sounds like 1997 im still recovering all tracklists need to work on 1997 to i dont think its 1998


lirycs : this is a noise? ore this is my noise ?


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hi there,


I thought it was


:this is the voice


:this is the voice of your conscience




What do you think


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The percussion reminds me of Cosmic Grapa, could be another track on the same release?


See below



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hi burien


no, i emailed you at airscape@gmx.net


is that the right email?

if not what is your email?

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Description Hi everyone,

I use to always listen to judge jules when he was on Radio 1

There were many tracks that i wanted ID'd

I managed to ID many of them, this one i particularly liked but couldn't Id...

I need your help guys....

Help me ID this tune!
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