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    No chance in hell is it "and it's friday, let's party" - I just cant hear that at all, lol, give that guy a slap!
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    This was part of of a back to back with John Digweed, who's set is pretty good too. Tracklist for the second half if anyone is interested. Should be quite easy to find online, noting that just the Jules half is in the archive. John Digweed 01. Ocean Wave - Velvet 02. Dolls Head - It's Over, It's Under (Brothers In Rhythm Club Mix) 03. Slacker - Psychout 04. Sasha - Rabbitweed 05. Paul van Dyk - Avenue 06. Amoeba Assassin - Rollercoaster (Oakeys Courtyard Mix) 07. Pablo Gargano - Farringdon 08. Mirage - Syrus 09. Return Of The Native - The Lost Tale
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    2000-06-30 - Judge Jules, Lush, Kellys, Port Rush, Northern Ireland View File BBC Radio 1 Friday, 30th June, 2000 9:00pm -11:00pm Live from Lush at Port Rush, Northern Ireland 01. Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - 'Silence' (DJ Tiësto Remix) [Nettwerk] 02. DJ Scot Project - 'F (Future Is Now)' [Overdose] 03. DJ Fubar - 'The Love Parade' [Planet Dance] 04. Oliver Klein - 'Rheinkraft' (Original Mix) [b Sides] 05. Zombie Nation - 'Kernkraft 400' (DJ Gius Mix) [Transk] 06. Storm - 'Time To Burn' [Data] 07. Mabel - 'Disco Disco' (Nick Sentience Remix) [Positiva] 08. Matt Darey pres. Marcella Woods - 'Beautiful' [incentive] 09. Out Of Grace - 'Anglia' (Plug N Play Remix) [Free For All] 10. Sons Of Piru - 'Impure Thoughts' [Evil Deception] 11. Hi-Gate - 'I Can Hear Voices' (Schizophrenic Mix) [incentive] 12. Champion Burns - 'Bat Train' [suck Discs] 13. Hi-Gate - 'Work It Out' [incentive] 14. The Shrink - '2nd Opinion' (Non Vox Version) [Nutrition] 15. Feedback feat. Alena - 'Nova Symphony' [white label: NS 1] 16. Flickman - 'A.N.L.' [i:Am] 17. Da Hool - 'Eichelruck' (MG Remix 2) [Additive] 18. Blank & Jones - 'The Nightfly' (Pants & Corset Mix) [Kontor] 19. Agnelli & Nelson - 'Hudson Street' (Dark Now Mix) [Xtravaganza] 20. Hi-Gate - 'Caned & Unable' [incentive] 21. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label] Submitter FuzzY-LogiC Submitted 11/06/2007 Category 2000  
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    Hi, new to the site. Been listening to jj for prob around 25yrs, obviously clubbing days are over but still love the tunes. Ibiza was a firm favourite, judgement Sunday was usually on the first night we got there ive got loads of the essential mixes from years ago, back when Napster used to be decent. Does anyone have any of these live stream lockdown things he’s doing on download? I know they aren’t the same as the old stuff but still worth a listen
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    Lol I got it VBR 280kbps and I bought the CDs and soon will arrive to me
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    Haha no chance! Jules needs to make a global appeal, I’m gonna speak to Amanda and see if Jules will do it...
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    Hello does anyone know the track Name in between Charvoni and Green Velvet ? It’s a Spanish type tune with the excellent breakdown before it mixes in with Green Velvet. thanks.
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    That’s not the track he played in lush though mate
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    it's the same track as Exposure - Dreamscape
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    Final TL 01. Aeonism - 'Dreamcatcher' [Allusion] 02. Tiësto ft. BT - 'Love Comes Again' (Hardwell Rework) [Magik Musik] 03. Virtu - 'Elixir' [Plasmapool] 04. Mat Zo & Arty - 'Mozart' [Anjunabeats] 05. Modestep - 'To The Stars' (J&T Project Remix) [White Label] 06. Tristan D - 'Pacific Beach' [High Contrast] 07. Marcus Schossow - 'Las Vegas' [Spinnin'] 08. Vada - 'Fire In The Sky' (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) [Gauda] 09. Jochen Miller - 'Bamm' [High Contrast] 10. Kyau & Albert - 'Are You Fine?' (Arty Remix) [Euphonic] 11. Lana Del Ray - 'Video Games' (J&T Project Remix) [White Label] 12. Andrew Bayer - 'From The Earth' (Breakfast Remix) [Anjunabeats]
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    you could try emailing Jules - he also welcomes it - and sure he may be able to help oblige?
