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    Hey folk, Since it's a nice day, and I've almost finished my new bedroom (and cut the grass), I thought I'd stick up a limited 7 day download for my sought after K.o.L rework! The track has been supported Tiesto, Mike Koglin, Andy Moor, Mark Sherry & Jules himself on his Radio 1 show. Something nice for the summer. This won't see the light of day unfortunately so here it is for the kind folk who have been asking about it! Enjoy! Clicky wick
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    Judge Jules - Christmas 2015 Charity Board Mix - Exclusive for JudgeJulesArchive.co.uk View File Judge Jules Christmas 2015 Charity Board Mix Exclusive for JudgeJulesArchive.co.uk Judge Jules's exclusive Christmas Charity mix especially for the members on JudgeJulesArchive.co.uk to mark the website's 10th anniversary. Thank you to everybody who generously donated and suggested tracks - if your track didn't make it, we're really sorry! There's always next year... In Jules's words, "...this brought back huge memories! Please thank everyone for the sponsored element of this". Enjoy. 01. Sol - 'Arranguez @ Sunset' (Twangling Mix) [Moksha] 02. Starfighter - 'Apache' (Hi-Gate Mix) [byte Progressive] 03. Mauro Picotto - 'Pegasus' (Original Mix) [Nukleuz] 04. Sonique - 'It Feels So Good' (En-Motion Remix) [serious] 05. Fridge - 'Angel' (Club Mix) [incentive] 06. Digger - 'Church Of Ra' (Original Mix) [Casa Nostra] 07. Lovechild - 'Liberta' (Moonman Remix) [Neo] 08. Serious Danger - 'Deeper' (Part One) [Fresh] 09. Motivation - 'Para Mi' (Intrique Deep Bass Attack) [Definitive] 10. Michael Woods - 'Solex' (Non Vox) [free2air] 11. Agenda - 'Heaven' (Lange Remix) [iNCredible] 12. Cygnus X - 'Superstring' (Rank 1 Remix) [Xtravaganza] 13. Airwave - 'Save Me' (Original Mix) [serious] 14. Petra & Co - 'Just Let Go' (P+C Gallery Vocal Mix) [Lifting Cars] 15. Slusnik Luna - 'Sun' (Original Mix) [incentive] 16. Sarah McLachlan - 'Sweet Surrender' (DJ Tiesto Remix) [Arista] 17. Push - 'Strange World' (2000 Remake) [bonzai] 18. G.D. - 'Choral Reef' (Original Mix) [iDJ] 19. Beyond - 'Still Dream' (Original Mix) [Conception Artist Management] 20. Gold & Delicious - 'Ascension' (Unreleased Lange Remix) [white label] 21. Salt Tank feat. Néve - 'Eugina (I Want To Be Free)' (Unreleased 2001 Club Mix) [white label] 22. The Green Martian - 'Industry' (Original Mix) [serious] 23. Tall Paul vs INXS - 'Precious Heart' (Riva Mix) [Duty Free] 24. Hi Gate - 'Caned & Unable' (Original Mix) [incentive] 25. Judge Jules - 'Verano Loco' (Original Mix) [Reset] 26. Team SR - 'Leaving London' [Five AM] 27. Hi Gate 'I Can Hear Voices' (Chill Mix) [incentive] Submitter FuzzY-LogiC Submitted 12/03/2015 Category Miscellaneous Audio  
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    No chance in hell is it "and it's friday, let's party" - I just cant hear that at all, lol, give that guy a slap!
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    Hello everyone, I'm New too site. Having discovered a cassette abused in my first cars recorded off the radio, from lush portrush, late 90's possibly 2000, on a Friday night it says. Didn't even no this haven for all things Judge existed. I'm abit tech dull so Bear with people
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    yes, I have a massive stash of Friday night Judge Jules 9-11pm tapes ... I thought I had a Yamaha analogue tape player but apparently it is no more !! ( someone (!!) he/she who shall be nameless !!) .. threw it out in the skip !! Grrr ... I will deffo get a new tape player and I will upload digital versions as soon as I can ... …. its important to keep this awesome trance archive alive and growing ..
