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    sorry for the delay in replying .. it was defiantely described by the Judge as a ' white label' ... & no, it was definately not Tiesto's In search of sunrise ' .. although this is a amazingly good track (!) & it did not have a vocal and it was not dark .. quite the opposite in fact !! it was a melodic uplifting insrtumental trancer .. ) .... it sounded very much like a Darren Tate track .. I would not be surprised if it was him .. but there is no record of him doing a track called 'Sunrise' .. I am intrigued by what you said about 3 fingers .. do you have a copy of this ?? I would love to hear it again .. and yes, it was definately played by the Judge after the 3 fingers mix of BT;s Flaming June .. circa 2000/1 + also, thanks for your help .. !! totally awesome .. ))) :thumbsup: System F - Solstice - 3 Fingers -
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    Jesus mate, will you relax. Bottom line is, the people who run this site can do whatever they please. Whether we like it or not. I've never seen anyone have any trouble on this site whatsoever. I think you're getting very confused about things and getting wound up over nothing. As someone else said, if you're not happy about something,contact the admins or p.m. No need for all the threads. Please realise that there is no agenda, and we're all very happy with the way this site is run. Hopefully you'll enjoy the site as much as the rest of us then.
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    sorry mate, but i have to laugh... i thought this set was famous! This is one of those incredible sets Jules played back in the golden era... one of my personal faves! So many good tracks, and so smooth mixing! oh, and did i mention the vibe? I am adding audio in chronological order and this set will be in the audio section shortly... watch this space! and there goes... audio added, enjoy: http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archive...?showtopic=3574
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    1999-09-24 - Judge Jules, Studio Session View File BBC Radio 1 Friday, 24th September 1999 9:00pm - 11:00pm 01. Funky G - 'K-Sera' (Paul Masterson Instrumental Club Mix) [EastWest] 02. Perfect Phase - 'Horny Horns' [Positiva] 03. TDN - 'Why' (Vocal Mix) [3345] 04. Planet Perfecto - 'Bullet In The Gun' (Saturday Mix) [Perfecto] 05. Sharpside - 'Critikal Freaks' [stormcat] + B.E.T.A.-Unit - 'Somebody (... The Clap!)' (DJ-a-pella) [X-IT] 06. Golden Girls - 'Kinetic '99' (Commie Mix) [Distinct'ive] 07. AMbassador - 'One Of These Days' (Original Mix) [Platipus] 08. 1st Wave - 'Piano Roots' (produced by Homeless) [Undiscovered] 09. ATFC Presents OnePhatDeeva - 'In And Out Of My Life' (Olav Basoski Mix) [Spinnin'] 10. Fragma vs. Coco - 'Toca's Miracle' (DJ Vimto Bootleg) [white label] 11. Christian Falk - 'Make It Right' [Atlantic] 12. Mario Piu - 'Communication' (Yomanda Mix) [Insolent] 13. Hands Burn - 'Good Shot' (Seb Fontaine & Jules Vern Mix) [Insolent] 14. Secret Cinema - 'Gung-Ho' [EC] 15. Mastermind - 'Easy Rock' [Sspinnin'] 16. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label] 17. Mr. Spring - 'Profondo Rosso' [Spring] 18. Matt Darey - 'Liberation' (Ferry Corsten Mix) [Tsunami] 30-minute Mix 19. Isis - 'Serenity' (Deeper Club Mix) [Indeavour] 20. TR Junior - 'Rock With Me' (Lange Mix) [Amato International] 21. Mauro Picotto - 'Iguana' (Blank & Jones Mix) [BXR] 22. AIDA - 'Far And Away' [48k] 23. Spoiled & Zigo - 'More & More' [Free For All] 24. The Space Brothers - 'Heaven Will Come' (Lange Mix) [Manifesto] Submitter Simcut Submitted 11/05/2007 Category 1999  
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    This was my first proper night out as an 18 year old - absolutely incredible night, one of the best ever. I was pretty much over Judge Jules' music by then but was in the main tent from early doors till end of Oakey and it was something else. Have got a few photos somewhere, might try and dig them out and upload if interested...
