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  1. you could try emailing Jules - he also welcomes it - and sure he may be able to help oblige?
  2. Just listened to this again today. what a set, what a tracklist, that is something special. Jules knows his records, indeed, just like he got caught to become a famous, he plays the right tracks to the right people, and this here for us, is a damn right special mix.
  3. Stumbled on this after some recent reminiscing. It is very quiet here these days, I'm a veteran to this site, as I know some others are... Just to say Jules single handedly got me into my biggest all time hobby & he does still have a special place in my heart. Times change, things move on, but he, indeed, knew how to smash out a good tune.
  4. I've begged Jules over the years for this, but I don't think he has a digital copy & can't locate his vinyl...
  5. Thank you for the upload and sharing this show, too - made my day!
  6. Came back here just for this segement: 2002, wow! Eddie has 24 then... And what legend in the making... I really think Jules helped him get established on the scene. Such a great interview, can tell how shy poor Eddie was... But a great show this, esp having in the studio with Jules. 1 year later he'd go on to the one of the most legendary Essential Mix's, ever. I still listen to that...
  7. Good shout, but love the Hi-Gate remix, myself, personally
  8. Watching these... His mixing style seems to have totally changed... Doesn't look like 'DJ' mixing.
  9. great set this, really good mixing - and like your own track at the end to finish off with :)
  10. Little bit of a 'lockdown/COVID-19' special... Brand new installment from Aza - packing together two-fine hours of Progressive / Melodic House & Techno - featuring tracks from today, yesterday & tomorrow: 1. Farshad Kay - Xo (Original Mix) 2. Opus3 - Fine Night (Cristoph's Private Edit) 3. Stan Kolev - Listen (Austin Pettit Remix) 4. Sabb - Jeopardized (Emanuel Satie Remix) 5. Jeremy Olander - Nattuggla 6. Boy Bianchi - Fireworks (Joris Voorn Remix) 7. Matisse & Sadko - Melodicca 8. Fehrplay - Latch 9. Jeremy Olander - Shogun (Original Mix) 10. Cristoph, Jem Cooke - Slowly Burning (Original Mix) 11. Lane 8 - The Rope feat. POLIÇA (Anderholm Remix) 12. Pryda - The Gift (EPIC Mix) [COVID-19 Free giveaway] 13. Jeremy Olander - Kailash (Original Mix) 14. Pryda - The Escort 15. Pryda - Dawn (Original Mix) 16. ARTBAT - Upperground (Original Mix) 17. Paul Thomas, White-Akre - Vyote (Grum Extended Remix) 18. CASSIMM - Dances with Wolves (Chus & Ceballos Remix) 19. OC & Verde - Korowai (Original Mix) 20. Cristoph - Sleepless Nights (Original Mix) 21. Maceo Plex - Mutant Robotics (Original Mix) 22. Pryda - Star Bugs 23. The Temper Trap, Cristoph - Sweet Disposition (Original Mix) 24. Circle of Life - Astral Orchestra (Original Mix) 25. Jeremy Olander - Gansvoort 26. 1979 - Wales 27. Pig&Dan - Bulgaria (Original Mix) 28. Carl Dern - Eyes Up 29. Jeremy Olander - Docks (Original Mix) 30. Stan Kolev - Adagio (Original Mix)
  11. This was quality - really, really decent gesture of Jules. Full of positive vibes, and so good for him to go right back to near where it all began. Still good to see the mixing is good here, and love how animated he always is behind (the domestic) DJ booth.
