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    Hello everyone, I'm New too site. Having discovered a cassette abused in my first cars recorded off the radio, from lush portrush, late 90's possibly 2000, on a Friday night it says. Didn't even no this haven for all things Judge existed. I'm abit tech dull so Bear with people
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    yes, I have a massive stash of Friday night Judge Jules 9-11pm tapes ... I thought I had a Yamaha analogue tape player but apparently it is no more !! ( someone (!!) he/she who shall be nameless !!) .. threw it out in the skip !! Grrr ... I will deffo get a new tape player and I will upload digital versions as soon as I can ... …. its important to keep this awesome trance archive alive and growing ..
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    Completely agree with you Jason. Rekordbox's bpm analysis is so tight now that there really is no excuse for tracks drifting out during short transitions. Add in the very dodgy looping and inappropriate placement of "Something for your mind, your body & your soul" and what you have is an absolute car-crash of a set. Embarrassing.
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    No lip-biting here - I think we need to be honest; his mixing was absolutely shocking. Each year he gets a little bit worse (which is hard to understand given the advances in DJ technology - it's easier than ever before!). Some people have always bashed him for his mixing technique, and yes there was always the odd clanger, but he used to absolutely nail most of them. And on vinyl too. I just wish he had retired completely a few years ago because this is embarrassing now. No one here wants to see a legend slide & struggle but continue on regardless.
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    I'm going to have to bite my lip here, but lets just say I was not happy, putting it mildly. Horrendous mixing, you're booked to perform in the biggest trance festival there is, for a lot of money, and you put in that effort? So frustrating as Jules can be so much better.
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    So I was just playing pulser - cloudwalking again and I swear it’s the same producer as the unknown - unknown I just feel it in my bones.
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    Here's one I think, did a search and couldn't find it on here. Sounds to me like a live club set from 2000, lots of scratching etc. Just stumbled upon it today in fact. Will do a tracklist later, Jules own music heavy, tunewise.
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    Both these tracks have being getting support from me. I really like the Environs B-Side, Side Missions, too. Will check out the mix later.
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    I appreciate its been a while so its highly possible no one will see this...but in case you are out there still... i just want to say thank you for showing a little bit of love for the Dream Mission remix from way back when. I happen to stumble across this thread when trying to find one of the shows that Jules played the track to show to a friend and it put a real smile on my face. As an added bonus - SM1 meant 'Secret Mission 1' - it was the first of two remixes we did...the second was 'Good Shot' by Hands Burn...another on the Spot on label. As an even better bonus....I have an mp3 if you weren't lucky enough to have a vinyl copy.
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    correction on number 12,, Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster '99 (White Label)
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    Looking forward to listening to the downloads, I started listening to trance in '97 which was one of the best years for me. So many classics!
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    Thanks for this. I was there that night, and could swear Judge Jules played a Vengaboys tune. It was either someone else or it was another night!! Even though I'm from Glasgow I really wish they would give the "here we, here we" a bye, ruins the music when listening 18 years later lol
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    Jules mentioned during his recent facebook live chat video that hes got the rights back to that hi gate album, which I noticed today is available on junodownload: https://www.junodownload.com/products/hi-gate-split-personality/3769081-02/?track_number=1 So finally you can have digital copies of Hurricane and Saxuality. I have noticed that D Tune is taken from a mix, as theres about a minute or so of Junior Jacks Thrill me on the needle drop player. I'd love for the full versions of d tune and you & me to be made available, aswell as the dumonde mix of saxuality. Fingers crossed that happens soon!
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    I remember listening to a recording of this round a mates house. He recorded the show on cassette. It was Jules sitting in for Dave Pearce on Dance Anthems. My mate didn't record the whole show, just tunes he liked the sound of. I can remember him playing Ayla, then this tune you are on about. I can remember Jules saying during the outro, i quote "Radio one dance anthems with me Judge Jules, chirpy and quirky" A very catchy number. I have always wanted to ID it. I would say, tail end of 1998.
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    Tried for years to ID this as well, had it on tape and used to listen to it on my Walkman loads. Thanks for the upload. Have you emailed Jules, he might remember it as he sounded excited about it? Think it was late 1998 or early 1999 as I remember playing it to a friend at college that left around the same time (strange memory but he gave me a load of DJ Hixxy tapes off the back of it).