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    No lip-biting here - I think we need to be honest; his mixing was absolutely shocking. Each year he gets a little bit worse (which is hard to understand given the advances in DJ technology - it's easier than ever before!). Some people have always bashed him for his mixing technique, and yes there was always the odd clanger, but he used to absolutely nail most of them. And on vinyl too. I just wish he had retired completely a few years ago because this is embarrassing now. No one here wants to see a legend slide & struggle but continue on regardless.
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    So I was just playing pulser - cloudwalking again and I swear it’s the same producer as the unknown - unknown I just feel it in my bones.
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    We hope you have been enjoying and making use of our downloads system that's taken many hours and painstaking effort to put in place and upload the content. There are over 150 more files still to be added to this, which I am doing at the moment, but in the meantime I do ask for feedback on what you download. Do keep checking back from time to time as well, because the adding of files will be forever ongoing as we accumulate a formidable archive. If you download a mix, don't just leech it, but visit its Support Topic in the forums and let people know what you thought of it, so we build up a thread of constructive criticism or praise about it. We're not talking essays here, just a one-liner will do! So positive or negative, if you take the time to get audio from this site, please also take the time to give something back Cheers JJA Team PS If you have any audio you want to submit, we'd love to hear from you. Submit it online here!
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    Looking forward to listening to the downloads, I started listening to trance in '97 which was one of the best years for me. So many classics!
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    Try a lead from the headphones from minidisc player to input of the pc soundcard so a 3.5mm jack to 3.5 mm jack. Its what I use to record tapes to my pc with, using a walkman.
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    Yes that's a new one I just came across too, apologies. A workaround for anybody trying to view their private messages, click on the envelope sign in the top right and then "Go To Inbox" link... We are upgrading the site on Saturday which hopefully will fix this. We also have some brand new audio for you all to devour coming soon
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    I recorded the 2003 one live onto mini disc and cut out all the bits in between sets, its much better quality than the one above. if I get around to it ill rip / upload it from the 4 or 5 discs its on. I was told by someone that went to this that Fergie cleared the floor during some of his sets...... i think i have one from 2005 ish as well maybe before that Seb fontaine or Pete Tong won but i don't think its all the broadcast? will have a look
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    So, I have just received the Martay CD in the post and guess what I am correct Track 14 is indeed: Martay Featuring ZZ Top - Gimme All Your Lovin' 2000 (Encounters Space Chase Remix) (Riverhorse) Man, this remix is so amazing! another long standing ID solved (on a lucky whim I might add but still!). I have just uploaded it to youtube:
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    Just having a listen to the unknown ids and I'm going to take a stab at track 14 being Martay - Gimme All Your Lovin' 2000 (Encounters Space Chase Dub) , as the vocals sound like 'all your loving, all your hugs and kisses too' which are lyrics in the chorus for this song. I've just bought the CD single with it on to confirm, as I cannot find any clips on the net to confirm.
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    From @Neuro, @FuzzY-LogiC and all the rest of the JJA team, we wish you all a very Happy Christmas. Thanks for your patience on all the recent changes. New audio downloads are coming next year, along with some serious cosmetic work on the tracklistings and gallery archives, so watch this space!
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    BBC Radio 1 Dance Party Live from Torquay Friday, 21st August 1998 track number 04...
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    TRANSFORM - TRANSFORMATION CLUB MIX uses the same vocals, it's on logic trance 2 cd 2
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    Ah, I thought it was Love Tattoo - History of disco (Part 2): But the sample is different... check it at 3:43
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    Saw him do this same set (almost) @ The Cross in summer 95
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    sounds like ratty sunrise ore mabie tristan d mash up of it
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    08. Liquid Love ‎– Liquid Needs (White Label DH 01)
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    Please don't go throwing anything away until you are sure we have it!! We can digitize any of your tapes and upload them to the archives in your name - just get in touch
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    2000-07-01 - Judge Jules, Live from Sensation, Amsterdam View File 01/07/00 Live from Sensation, Amsterdam 01. Zombie Nation - 'Kernkraft 400' (DJ Gius Mix) [Transk] 02. Storm - 'Time To Burn' [Data] 03. Jon Doe - 'NRG' [Honey Pot Hard] 04. DJ Scot Project - 'F' [Overdose] 05. Nappy Hardcore - 'The Laugh' [Closet] 06. Marc et Claude - 'I Need Your Lovin' (Dark Moon Mix) [Positiva] 07. 4 String - 'Day Time' (Gizeh Mix) [AM:PM] 08. Anglia - 'Out Of Grace' (Plug 'n' Play Mix) [Zounds] 09. York - 'Reachers Of Civilisation' (Rank 1 Mix) [Manifesto] 10. Agnelli & Nelson - 'Hudson Street' [Xtravaganza] 11. Solarstone - 'Seven Cities' (SS Transatlantic Mix) [simply Vinyl] 12. Push - 'Till We Meet Again' [inferno] Submitter FuzzY-LogiC Submitted 01/29/2008 Category Other Judge Jules Broadcasts  
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    Nice find. Would be good to hear some more form this era; got to be lots of bootleg tapes floating round.