  12. Live recording of Aza's 75min set from Cardiff, 29th June 2019; progressive house & techno sprinkled with personal faves/classics: Cristoph & Camelphat - Breathe (Eric Prydz Remix) Cristoph - The Duel (Original Mix) Jeremy Olander - Jackie (Original Mix) Thomas Schumacher - Golden Hour Transcode - Rotation (OC & Verde Remix) Mat Zo - See It When I Believe It Pryda - Rotonda (Original Mix) Grum - Shout (Extended Mix) Alan Fitzpatrick & Wheats - M27 (Original Mix) Konrad (Italy) - Move Your Body (Original Mix) Cirez D - In The Reds (Original Mix) Pryda - Lillo (Original Mix) Underworld - Born Slip (KUSP Edit) Bastian Bux - Different Man Gary Burrows - Something You Need (Original Mix) Sander Van Doorn - Apologize Robert Miles - Children (Victor Ruiz Tribute Mix)
  13. Here's my live recording from a recent gig in Cardiff - thought would share here for those who might want to take a listen - packed with loads of flavors, energy & some sweet tracks Tracklist: Eric Prydz - 2Night (Original Mix) Mat Zo - Meaning Lost All Words (Original Mix) Jeremy Olander - Riots (Original Mix) Liam O'Connol - Daft Blue (Aza Edit) Jansons - Technology (Alternative Version) Wheats - U N I (Original Mix) Signum - What Ya Got For Me (Decor & Dean Kiely Remix) Three Drives On A Vinyl - Greece 2000 (THNK Extended Remix) Opus 3 - Fine Night (Cristoph Private Remix) Cristoph - Feel (Original Mix) Felix Da Housecat - Thee Anthem (Eric Prydz Remix) Eric Prydz - We Are Mirage Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now (Mixin Marc Remix) Cirez D vs. Green Velvet & Harvard Bass - On Off vs. Lazer Beams Nitzer Ebb - Murderous (Phil Kieran Remix) Joey Beltram - Slice 2010 (Carl Cox Rerub) Egbert - Haasten (10 JAAR LIVE Remix) Coyu - Running In Circles (Coyu Raw Mix) Dense & Pika, Melody's Enemy - From Nothing (Perc Remix) Renato Cohen - Pontape 2013 Remake (Original Mix) Rudosa - Equanimity (Original Mix) Umek - Gatex (Timmo Rework)
  14. Hey man, thanks - hoping this would also catch your eye. Love to hear your thoughts & what you think..? :)
  15. Flame (1) - Mixed by Aza New Techno mix from late 2018 / early 2019 - part 1 of a cheeky 2 part installment. Incorporating productions and featured tracks from DJ's alongside Aza at the last Ascend gig in Cardiff. Tracklist: Green Velvet - Flash (Eats Everything Remix) Egbert - Haasten (10 JAAR LIVE Remix) Spektre - Retrograde (Original Mix) Liam O'Connol - Slam (Original Mix) Wehbba - Just (Original Mix) Marco Bailey - Hasai (Marco Bailey Violet Electric Mix) Jon Hopkins - Singularity (ANNA Remix) Layton Giordani - New York to Amsterdam (Original Mix) Koen Groeneveld - Neo (Original Mix) Bedrock - Heaven Scent (OC & Verde Remix) Alberto Ruiz - Yin – Yang (Original Stick) Pig&Dan - Reset Your Bassline (Original Mix) Metodi Hristov - Intergalactic (Original Mix) ANNA - When I Am Only a Dream (Original Mix) Cirez D - Dare U (Original Mix) Frank Biazzi - Siren (Original Mix) Charlotte de Witte - Kuda (Original Mix) Thomas Schumacher - Embody (Original Mix) Grilled (2) - Mixed by Aza Follow up techno mix from late 2018 / early 2019 - the second of a two-part cheeky 2 techno installment. Tracklist: 99LETTERS - Lazer Beam (Len Faki Hardspace Mix) UMEK - Environs (Original Mix) Spektre - Back Into Consciousness Cosmic Boys - Mirage (Original Mix) Nitzer Ebb - Murderous (Phil Kieran Remix) Amelie Lens - Basiel (Original Mix) Arjun Vagale - Distressor (Original Mix) Coyu - Running In Circles (Coyu Raw Mix) Filterheadz - Hyperdrive (Barbuto Remix) Teenage Mutants - Future (Gallya Remix) Dense & Pika, Melody's Enemy - From Nothing (Perc Remix) Raito - Caustic (Original Mix) Cirez D - The Glitch (Original Mix) Charlotte de Witte - Remember (Original Mix) The Reason Y - Amalthea (Kevin De Vries Remix) Rick Dyno - Gone Insane Mario Ochoa - Strobe (Original Mix) Coyu, Green Velvet - The Last Generation (Original Mix) Regal (ES) - Fenix (Amelie Lens Remix) Ilario Alicante - Cocoon (Original Mix) Roberto Capuano - So You Want It (Original Mix) Thomas Schumacher - Reversal (Original Mix) Sam Paganini - Pulse (Original Mix)
  16. V.good - quite pumping! Coincidentally I've picked up a few of the tracks off the list there too, particularly love the ' Raito "Caustic"' track, in fact, a lot of the Suara techno stuff! Weska, Bastian Bux & Gary Beck How come you've changed your alias?