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    Haven't been on here for ages or done any JJ Retro mixes … threw this together at the wkd. Lots of Jules Trance era stuff up on here, this stuff covers my period of clubbing in London and listening to Jules flagship Kiss Fm Fri – Sat slots from 91 – 97. If your looking Trance only then forget it. If you like "Pumping" music then check it out. These were the big tunes of the day in Jules' box and on his Kiss FM playlist … shame there are literally zero shows around from those days, as it was still very much pre-digital. I had dozens of tapes with his shows and others but they got thrown away by mistake during a move a few years back. I enjoyed tracking down these tunes as many never made it to the CD mixes that were around back then. Jules was on rotation for all the regular club nights and specials all the time. Peach @ Camden w Graham Gold, Frisky @ Ministry (he would do 3 hour sets in the box) Gallery @ Turnmills, Serious @ The Cross, Divine @ Bagleys and Lloyd Studios. Kiss did some good allnighters @ Shepard Bush Empire as well. All the other big names were always around, Fontaine, Tall Paul, John Kelly, Tony De Vit, El Tongo, Blocko and Alex P, Healy, and the rest. Its odd to look at London clubbing now with the 90s era as an afterthought, it was a seriously hedonistic time and there was so many nook and cranny places to hang out in all day after clubbing. Or just roll up to most pubs with decks and spin your own tunes. Pre-surveillance world … you can't take a shit now without it being analysed by some suits in a Batcave in the next room … glad I got my rocks off in that earache lol that was 21 years ago (WTF ...) I enjoy early Trance stuff but have always been more into a spread of styles, which Jules was more about in earlier times. Anything from Funky – Tribal – breakbeats - uplifting and the downright nutbag tunes he seemed to have an ear for. Its basically just “Pumping” … More on the way now I got the bug again lol ... enjoy.
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    sorry for the delay in replying .. it was defiantely described by the Judge as a ' white label' ... & no, it was definately not Tiesto's In search of sunrise ' .. although this is a amazingly good track (!) & it did not have a vocal and it was not dark .. quite the opposite in fact !! it was a melodic uplifting insrtumental trancer .. ) .... it sounded very much like a Darren Tate track .. I would not be surprised if it was him .. but there is no record of him doing a track called 'Sunrise' .. I am intrigued by what you said about 3 fingers .. do you have a copy of this ?? I would love to hear it again .. and yes, it was definately played by the Judge after the 3 fingers mix of BT;s Flaming June .. circa 2000/1 + also, thanks for your help .. !! totally awesome .. ))) :thumbsup: System F - Solstice - 3 Fingers -
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    Jules's style has progressively got slower, cheesier and less focused towards Trance over the last decade - to the point where the bulk of his sets became "EDM" shite and commercial rubbish. He's been irrelevant to the Trance scene for years now unfortunately. His sound is more suited to the "three shots for a fiver" music-for-the-masses commercial / chain-owned clubs these days where 18-25 year olds are happy to hear commercial music with "Somebody screeeeeeeam" jingles slapped over the top. Gone are the days of Jules smashing out a bit of decent, pacey, "niche" tunes like Dark Monks - Insane, BK - Revolution and Mauro Picotto - Baguette at 143bpm in a main room or festival. A 133bpm Swedish House Mafia vs Bananarama vs Will.I.Am vs John McEnroe (Six Sambucas & A Strongbow "You Cannot Be Serious" Vocal Bootleg) mash-up is more apt these days*. *That bootleg may or may not be fictional before anyone tries looking for it*
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    No problem :thumbsup: It's a very good essential selection show with some defining tunes as well as a stunning live PA from Kosheen.
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    http://www.ebuyer.com/product/106540 This is a very basic solution for you for a tenner! It has a line input on mini jack which is what you were used to using on your old laptop.
