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  1. Sy5gtt

    Mardi Gras 2001

    Does anyone have this as a download?
  2. Sy5gtt

    Selling Records.

    No Problem Jas. I won't be using Discog's as there are far too many records already on there and it will take me years to get rid of mine. I think in packs of 10 e-bay and local free ad's would be a good start.
  3. Sy5gtt

    Selling Records.

    Ok the big sort out is this weekend. I have decided to put the records in to batches of 10's. If it's ok with the mod's on here I'll let you guy's have first dib's. Also have 1210's and a mixer that may be for sale. :thumbsup:
  4. Sy5gtt

    Selling Records.

    Not too far at all mate. I am working till 2pm everyday this week. If the records sell individually I'll be wanting £4 each. Would rather sell the lot as a collection or 2.
  5. Sy5gtt

    Selling Records.

    Funfair is by Force and Styles and I have that. I have the remixes of Now is the time. Your right Scott Brown. I have the 96 remixes.
  6. Sy5gtt

    Selling Records.

    Ok here is the House/trance. 175 of these. Including - Rikki de clerck - sunrise Members of Mayday - 10 in 1 Uburdruk - Drugface (picture disc) Yomanda Electro Heads - no sleep Laurant Wolf - together Zee - Never in a million years (2x12") Len Faki - the way you like it Nicolass - In your eyes Push - Strange world (2x12") Crydon dub heads - your lying Marco Bailey Darude - Feel the beat Higate - Work it out/voices - 1 sided promo of hurricane Sunsonic - private room Joy Kitakonti
  7. Sy5gtt

    Selling Records.

    I have I need your loving. It's on the B side of Silk cut's 3 and is a corker. I have a record by triple J called Have it all? I have Now is the time (I think).
  8. Sy5gtt

    Selling Records.

    Ok. Happy Hardcore. A total of 170 records. Some of which are doubles so is actually more than 170. These include. Silk Cuts 10" - 3,4,6 and 9 Force and styles - Pretty Green eyes, funfair etc DHSS - Grey,green and orange Bang - Shooting Star, Cloudy Dayz JHAL Demo Vinylgroover Dougal - steamtrain (original hopscotch), love of my life Low Noise and Theo - Stars Paul Elstak Seduction. As you can imagine far too many to list. Most are anthems from the mid to late 90's and took me ages to collect.
  9. Sy5gtt

    Selling Records.

    Chippenham. 30 mins from Warminster. I'll dig them out now and get some sort of list and pics.
  10. Sy5gtt

    Selling Records.

    Jason I'll have a look. May have the Sharkey one. I'll have a quick look through this evening. Number 2. I'll have to count them up. I'd rather sell in bundles to save as you say posting one by one. I'm in Wiltshire.
  11. Sy5gtt

    Selling Records.

    I'll try and get some sort of list together Jason. Anything your after in particular?
  12. Sy5gtt

    Selling Records.

    Good Idea. Thanks Mate.
  13. Sy5gtt

    Selling Records.

    I want to get rid of my record collection. I have around 100 of 1999 - 2001 Jules and Dave Pearce stuff. Ideally they should all go together. Also around 100 Happy Hardcore records from 1995 - 1999. Any tips on where to advertise and price I should be asking? Really can't be assed with selling them one by one on E-bay. Cheers. Sy.
  14. Sy5gtt

    2 Tracks from Nov - Dec 99

    Yeah good job. Is there anywhere else to download it? Just tried downloading it. It took my money but no track was downloaded...... :wall: