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  1. Have a look at this which echoes all these sentiments
  2. Thanks, mate As I recall, the mix with that track was Jules' 5th of 99, so much so he was crowned DJ of the year and given the Radio 1 turntables by all accounts. I was actually listening to it over recent times which lead me to feature a couple of tracks from it. N2F also mentioned 'Toca Me' in a post here; I had that track up my sleeve for this as it's purely timeless for me, but this mix and its tracks have many of the attributes mentioned in that thread and drove me to put this together. The next installment (Mix 1) will be put together imminently
  3. Homage to Aza's back-in-the day old skool influencers. Tracklist: Dial M for Moguai - Bang The Drum PT 2 (Original Mix) Mauro Picotto - Like This Like That (Megavoices Claxixx Mix) Fragma - Toca Me (Club Mix) York - On The Beach (Mauro Picotto' s CRW Remix) DJ Garry - Dream Universe (Red Square Mix) Warrior - Voodoo (Oliver Lieb Mix) Tomba Vira - The Sound Of 'Oh Yeah' (Oliver Klein Mix) Yves Deruyter - Back To Earth (Rave Mix) Rank 1 - Such Is Life feat. Shanokee (Deep Dub) DJ Elite - That Fuct Camera
  4. Hi all, I've an itch to scratch: reminiscing wanting to spin/mix some old skool trance music - another homage to Jules & all us here. I'd like to go something Ibiza'esque, but with tracks from Jules' era '99 - '2004 (or so) - as for me, those were the golden years. Can I have your choice here please, but please try to avoid anything commercial/mainstream that hasn't featured on some Ibiza mix album before Thought this may encourage a little activity on here whilst we're all locked down & provide some entertainment to keep us all together
  5. Veterans of the infamous JudgeJules Archive forum, Aza & Dan, have combined forces to record a high energy retrospective mix in homage to Judge Jules and Eddie Halliwell. Jules had a 25-year career span at Radio 1 becoming one of the most iconic names in dance music. Debuting on the world-famous Essential Mix in 1994 he later became a full time presenter in 1997 with the "Saturday Warm Up". Quickly establishing himself as a "gateway DJ", Jules drew in audiences by reflecting current clubland trends before expanding their musical horizons with the introduction of wider influence
  6. you could try emailing Jules - he also welcomes it - and sure he may be able to help oblige?
  7. Just listened to this again today. what a set, what a tracklist, that is something special. Jules knows his records, indeed, just like he got caught to become a famous, he plays the right tracks to the right people, and this here for us, is a damn right special mix.
  8. Stumbled on this after some recent reminiscing. It is very quiet here these days, I'm a veteran to this site, as I know some others are... Just to say Jules single handedly got me into my biggest all time hobby & he does still have a special place in my heart. Times change, things move on, but he, indeed, knew how to smash out a good tune.
  9. I've begged Jules over the years for this, but I don't think he has a digital copy & can't locate his vinyl...
  10. Thank you for the upload and sharing this show, too - made my day!
  11. Came back here just for this segement: 2002, wow! Eddie has 24 then... And what legend in the making... I really think Jules helped him get established on the scene. Such a great interview, can tell how shy poor Eddie was... But a great show this, esp having in the studio with Jules. 1 year later he'd go on to the one of the most legendary Essential Mix's, ever. I still listen to that...
  12. Good shout, but love the Hi-Gate remix, myself, personally
  13. Watching these... His mixing style seems to have totally changed... Doesn't look like 'DJ' mixing.
  14. great set this, really good mixing - and like your own track at the end to finish off with :)
  15. Little bit of a 'lockdown/COVID-19' special... Brand new installment from Aza - packing together two-fine hours of Progressive / Melodic House & Techno - featuring tracks from today, yesterday & tomorrow: 1. Farshad Kay - Xo (Original Mix) 2. Opus3 - Fine Night (Cristoph's Private Edit) 3. Stan Kolev - Listen (Austin Pettit Remix) 4. Sabb - Jeopardized (Emanuel Satie Remix) 5. Jeremy Olander - Nattuggla 6. Boy Bianchi - Fireworks (Joris Voorn Remix) 7. Matisse & Sadko - Melodicca 8. Fehrplay - Latch 9. Jeremy Olander - Shogun (Original Mix)