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    Good shout, but love the Hi-Gate remix, myself, personally
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    Been through some of the tunes under his aliases, but are missing some I can't find mp3 samples of. It does indeed sound like he could have been involved in this...
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    With second half ;) https://soundcloud.com/petelunn/judge-jules-09-10-1998
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    Amazing- just googling the incorrect Mishka remix- its by me- Jon Doe! Thats why you cant find it. It was so sad that it broke into three parts!
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    could it be this track Catcher ‎– Destiny Sunrise (2004) feats remixes by M.I.K.E
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    made tracklist from scratch found the audio by mistake.. verry good show it was never posted here tracklist and audio was missing have fun and help please
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    01. Amanda Ghost - 'Filthy Mind' (Boy George & Kinky Roland Trancesexual Mix) [Warner Bros] 02. Missy Misdemeanor Elliott Featuring MC Solaar - 'All'N My Grill' (Boy George & Kinky Roland Mix) [East West Promo] 03. Kinky Roland ‎– Born Funky (Gross National Product) 04. Floor Federation - 'Music For The Masses 2000' (Lisa Pin Up & Tomislav Suitcase Mix) [Club Class] 05. D.C. – Something I Feel (Progress Remix) (Club Class Recordings) 06. System Lush - 'Goin On!' [Red Parrot] Judge Jules 07. Fragma vs Coco - Toca's Miracle (DJ Vimto Bootleg) (White Label) 08. Hi-Gate - 'Pitchin'' [incentive] 09. Cascade - 'Transcend' (Transa Remix) [uG] 10. Starparty - 'I'm In Love' (Ferry Corsten & Robert Smit Remix) [incentive] 11. Agnelli & Nelson - 'Everyday' [Xtravaganza] 12. unknown - 'unknown' [white label] 13. York - 'The Awakening' (Quake Remix) [Manifesto] 14. Martay - 'Gimme All Your Lovin' 2000' (Encounters Space Chase Dub) [Riverhorse] 15. Binary Finary - '1999' (Gouryella Mix) [Positiva] Dave Pearce 16. Gouryella - 'Gorella' 17. Salt Tank - 'Dimension' (Salt Tank's Voice Of Reason Mix) [Hooj Choons] 18. Mauro Picotto - 'Lizard' (Tall Paul Remix) [Nukleuz] 19. Jimpy – What A Day (Progression Records) 20. DJ Jean - 'The Launch' [AM:PM] Live P.A. - Phats & Small 21. Phats & Small - 'Feel Good' [Multiply] 22. Phats & Small - 'Turn Around' [Multiply] Dave Pearce 23. Big Time Charlie - 'On The Run' (Big Ron Mix) [inferno] Carl Cox 24. DJ Dan Presents Needle Damage - 'That Zipper Track' (Needle Dubbage Mix) [ultimate Breaks Ltd] 25. Dave Angel - 'Body Punch Funk' [Rotation] 26. Rub A Dub - 'Goboune (White Label) 27. A Small Phat One - 'Music For Pushchairs' [Very Limited] 28. Carl Cox - 'Dr Funk' (Rhythm Masters Mix) [Edel] 29. Atomic Babies ‎– Cetch Da Monkey (Needle Damage Mix) (Cold Front) 30. Starfighter - 'Apache' (Original Mix) [Neo] 31. Le Voix Du Monde - Tribal Tunes (Deep Relief Mix) [Fresh Fruit] 32. Joey Beltram - 'Energy Flash' [R&S] 33. Studio 45 Presents Le Pamp Play Housse - 'I Like The Sounds' (The Unabomber Disco Tech Mix) [Definity] 34. Rhythm Masters - 'Psycho' [Dis-Funktional] 35. Basement Jaxx - 'Jump'N Shout' [XL] 36. Leftfield - 'Phat Planet' (Dave Clarke Mix) [Hard Hands] 37. Hi Tech Child* ‎– Taifun (Planet Vision)
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    I was there and consider that night the best set I have ever had the privilege to experience. Recently tried to take a walk down memory lane by seeking out some of the tracks and thanks to this set list, I’ve now done that. Old thread but still needed by this now 40 something ex ibiza regular. Massive thanks.
