancy and very energetic, kinda dark energy really. Very much a favorite of mine. In my opinion, the few times the female MC does her thing, it fits good with the tune being played... but hey, that's just me :mrgreen: http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archives/board/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=189 This is just a small selection of my faves... By the way, I hope the "Rate File" feature will be more used in the future so new users (and us older ones) can get a good idea of what's good One way of telling if something is popular is of course to look at the number of downloads and views.
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    Hmmm. Have to say I reacted pretty strongly to the second image (even though they're the same picture) - gave me goosebumps, I absolutely hate it.
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    here is the link to the last half hour, i think. http://ul.to/bcwsh4
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    Salt Tank – Eugina (I want to be free) Club Mix Chicane – Autumn Tactics (Thrillseekers Mix) Above & Beyond – On A Good Day Randy Katana – In Silence (Ron van den Beuken Mix) Darren Tate & Jono Grant – Nocturnal Creatures Solar Stone - 7 Cities (Liquid Summer Mix) York – Fairwell To The Moon (En Motion Dub) Some of my favourite trance tunes through together, Opinions appreciated http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G3CENL3C
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    Wireless is notorious for being quirky to get to work, but once it does it's very reliable. Get on phone to the helpline and if they can get you connected physically by cable, they should be able to fix the wireless connection settings for you using remote access... you'll need a few hours free though
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    Totally agree with you on that one Neuro! I reckon that Laurent Veronnez is probably the number one producer since the 1999 era who took trance to a new level. His tunes were all consistantly excellent & they all had that typical Bonzai sound at the time. I remember at one point (around 2002-03) my record box was about 90% full of LV's/Bonzai style tunes. I rest my case, your honour... Also, I'm going to select... F&W / DJ Choose (Denmark) These guys have supplied countless productions & remixes with their unique banging/euphoric tech-trance style and unmistakable sound. Their consistency (especially around 2003-04) was second to none & their tunes filled the playlists of many big name trance DJs. Other names they recorded under include Perfect 10, Tukan, That Mucho, ATN, and more.
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    Just bought Kafelkoff - Boisterous / Blockparty as well