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    wow amasing never heard before if you have the whole show on tape please digital mp3 of the show wee need it cheers tune before is Touch and Go - Would You sounds like he sitting in for the dance anthems 1998 on dave pearce show if we get eny audio of dave pearce show will be great we could id some tunes there to
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    Hi Guys This tracks was mine which was recorded at Judge Jules studio in Finckley. I think it was Ricky Salmon who was the engineer. This was back in 1999. It was due to go out on Jules label but for some reason it didn't come out. I think it was due to the Gambafreaks ripping it and releasing it. This would have been a great springboard for me back then. Bean under various manes since then. Trix, Wizards on Was, Prime Attack and others. Thanks Billy - Wizards on Wax
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    Have been feeling a little trance sentimental recently and reminisicing over certain classics from years gone by. The idea was also borne out of this and wanted to dig this out to share with you to pay homage to this site and its milestone 10th anniversary; quite remarkable how much work has gone in to establish, build and maintain a massive fan-base of work and following. And so here's to all who been part of this community and those who've shared many great times over the year's. Hope you enjoy this mix and think back to all those good days of how we got in to the music, Judge Jules himself - and those magnificent Radio 1 shows, and generally an amazing following/discussions here: Tracklist: 01. Tomcraft - Lonliness (Klub Mix) [Captivating] 02. Josh Wink & Lil Louis - How's Your Evening So Far? (UK 12") [FFRR] 03. Steve Murano - Bootleg Beats Volume 2 (Original Mix) [White] 04. Joy Kitikonti - Joy Don't Stop (Freaky Mix) [BXR] 05. Paul Masterson Presents Sushi - The Earthshaker (Original Mix) [NuLife] 06. Hi-Gate - Pitchin' (Celine Diablo Remix) [Incentive] 07. Judge Jules - Keep Me Running (Original Mix) [Maelstrom] 08. Fabio Stein - Tran-4 (Original Mix) [Maelstrom] 09. Jan Loper - I Can't Stop (Original Mix) [Xtravaganza] 10. Jurgen Vries - The Theme (Original Mix) [Direction] 11. Mudblood - Flaming June 04 [Mudblood] 12. Aza - Spectrum (Live Pioneering Mix: Briggsy Edit) [White] 13. Warrior - If You Want Me (Original Mix) [Incentive] 14. Kristine Blond - Loveshy (Electrique Boutique Mix) [Relentless] 15. Starparty - Im In Love (Ferry Corsten & Robert Smit Remix) [Incentive] 16. System F - System F - Out Of The Blue (Violin Edit) [Premier] 17. Darren Tate - Now We Are Free (Gladiator Theme 2004) [White] 18. Lange & Andy Moor - Stadium Four (Original Mix) [AVA] 19. Mat Zo - The Lost [Anjunabeats] 20. Way Out West Featuring Miss Joanna Law - The Gift (Club Mix) [Deconstruction] 21. Jorio Featuring Cyberdiva - Remember Me (Space Brothers Remix) [Wonderboy] 22. Blank & Jones - Cream (ATB Mix) [Soundcolours] 23. Mr. Sam vs. Fred Baker pres. As One - Forever Waiting (Original Mix) [Magik Muzik] 24. Mauro Damagio - Im Damaged (Lizarazu Mix) [White] 25. Marco V - Solarize (Original Mix) [ID&T] 26. Lange Feat. Skye - Drifting Away (Lange's Sunset Dub) [VC] 27. Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth (Liquid Overdose Remix) [Bonzai] 28. Marc Dawn - Expander (Flutlicht Remix) [Logport] 29. Solar Factor - No Return [Progrez] 30. Reysan Khan - Shi-du 2000 (VOODI Remix) [JOOF] 31. DJ Bismark - Primitive Love (Club Mix) [BXR] 32. Joman - Raggattak (Mario Piu Mix) [BXR]
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    confirmed on discogs Cold Steel ‎– The Real Rap Superstar (Original Mix) ( Bubblin' Blu Records) solved