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    This was my first proper night out as an 18 year old - absolutely incredible night, one of the best ever. I was pretty much over Judge Jules' music by then but was in the main tent from early doors till end of Oakey and it was something else. Have got a few photos somewhere, might try and dig them out and upload if interested...
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    Update: 2019 01. Serious Danger - 'Deeper' [Fresh] 02. Da Hool - 'Meet Her At The Love Parade' (Dextrous Remix) [bonzai Italy] 03. Soundscape - 'Dubplate Culture' (JDS Remix) [satellite Records (UK)] 04. BBE - 'Desire' (Full Forces Club Mix) [Positiva] 05. Overcharge - 'Minds Are Changin'' (Wave Captain Remix) [Time Unlimited] 06. Camisra - 'Let Me Show You' [VC Recordings] 07. Brutal Bill Marquez - 'Sweat' (J&B's Mix) [Deeper Rekords NYC] 08. Gisele Jackson - 'Love Commandments' (Loop Da Loop Vocal Mix) [Manifesto] 09. Todd Terry presents Shannon - 'It's Over Love' (Loop Da Loop Mix) [Manifesto] 10. Trevor Reilly - 'Down With The Underground' (Judge Jules Mix) [Manifesto] 11. K Capone - 'Pain' [urban] 12. The Space Brothers - 'Forgiven (I Feel Your Love)' (Dub Vocal Mix) [Manifesto] 13. Da Hool - 'Bora Bora' [Manifesto] 14. PF Project - 'Choose Life' (JDS Vocal Remix) [Positiva] 15. Paul Janes / Amadeus Mozart - 'Gettin Hot (Un-Tidy Dubs Volume One)' [untidy Trax] 16. Afrowax ‎– English 101 (FR8 Mix) (Product 19 Record) 17. Morel Inc. - 'Are You Ready To Play The Game?' (Morels Groove Mix)[strictly Rhythm] 18. Lucid - 'I Can't Help Myself' [Delirious] 19. Limited Growth - 'No Fate' (Santini & Stephenson Remix) [bonzai Trance Progressive] 20. Energy 52 - 'Café Del Mar' (Three'N One Remix) [Hooj Choons] 21. In Dublo ‎– Red Sun (Flex Records) tracklist complete last tune played by jules as he played on his cassete unknown mixes before took me a while to id.
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    Why has a track that has nothing to do with this thread in any way been posted in this thread?!
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    Jules or some local Irish guv who isn't the least aware that people are still, 17 years later, looking under every little stone to ID his track
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    God Damn! I only came here to see what it was and it's still unknown - unknown...
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    No problem :thumbsup: It's a very good essential selection show with some defining tunes as well as a stunning live PA from Kosheen.
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    The only track still to be ID'd (track &) in Jules' fabulous set at the Temple Theatre, Dublin, downloadable here: http://www.judgejulesarchive.co.uk/archive...?showtopic=3125 Clip to be ID'd: id157.mp3
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    Guys I've inadvertingly identified this, I had a show on tape and it had a track listed that never got played by Jules, so I bought it on vinyl out of interest, and low and behold it's this! the track in question is:- Che-Gun vs Morley - Sunshine Day (Steve's Goin' All The Way Instrumental) [universal Music (UK)]
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    Couldn't agree more! Although anyone who has an INCredible vinyl pressing knows someone mixed up the labelling with Fatboy Slim's mix, which is not a patch on Jules' version!
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    My 18th birthday, what a night! Ice Factory packed to the rafters at 8:45pm The set he played after this once the live broadcast finished was even better. Michael Kilkie played a blinder too.