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    1998-10-09 - Judge Jules, Studio Session (90 mins only) View File BBC Radio 1 Friday, 9th October 1998 9:00pm - 11:00pm 01. Secret Squirrel - 'Secret 1' [white label] 02. Gordon Matthewman - 'Itza Trumpet Thing' (Matthewman & Adam Routh Mix) [XVX] 03. Ruff Driverz pres. Arolla - 'Dreamin' (Percussion Mix) [inferno] 04. Brutal Bill - 'Woman Of Angels' [Muggsy] 05. The Snake - '7th System' [Yeti] 06. Copycat - 'Clap Ya Hands!' (The Irrestible "Storm" Mix) [King Size] 07. Hands Burn - 'Good Shot' (Fontaine & Vern Mix) [No Trance Limit] 08. Unknown - 'Transformed' [white label] 09. Untidy Dubs - 'Funky Groove' (Unknown Mix) [Manifesto] 10. Laidback Luke - 'Him Em With The Ha' [Groove Alert] 11. Love & Fate - 'Love & Fate Part 2' [sonic Limits House] 12. R.O.O.S. - Instant Moments [stip] 13. K - Special (Mark!'s Funk & Chunk Mix) [blueplate] 14. Bongo Bob - 'Exhale' [white label] 15. Billie - 'Girlfriend' (Tin Tin Out Mix) [innocent] 16. Emmie - 'More Than This' (Translucid Mix) [Manifesto] 17. Da Stereophonics - 'Feel Da Beat' [Waves] 18. Vengaboys - 'Up & Down' (Unknown Mix) [Mo'Bizz] 19. 2HD - 'Sunflakes' [Tsunami] 20. Systematic Parts - 'Violin De La Nuit' [King Size] 21. Inner City - 'Buena Vida' (Tommy Onyx's Summer Fiesta Mix) [PIAS UK] Half-hour Mix *22. DJ Wag - 'Man On The Moon' [Overdose] *23. Soundstation - 'New Direction' [sOS] *24. Gold 'n' Delicious - 'Ascension' (Unreleased Lange Remix) [white label] *25. Fool Boona - 'Popped' [uberdisko] *26. Blag - 'Kids Go Free' [b Movie] *27. The Gate - 'Iron Eden' [Go For It!] *= These tracks sadly did not survive, so if anyone have this missing portion of the show, please contact the staff. Thanks! Submitter Simcut Submitted 11/30/2007 Category 1998  
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    Sunset To Sunrise Friday 9th May 2014 10pm - 3am Spensleys Emporium 1 Albert Road Middlesbrough TS1 1PQ £8 OTD Manuel Le Saux Touchstone Ally Brown Cliffy Burrows B2B Phil Lee AM2.0 B2B Paul Tutill S2S continues it's onslaught of 2014 with it next event at it's new home of Spensleys Emporium. This time we bring you Italian Trance legend Manuel Le Saux, local hero Touchstone, one of Scotlands finest DJ's Ally Brown and residents Cliffy Burrows, AM2.0, Phil Lee and Paul Tutill. Manuel Le Saux: Living in Rome, and championing the sound of full-on euphoric trance across Europe, Manuel has become known for uplifting peaktime trance, and his vast list of productions and remixes speak for itself. Known by his fans to play trance that no other DJs are playing has given Manuel a recognizable identity of his own. With releases on Recoverwold, Discover, A State Of Trance, Extrema Global Music, Enhanced , and Digital Society Recordings, it’s evident that Le Saux’s Extrema radioshow on afterhours.fm is one of the most listened to trance shows online. With over 1,000 radioshows already aired, it’s no wonder he is continually booked to play Europe’s big trance events, Quest 4 Trance, Luminosity, Tomorrowland, Entrance Festival, Technoclub and Gatecrasher to name but a few. Further afield, Manny has graced the crowds of USA, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Poland, the Cech. Republic, Spain, Turkey, Finland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Mexico and Argentina… the legacy of a great talent. Underground Anthems 2 on Recoverwolrd was Mixmag’s ‘compilation of the month’ in June 2009, and with an excellent mix of top-shelf trance, quite rightly so. 2013 he released his album “First Light” on Discover which was a great succes and he opened his own label “EXTREMA” from his famous radioshow. Touchstone: Touchstone is a Producer & International Dj from Middlesbrough in the UK. Over recent years he has built up massive support and releasing music on a wide range