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    confirmed of discogs Homeless - Piano Roots (Undiscovered) (UNDC001) solved
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    After a bit of googling... Cetroit - Mind Yourself (Tukan Remix) [Big Star Records]
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    01. Paul van Dyk - 'For An Angel' (PvD E-Werk Club Mix) [Deviant] 02. Gate - 'Iron Eden' [Orbit] 03. The Effect - 'Day Mission' (Tin Tin Out Remix) [Tin Tin Club] 04. Hands Burn - 'Good Shot' (Original Mix) [spot On] 05. Gold 'n' Delicious - 'Ascension' (Original Mix) [Klub 18.30] 06. Untidy Dubs - 'Funky Groove' [Tidy Trax] 07. The Invisible Man - 'Give A Little Love' [serious] 08. Dial 'M' For Moguai - 'Beatbox' (Knuckleheadz Remix) [Kosmo] 09. The Shrink - 'Nervous Breakdown' (Original Rohypnol Mix) [Neo] 10. Humate - 'Love Stimulation' (Paul van Dyk Love Club Mix) [Jive/MFS] 11. System F - 'Out Of The Blue' [Tsunami] 12. Ayla - 'Ayla' (DJ Taucher Remix) [Positiva] 13. R.O.O.S. - 'Instant Moments' (Marino S Happy Mix) [stip]
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    BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix with Judge Jules Sunday, 25th September 1994 'Ibiza Mix' 01. Sister Bliss - 'Life's A Bitch' [white label] 02. Apollo 440 - 'Liquid Cool' [stealth Sonic] 03. Danny Red - 'Riddim Wise' [Colombia] 04. Mathar - 'Indian Vibes' [Virgin] 05. Sister Bliss - 'Life's A Bitch' [white label] 06. Ashbrooke Allstars - 'Dubbin Up The Pieces' [East West] 07. Chicago Symphony - 'Ram Raid EP' [white label] 08. Cubace - 'CU Bass' [white label] 09. LWS - 'Gosp' [Transworld] 10. Rok & Kato - 'Cherry Lips' [blade] 11. Todd Terry - 'Put Your Hands Together' [Champion] 12. Lonnie Liston Smith - 'Expansions' [JVS] 13. System VIII - 'Underground' [Easy Street] 14. Cover Ups Vol. II - 'Unknown' [white label] 15. Escandalo - 'Más Buena' (test pressing) [strictly Rhythm] 16. Rare Arts - 'Boriqua Posse' [strictly Rhythm] 17. Dimitri & Jaimy - 'Brazil 2000' [Outland] 18. The Original - 'I Love You Baby' [WT] 19. Tapp - 'Shake That Ass' [Work] 20. Transglobal Underground - 'Lookee Here' [Nation] 21. B.O.D. - 'No More Mind Games' [umm] 22. 2 In A Room - 'El Trago' [white label] 23. Dap - 'D Fever' [Eastern Bloc] 24. Sub Bug - 'Back 2 Dub' [white label] 25. JT Company - 'You Got' [Muzik Without Control] 26. Vudu - 'Grass Green' [white label] 27. Hashim - 'Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)' [Network] 28. Dred Stock - 'Pump' [Freeze] 29. DJ Disciple - 'On The Dancefloor' [Mother 4] 30. Jeannie Tracy - 'Do You Believe' [white label] 31. Ronnie Canada - 'Tell The World' [Tomo Hawk] 32. Joe T Vanelli - 'Voice In Harmony' [Dreambeat] 33. Satoshie Tomilie - 'The Anthem' (promo) [white label] 34. Salvia - 'Fiesta Conga' [Movin Melodies] 35. The Ethics EP - 'La Luna' [Movin Melodies] 36. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - 'Feel The Fire' [DJ International] 37. Gill Scott Heron - 'Interview With Gary Byrd' [Mother] 38. Art Of Noise - 'Moments In Love' [ZTT] 39. Cry Sisco - 'Afro Dizzi Act' [Escape] 40. Voice Of Africa - 'Hoomba Hoomba' [Discomagic] 41. IZIT - 'Stories' [New Music] 42. YBU - 'Soul Magic' [splish] 43. Fidelfatti - 'Just Wanna Touch Me' [urban] 44. Funk Express - 'UF Force' (promo) [white label] 45. Trilogy - 'Love Me Or Love Me Not' [ATCO] 46. Ghouls - 'Ghost' [Pin Up]