  17. Beautiful Progressive & Melodic House & Techno vibes with this 'complimentary' mix installment from Aza to enjoy for most occasions: 01. Lane 8 - No Captain feat. Polica (Anderholm Remix) 02. Ben Bohmer - Sonnenallee 03. Sasha - Smoke Monk (Original Mix) 04. Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp (Maceo Plex Edit) 05. Jeremy Olander - Zanzibar (Sthlm Edit) 06. Kolsch & Tiga - Hal (Original Mix) 07. Booka Shade - Night Surfing (Original Mix) 08. Tim Engelhardt - Sawtooth Orchestra 09. Ezequiel Arias - Airwave (Original Mix) 10. Tom Novy & Milkwish - Dream Catcher 11. N'to - Starlings (Henry Saiz Remix) 12. Fehrplay - Roma 13. Betoko & Marc DePulse - Something Spacial (Original Mix) 14. Cristoph - Voice of Silence
  18. One of my biggest dedications to one of the industries most influential, prolific & iconic artists, Eric Prydz. Even back in the day with my Trance & Techno sets, I used to spin a lot of Prydz, Pryda & Cirez D tracks. Nowadays, being more into my Prog House, House & Techno stuff felt been compelled to put this together. Choosing 40 tracks, in a nutshell was conceding to the fact I couldn't nail it to 30; 30 was gonna be 10 for each alias (consciously omitting Tonja Holma)... So given here in the UK there's 'Top 40 Chart', it's on that basis, except tracks aren't in any particular order - & limited to what tracks I have. Have gone for moving around the Camelot wheel as best as possible, and so without further ado, here goes... If you get chance hope you can check it out and & open to your feedback Tracklist Cirez D - Re-Match Cirez D - Mokba Pryda - Waves Pryda - Night Breed Eric Prydz vs. Chvrches - Tether (Original Mix) Pryda - T.I.D. Pryda - Choo Cirez D - The Accuser Cirez D - Glow Cirez D - Mouseville Theme Cirez D - In The Reds Eric Prydz - Trubble Pryda - Lillo Eric Prydz - 2Night Pryda - Juletider Eric Prydz - Last Dragon Eric Prydz - Collider Eric Prydz - Liberate Eric Prydz - Every Day Pryda - The Truth Pryda - Layers Cirez D - Teaser Pryda - Rotonda Pryda - Rebel XX Pryda - Emos Pryda - Nile Eric Pyrdz - Som Sas Eric Prydz - Black Dyce Pryda - Origins Cirez D - Ruby Pryda - M.S.B.O.Y. (Original Mix) Pryda - Mirage (Original Mix) Eric Prydz - Niton (Original Mix) Eric Prydz - The Matrix (Original Mix) M83 - Midnight City (Eric Prydz Private Mix) Cirez D - Drums In The Deep (Original Mix) Prydz - Axis Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Eric Prydz Remix) Eric Prydz - Opus (Four Tet Remix) Cirez D - On Off vs. Lazer Beams (Private Mash-up)
  19. Thanks, both. Any feedback appreciated... Tom, your techno podcasts have consistently been solid, amazing & faultless. And you've been doing so for as long we were with trance as it times started to change. I moved onto Prog House, still have big place in the heart for that. Now it's Prog, Tech House & Techno. I've matured to these partly because of times and the current scene. I've also teamed up with someone and we run our own night in South Wales.