of credible labels. From Defcon to Digitized, Silent Shore to D.Max, Armada to Enhanced, the list just keeps growing. He is one of the most prolific producers out there and has already become a firm favourite with the likes of Aly & Fila, Armin Van Buuren, Bryan Kearney, Abstract Vision, Dave Deen, Ferry Corsten, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Kaeno, M.I.K.E., Manuel Le Saux, Neal Scarborough, Nitrous Oxide, Ozzy XPM, ReOrder, Robert Vadney, Sean Tyas, Setrise, Singularity, Sophie Sugar, Stoneface & Terminal, Suzy Solar, Talla 2XLC, Tom Colontonio plus many more. Ally Brown: Ally Brown is no newbie to the trance scene having grown up listening to the genre. Through this time he's listened to the sound transform and blossom into a sound that he really wanted to be part of. Ally grew up DJ-ing in his bedroom for many years and tried his hand at music production at the age of 21. After a few years of dabbling in this, Ally has now produced some electric, fast paced and melodic tracks that has now became his signature sound. Ally has tracks and remixes on labels such as Discover Dark Records, Lange Recordings, Bonzai Music, MLXL and many more with artists such as Armin Van Buuren (former number 1 in the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll), Paul Van Dyk (Also former number 1), Aly & Fila, John O'Callaghan, Simon Patterson, John Askew, Mark Sherry and many more supporting his music across the world. His collaboration with Polish star Cristian Ketelaars saw their track "Smuggle Run" spend over a month in the top 10 sales chart on www.trackitdown.net and at Number 1 for 8 consecutive days! This success has seen the track included in "The Gallery - 18 Years" 3 CD compilation Mixed by Judge Jules, Simon Patterson, & Gavyn Mytchel. (Purchase the CD here: http://www.enhancedmusic.com/products/1087) Ally has always been a sucker for a melody, but after going through a stage listening to Techno, Drum & Bass, Hard House and Hardstyle he has picked up some influences on the way that have shaped his DJ sets into extremely energetic yet euphoric and emotional journeys through the harder edge of trance, incorporating all of the above styles within the set but maintaining the vibe that he is now known and loved for. Ally has been booked to DJ in some of the countries most prestigious club-nights such as Ministry Of Sound, Rong, Wax Format, Re:Format, Blueprint, 1Forty+ and many more. You will not be disappointed in this guys ability to rock a crowd. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJoB1z4ucbY For full info on all the DJ's plus their management, please clink the link below: Sunset To Sunrise - https://www.facebook.com/Sunset2SunriseEvents Manuel Le Saux - https://www.facebook.com/ManuelLeSauxOfficialFanPage Touchstone - https://www.facebook.com/TouchstoneOfficial Ally Brown - https://www.facebook.com/allybrownmusic Cliffy Burrows - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cliffy-Burrows/29771520816 AM2.0 - https://www.facebook.com/pages/AM20/119427854772462 Phill Lee - https://www.facebook.com/Phil.Lee.Cockerill Paul Tutill - https://www.facebook.com/Tutill Synergy Artist Management - https://www.facebook.com/SynergyAM Apollo Artist Management - http://apolloartistsagency.com/ For anyone wishing to travel to the event Middlesbrough Bus Station is 5 mins walk from the venue, Middlesbrough Train Station is across the road from the venue and there is a very cheap Travelodge 5 mins walk from the venue too. Middlesbrough Travelodge - http://www.travelodge.co.uk/hotels/371/Middlesbrough-hotel?gclid=CLeQs8fo9rwCFQXlwgodhWAAUg
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    I've wanted to know what that Apparition tune was for so long! Have all the others on vinyl now just need to get a copy if that one!!! Cheers JJ archive!!!!!