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    BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix with Judge Jules Sunday, 25th October 1998 Live from Sound City, Newcastle Metro Arena 01. Southside Spinners - 'Luvstruck' [Orbit] 02. Mike Ski - 'Welcome' (Mike Ski's Domain Mix) [Product 19] 03. The Invisible Man - 'Give A Little Love' (Original 12" Mix) [serious] 04. Twisted Angel - 'Twisted (Feel It)' [bitch Records] 05. Aptness - 'The Answer' [good:as] 06. Babe Instinct - 'Disco Babes From Outta Space' (Lange Remix) [Positiva] 07. Boccaccio Life - 'The Secret Wish' (Original Mix) [Neo] 08. Copycat - 'Clap Ya Hands' [Le Club] 09. Alan Braxe vs. Beastie Boys - 'Beastiality' [white label: SEB-1111] 10. Roadblock - 'The Rules' [Y2k] 11. Signum - 'What Ya Got 4 Me' [Jinx] 12. Yves Deruyter - 'To The Rhythm' [bonzai] 13. Unfair Justice - 'The Truth' [M-->Bargo] 14. Gold & Delicious - 'Ascension' [Klub 18:30] 15. System F - 'Out Of The Blue' [Tsunami] 16. R.O.O.S. - 'Instant Moments' (Marino S Happy Mix) [sTIP] 17. The Escort Agency - 'Strictly High' [Pow!] 18. Trak A Holik - 'Funk Sol Brotha' [uC] 19. Bronx Boogie Crew - 'Panic!' [white label: BRONX 001] 20. Shrink - 'Nervous Breakdown' (Original Rohypnol Mix) [Neo] 21. Clear View - 'Cry For Love' [Planetary Consciousness] 22. Billie - 'Girlfriend' (Tin Tin Out Remix) [innocent] 23. Hands Burn - 'Good Shot' (Fontaine & Vern Remix) [spot On/NTL] 24. Ruff Drivers feat. Arolla - 'Dreaming' (Percussion Mix) [inferno] 25. Travel - 'Bulgarian' (Signum Remix) [Jinx] 26. Committee - 'Ripping It Up' (Jumbo Mix) [Club Image] 27. Inner City - 'Good Life (Buena Vida)' (Tommy Onyx Extended Remix) [PIAS UK] 28. Stretch & Vern - 'Michel Lombért' [spot On] 29. Brutal Bill - 'Woman Of Angels' [Playground Productions]
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    Jules's mix is here - somehow squashed into two hours of aural studio pleasure: http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archives/board/index.php?/topic/9536-judge-jules-christmas-2015-charity-board-mix-exclusive-for-judgejulesarchivecouk/ Veteran member and Moderator, Aza, has also compiled a simply outstanding extra-extra-special complimentary mix including some of those tracks that didn't make it: http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archives/board/index.php?/topic/9535-aza-presents-jja-10-year-anniversary-mix/ Enjoy both mixes and a very Happy Christmas to everybody from JJA
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    Nothing better than reading people's long searches for sets and then finding them in our archives. Enjoy! SpinDoc - the 2 hour studio mastermix (subbing in for Jules) by Ferry Corsten is here - one of my favourite mixes ever: http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archives/board/index.php?/topic/3356-2000-03-10-ferry-corsten-mix-covering-for-judge-jules-studio-session/
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    Yes, he definitely played ' RBA - No Alternative'. I was lucky enough to frequent this event myself Brilliant Night that had Mario Piu and Mauro Picotto also on the line-up.
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    File Name: Essential Selection - Pete Tong, Best of 1995 File Submitter: Chewbains File Submitted: 12 Oct 2010 File Updated: 05 Feb 2011 File Category: Miscellaneous Audio Remnant on tape of what seems a relativley tame run down of the best dance tracks of '95. (Complete with the news) Class tracks in their day though. 6: DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - 'Access' [Ffrreedom] -- BBC News -- 5: Grace - 'Not Over Yet' (B.T.'s Spirit Of Grace) [Perfecto] 4: Everything But The Girl - 'Missing' (Todd Terry Mix) [blanco Y Negro] 3: Crescendo - 'Are You Out There' [FFRR] 2: D'Lacy - 'Hideaway' (Deep Dish Remix) [slip 'n' Slide] 1: Josh Wink - 'Higher State of Conscieousness' [Manifesto] Click here to download this file