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    Jesus mate, will you relax. Bottom line is, the people who run this site can do whatever they please. Whether we like it or not. I've never seen anyone have any trouble on this site whatsoever. I think you're getting very confused about things and getting wound up over nothing. As someone else said, if you're not happy about something,contact the admins or p.m. No need for all the threads. Please realise that there is no agenda, and we're all very happy with the way this site is run. Hopefully you'll enjoy the site as much as the rest of us then.
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    Found this the other day - what a great little clip: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/school_report/8561924.stm Jules helping out - he seems to be really good with the children
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    01. Dutch Force - 'Deadline' [inferno] Half-hour Mix 02. Gizeh - 'The Rain' [Liquid Recordings] 03. Megamind - 'Taub' (Noise Maker Volume 5) [Nukleuz] 04. The Act - 'Something About U' [bXR] 05. SuReal - 'You Take My Breath Away' (Lange Remix) [Cream Records] 06. The Conductor & The Cowboy - 'Feeling This Way' [serious Records] 07. Apparition - 'Partial Hallucination' (Spoiled Remix) [Low Sense] 08. York - 'Reachers Of Civilization' (Rank 1 Remix) [Manifesto]
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    I have this mix in audio cassette, and I check the date. Maybe 2000 Feb 11. friday the correct date.
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    sorry mate, but i have to laugh... i thought this set was famous! This is one of those incredible sets Jules played back in the golden era... one of my personal faves! So many good tracks, and so smooth mixing! oh, and did i mention the vibe? I am adding audio in chronological order and this set will be in the audio section shortly... watch this space! and there goes... audio added, enjoy: http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archive...?showtopic=3574
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    it's the same track as Exposure - Dreamscape
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    Not sure if this has already been mentioned but this same mix is also available on YouTube but it includes 4 additional tracks at the beginning so 15 tracks in total. 01. Fragma - Toca Me (In Petto Remix) 02. Progress Pres. The Boy Wunda - Everybody 03. Agnelli & Nelson - Everyday 04. Starfighter - Apache Lovin this site BTW, I recorded many Judge Jules shows on a Friday night during the late 90's and usually before I drove to London to dance the night away at The Fridge (Brixton). I'm also pretty sure I have the full recording of this show but whether it stood the test of time I don't know, my tape decks sound a little slow and wierd now. I'll see if I can find that tape and try and upload it.
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    Completely agree with you Jason. Rekordbox's bpm analysis is so tight now that there really is no excuse for tracks drifting out during short transitions. Add in the very dodgy looping and inappropriate placement of "Something for your mind, your body & your soul" and what you have is an absolute car-crash of a set. Embarrassing.
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    I appreciate its been a while so its highly possible no one will see this...but in case you are out there still... i just want to say thank you for showing a little bit of love for the Dream Mission remix from way back when. I happen to stumble across this thread when trying to find one of the shows that Jules played the track to show to a friend and it put a real smile on my face. As an added bonus - SM1 meant 'Secret Mission 1' - it was the first of two remixes we did...the second was 'Good Shot' by Hands Burn...another on the Spot on label. As an even better bonus....I have an mp3 if you weren't lucky enough to have a vinyl copy.
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    correction on number 12,, Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster '99 (White Label)
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    We hope you have been enjoying and making use of our downloads system that's taken many hours and painstaking effort to put in place and upload the content. There are over 150 more files still to be added to this, which I am doing at the moment, but in the meantime I do ask for feedback on what you download. Do keep checking back from time to time as well, because the adding of files will be forever ongoing as we accumulate a formidable archive. If you download a mix, don't just leech it, but visit its Support Topic in the forums and let people know what you thought of it, so we build up a thread of constructive criticism or praise about it. We're not talking essays here, just a one-liner will do! So positive or negative, if you take the time to get audio from this site, please also take the time to give something back Cheers JJA Team PS If you have any audio you want to submit, we'd love to hear from you. Submit it online here!