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    1998-11-13 - Judge Jules, Studio Session View File BBC Radio 1 Friday, 13th November 1998 Judge Jules, Studio Session 01. Turbo Funk - 'Strong' [white label] 02. Da Hool - 'Meet Her At The Blue Oyster Bar' [FFRR] 03. Humate - 'Love Stimulation' [Deviant] 04. Mark van Dale with Enrico - 'Power Woman' [Club Tools] 05. Armand van Helden - 'Saw' [white label] 06. Brutal Bill - 'Everybody Get Up' [Muggsy] 07. Millennium Groove - 'Stabhouse' [white label] 08. NRG - 'Never Lost His Hardcore' [banana] 09. Sharam - 'Party Time' [Future] 10. Ruff Driverz Presents Arrola - 'Dreaming' [inferno] 11. Ian Pooley - 'What's Your Number?' [V2] 12. Handsburn - 'Good Shot' (Fontaine & Verne Mix) [spot On] 13. Quadran - 'Unlovable' [bonzai Trance Progressive] 14. Armand van Helden - 'Disco' [white label] 15. Loop da Loop - 'Hazel' [Manifesto] 16. Southside Spinners - 'Luvstruck' [Massive] 17. Emmie - 'More Than This' (Translucid Mix) [white label] 18. Armand van Helden - 'You Don't Know Me' [London] 19. Joe Fandango - 'Kool And The Gang' [white label] Half-hour Mix 20. System F - 'Out Of The Blue' [Tsunami] 21. Reysan Khan - 'Shi Du' (Voodi Mix) [universal Prime Breaks] 22. Commie vs PF Project - 'Walk Away' [white label] 23. Blackout - 'Gotta Have Hope' [white label] 24. Transa - 'Behind The Sun' [white label] 25. Aptness - 'The Answer' [Good:as] 26. DJ Sakin - 'Protect Your Love' [white label] Submitter Simcut Submitted 08/10/2009 Category 1998  
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    I don't need a good woman lol I am one!
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    was there and have been after this ever since, thanks
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    I'd just about turned 14 when I started listening to Jules and buying vinyl, what great times they were , how things have changed. Listening to the show now and as for the current rubbish 1st hour, I'm actually enjoying it, even the Ellie Goudling remix fitted ok, much better selection of tracks than at othere times, even if most of them are on Armada labels Second hour well..... memories of how I walked to school back while it was still a bit dark in the morning n 98 listening to Ayla on my walkman (which I still own, it packed up playing tapes a few weeks back though the radio bit still works fine)(which I'd recorded from vinyl). As much as I'd loved to have spent my teenage years in the 70's due to my love of Disco, I feel priveliged in a way to have grownup during the Jules era of Radio 1.
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    As humans we are forever stimulated by new information (music, news, etc) and it is in our nature to never stop acquiring that. This is good but it means we are never satisfied with our lot... finding new music is satisfying but for me now, I know what I like and I still get the same satisfaction finding old House tracks in digital format - because it's still "new" to me.