  20. Put this together a few weeks ago, next instalment in the series, & thought would share here for your aural pleasures & entertainment: 01. Marco Bailey - Acid Dragon 02. Alex Danilov - Inside (Len Faki Hardspace Remix) 03. Charlotte De Witte - This 04. Mauro Picotto - New Time New Place 2018 05. Pig&Dan - Cryptic 06. Wehbba - Protocol 07. Bart Skils - Ocean Drive 08. Amelie Lens - In Silence 09. Alex Stein - The Arrival 10. Hidden Empire - Black Beauty 11. Dast (Italy) - Romeo Code 12. Lutzenkitchen - Radium (George Makrakis Remix) 13. The Lizard Man - Claxxix (Picotto Megamix)
  21. Have been feeling a little trance sentimental recently and reminisicing over certain classics from years gone by. The idea was also borne out of this and wanted to dig this out to share with you to pay homage to this site and its milestone 10th anniversary; quite remarkable how much work has gone in to establish, build and maintain a massive fan-base of work and following. And so here's to all who been part of this community and those who've shared many great times over the year's. Hope you enjoy this mix and think back to all those good days of how we got in to the music, Judge Jules himself - and those magnificent Radio 1 shows, and generally an amazing following/discussions here: Tracklist: 01. Tomcraft - Lonliness (Klub Mix) [Captivating] 02. Josh Wink & Lil Louis - How's Your Evening So Far? (UK 12") [FFRR] 03. Steve Murano - Bootleg Beats Volume 2 (Original Mix) [White] 04. Joy Kitikonti - Joy Don't Stop (Freaky Mix) [BXR] 05. Paul Masterson Presents Sushi - The Earthshaker (Original Mix) [NuLife] 06. Hi-Gate - Pitchin' (Celine Diablo Remix) [Incentive] 07. Judge Jules - Keep Me Running (Original Mix) [Maelstrom] 08. Fabio Stein - Tran-4 (Original Mix) [Maelstrom] 09. Jan Loper - I Can't Stop (Original Mix) [Xtravaganza] 10. Jurgen Vries - The Theme (Original Mix) [Direction] 11. Mudblood - Flaming June 04 [Mudblood] 12. Aza - Spectrum (Live Pioneering Mix: Briggsy Edit) [White] 13. Warrior - If You Want Me (Original Mix) [Incentive] 14. Kristine Blond - Loveshy (Electrique Boutique Mix) [Relentless] 15. Starparty - Im In Love (Ferry Corsten & Robert Smit Remix) [Incentive] 16. System F - System F - Out Of The Blue (Violin Edit) [Premier] 17. Darren Tate - Now We Are Free (Gladiator Theme 2004) [White] 18. Lange & Andy Moor - Stadium Four (Original Mix) [AVA] 19. Mat Zo - The Lost [Anjunabeats] 20. Way Out West Featuring Miss Joanna Law - The Gift (Club Mix) [Deconstruction] 21. Jorio Featuring Cyberdiva - Remember Me (Space Brothers Remix) [Wonderboy] 22. Blank & Jones - Cream (ATB Mix) [Soundcolours] 23. Mr. Sam vs. Fred Baker pres. As One - Forever Waiting (Original Mix) [Magik Muzik] 24. Mauro Damagio - Im Damaged (Lizarazu Mix) [White] 25. Marco V - Solarize (Original Mix) [ID&T] 26. Lange Feat. Skye - Drifting Away (Lange's Sunset Dub) [VC] 27. Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth (Liquid Overdose Remix) [Bonzai] 28. Marc Dawn - Expander (Flutlicht Remix) [Logport] 29. Solar Factor - No Return [Progrez] 30. Reysan Khan - Shi-du 2000 (VOODI Remix) [JOOF] 31. DJ Bismark - Primitive Love (Club Mix) [BXR] 32. Joman - Raggattak (Mario Piu Mix) [BXR]
  22. Especially for you
  23. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on them... Cheers