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    Fresh faced Julius @ HQ Club in Camden 1988
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    2000-02-25 - Judge Jules, Studio Session View File BBC Radio 1 Friday, 25th February 2000 9:00pm - 11:00pm *01.-19. Half Hour Mix 20. The Act - 'Something About You' (DJ Garry Mix) [Spot On] 21. Condor - 'You Can (Kiss My...)' (Light Of Day Remix) [Additive] 22. Bedrock - 'Heaven Scent' (John Johnson Remix) [Marc et Claude's] 23. GnD 2000 - 'Angel Chorus' [VC] 24. Rank 1 - 'Airwave' (Rank 1 vs. Dutch Force Remix) [Manifesto] 25. DJ Jam-X - '!Keep It That Way!' (Pulsedriver Remix) [Chaos] *The first half of this show, which started at 9:00pm, sadly does not survive. If anybody has a recording of this missing portion, please get in touch with us and we will merge it together with this to complete it. Submitter Simcut Submitted 04/13/2017 Category 2000  
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    woooow massive after 20 yers one tune left in the glam aberdeen set finally sometimes im looking rong never thought it was out in 2001 because i was looking all releses of Hydraulix untill end of 2000 haha
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    This brings back the good old days of proper Friday nights
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    I meant to type 'and that was just the 97 one' The 96 one has some great tracks I recognise (Loop da Loop, Todd Terry Stretch N Vern,Positive Shah - 'Heaven On Earth', Digidance being the obvious ones I can remember off top of my head )and even more I don't. Cracking once again
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    Ah, I thought it was Love Tattoo - History of disco (Part 2): But the sample is different... check it at 3:43
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    Saw him do this same set (almost) @ The Cross in summer 95
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    Fantastic! Will get this on the download, thanks Jules. Great to see Airwave - Save Me got in there
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    10. Technique - 'You + Me' (Mash-Up Matt Mix) [Creation Records] 11. Leftfield . Bambaataa ‎– Afrika Shox (VW Remix) (Hard Hands Records) 12. Progress Presents The Boy Wunda - 'Everybody' [Manifesto] *13. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label] *14. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label] *15. Push - 'Universal Nation' [bonzai] 16. Alena - 'Turn It Around' (Another Mix) [Wonderboy] 17. Thee Maddkatt Courtship - 'Strobe' (Robbie Rivera's Bangin' Mix) [FFRR] 18. Quake - 'Mantra' (Dub Mix) [white label 19. Kojak ‎– You Can't Stop It (Four Eye Mix By DJ Gregoire) (Pro-Zak Trax Records)
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    "...The irony is these £500 (or thereabouts) smartphones come with these tiny, crappy little pairs of headphones that are actually quite bad for your hearing, so at the very least go any and buy yourself a decent pair..." Great advice from the Judge! Looking smart these days...
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    Ron is now the only member of Signum Jason. Will you be attending?
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    The riots that have taken place over the past few days are appalling and nothing to do with any government - past or present. It started off as a protest against the Police in Tottenham on Saturday, and since then, other 'copycat' riots have taken place simply with the intention of looting shops and causing trouble. This country has never experienced anything like this before (riots yes, but not in multiple places all at the same time) and I don't think anyone could have been prepared for it - Police, the government, the public, etc. Police have been under criticism for not having enough 'trained' riot police, etc - but in reality, they've never needed them in that sort of quantity before. The only thing that baffled me is why it has taken so long for decisions to be made - why has it taken Cameron to come back from his holiday before things can be discussed? What is the point in having a deputy prime minister if he can't make decisions while the prime minister is away. As soon as the riots started happening in multiple places, someone within government (Clegg surely as deputy PC) should have insisted that the army should have been drafted in. Why haven't plastic bullets been used yet? Why hasn't a curfew been put in place? Why is there not one single water cannon available outside of Ireland? Why are human rights even being considered? Stop fannying about - put a curfew in place, let the Police use some force, and get the army in to assist. If youngsters are out after the curfew, and clearly in places where trouble is happening, then they should automatically lose their human rights and face the consequences. Once its all blown over, Cameron and Clegg need their heads banging together for not making decisions quick enough - and the Police should train ALL officers in basic riot training so that as a last resort, they cna be used if needed. Costly - but it should be done. Perhaps Mr Cameron could have spent £600m on training police rather than giving it to India for 'aid'.