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    01. Alex Gaudino - 'I’m In Love' (Robbie Rivera Remix) [ultra Records] 02. Afrojack & Bobby Burns - 'Bungee' [Wall Records] 03. DJ Mog Ft Paul Kennedy & The Stetz — 'Full Circle' [Ego] 04. Henry John Morgan - 'Milano' [Magnificent Records] 05. Lost Witness - 'Red Sun Rising 2010' [CDR] 06. Arty - 'Twilight Tonight' (D-Mad Remix) [Enhanced Progressive] DJ On Route: Simon Patterson 07. Magnetic Man Magnetic Man - 'I Need Air' (J&T Rework) [CDR] 08. The Love People - 'Sweet Airs' [CDR] 09. Karl G & Jamesie Ft Undersound - 'Forever' [CDR] 10. Judge Jules - 'Verano Loco' [spinnin’] 11. Dido - 'Everything To Loose' (Armin Van Buuren Remix) [RCA] The Backroom 2 12. Jaymo & Andy George Ft J2k - 'Hold Me Back' [Moda Music] 13. Nom De Strip - 'Skweekee' [southern Fried Records] Tried & Tested 14. Paul Oakenfold Ft Matt Goss - 'Firefly' (Kenneth Thomas Remix)[Perfecto Digital] 15. Mat Zo - 'Land Of The Free' [Anjunabeats] 16. Pryda - 'Niton' [Pryda Friends] DJ Relay: Sander van Doorn 17. Will Atkinson’s Choice: Lee Miller - 'Inception' [CDR] 18. Sander van Doorn’s choice: Ummet Ozcan - 'Arcadia' [Doorn Records] The Classic: 2000 19. Mario Più - 'Library'(Library 2 Mix) [Nukleuz] Big Room Mix 20. Michael Dow - 'Broken Dawn' [Tidy Trax] 21. Giuseppe Ottaviani - 'Danceology' [Vandit Records] 22. Svenson & Gielen - 'Beauty Of Silence' (W&W & Jonas Stenberg Remix) [High Contrast] 23. Moonpax Vs Snatt & Vix With Xspective Sense - 'Disco Terra' (Artento Divini Remix) [Ava Blue Recordings] 24. 4 Strings - 'Sundown' [spinnin’ Records] 25. Sied van Riel vs. Radion 6 - 'Radiator' [Oxygen Recordings]
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    Sounds disgusting but it sounds like something I would do... I'd be wearing chainmail of course though, not the yellow bow tie... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-10715115
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    Have they indeed? Glad I raided their archives before they did that! I've got this, but it exceeds the 128mb upload limit so I can't upload it directly to the board....pretty sure one of the admin has it tucked away pending upload though. :thumbsup: EDIT: Just checked the shoutbox on mixriot and apparently they have been told by the BBC to take down BBC-related content, possibly because they are an American site and charge by subscription for the services. Hope that's the only reason, as I'd hate to see anything happen to this board!
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    I had all sorts of problems with it. Towards the end I was having crashes, blue screens of death (this sort of thing), loads of errors occuring, etc. I thought my hard drive was on it's way out. I backed up everything I needed, wiped the hard drive & installed Windows 7 from scratch & I haven't had a problem since.
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    Just happened to switch on the radio and heard that Jules is doing a 3 hour show today at 4pm until 7pm.
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    Absolutely - this is not what this forum is about. We are all very open here and of course your post is aptly placed in this area, but this confusing and unnecessary for the rest of us. We are all here as a team to help, please feel free to contact us for any help and we'll all do our best to resolve. Thread locked.
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    Thanks for submitting the audio Lyndon! The files need to be approved before they are available for other members to download - we will do this shortly.
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    Salt Tank – Eugina (I want to be free) Club Mix Chicane – Autumn Tactics (Thrillseekers Mix) Above & Beyond – On A Good Day Randy Katana – In Silence (Ron van den Beuken Mix) Darren Tate & Jono Grant – Nocturnal Creatures Solar Stone - 7 Cities (Liquid Summer Mix) York – Fairwell To The Moon (En Motion Dub) Some of my favourite trance tunes through together, Opinions appreciated http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G3CENL3C
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    You must be on about Gigolo-Al Paradis which came out on Code Blue in 99, got the promo in the loft somewhere
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    Here you go: http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/audio/misc/02_The_Looking_Glass.mp3 A nice opportunity to show off our new embedded mp3 widget! PS if you want to hotlink it, I upped it to our server so please use this link.
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    Guys I've inadvertingly identified this, I had a show on tape and it had a track listed that never got played by Jules, so I bought it on vinyl out of interest, and low and behold it's this! the track in question is:- Che-Gun vs Morley - Sunshine Day (Steve's Goin' All The Way Instrumental) [universal Music (UK)]
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    Just bought Kafelkoff - Boisterous / Blockparty as well