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    That Masters & Nickson track which Ferry kicks off his mix with was originally called 5th Dimension - 'Rain Of Emotion' with this Robert Nickson remix but in instrumental form, alongside a (rather poor) original mix. I like the fact Ferry plays nearly 9 minutes of this track too - it would never happen today! Respect to all those DJs back then who let a record run its course
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    Amazing site - this is one of the two Jules studio sessions that got me into dance music. The other was on March 5th 1999 i.e. a week later. The master mix went like this: Lost Witness - Happiness Happening C+J - David's Song Van Gills - Don't Need You Any More Travels - Bulgarian Yomanda - Synth and Strings DJ Tiesto - Theme from Norifhioll The Secret - Hold Me Anyone have a copy of this, perchance? Thanks all, great work.
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    Nice to see you back mate - how's things?
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    I had all sorts of problems with it. Towards the end I was having crashes, blue screens of death (this sort of thing), loads of errors occuring, etc. I thought my hard drive was on it's way out. I backed up everything I needed, wiped the hard drive & installed Windows 7 from scratch & I haven't had a problem since.
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    Absolutely - this is not what this forum is about. We are all very open here and of course your post is aptly placed in this area, but this confusing and unnecessary for the rest of us. We are all here as a team to help, please feel free to contact us for any help and we'll all do our best to resolve. Thread locked.
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    Yeah but you need a girl who's on your wavelength.. she obviously wasn't.
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    You almost write in riddles sir, and sometimes even in rhymes. Interesting :thumbsup: In regards to the audio that has been spoken of, I will see to upload it somewhere to be found by the seekers.
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    Hi guys here's the tracklisting and download links for the show Symphonic Soundclash with Marty Mayes 003 1 James Horner feat Leona Lewis - I See You (theme from avatar) (cosmic gate remix) (CDR) 2 Matt Cerf vs Eric Meza feat Jaren - With Me (lexwood remix) (Fraction) 3 Filo And Peri feat. Aruna - Ashley (alex m.o.r.p.h. remix) (Vandit) 4 Anton Sonin And Amx feat Sari - Never Go (poshout club mix) (Timeline Music) 5 Guy Mearns - Stargazer (Liquid) 6 Ben Nicky - Driven (Liquid Spinnin) 7 Oceania pres Cordonnier - Squares In Boxes (suncatcher remix) 8 Richard Durand - Tigers Apology (original mix) (Magik Muzik) 9 Marty Mayes - Distant Memories (CDR) 10 Greg Downey - Show Time (Reset Spinnin) Download/Listening Links! http://martymayes.podomatic.com/ http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=326882538877&ref=ts www.myspace.com/martymayes http://www.youtube.com/martymayes
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    Hmmm I don't remember this sir. I'm sure it can be hunted out though on the interweb...
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    I just use Media Player, but if you do use that you need to ensure you have the settings how you want them (I keep them at 320 mp3)
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    Once you are in "Network and Sharing Center" (either right click on your network icon or find it in control panel), this is exactly what I was referring to, then see if you can follow the rest of my instructions:
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    Guys I've inadvertingly identified this, I had a show on tape and it had a track listed that never got played by Jules, so I bought it on vinyl out of interest, and low and behold it's this! the track in question is:- Che-Gun vs Morley - Sunshine Day (Steve's Goin' All The Way Instrumental) [universal Music (UK)]
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    i've got sky broadband wait for your pc to find your connection then enter the key written on the back of your router
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    he's still rocking it today i think. Just his radio show needs to go back to how it was before it turned into a semi dodgy Dance Anthems type affair.