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  1. Cant believe I spent so long thinking this was recorded at is mentioned several times. No idea how I didn't hear it for years, as I played this tape a lot as well!, Guess I just wasn't listening to Jules! haha
  2. Gregg

    Hiya all

    Hey everyone, been a while since I was on here actively. Hope you're all good. Been listening back to old Jules shows marathon-style in my car recently, most of which came from this site, so just thought I'd drop in and see how the site is doing. Yes, its Saturday morning and a little on the late side to be visiting, but I've just downloaded the JJ charity mix, which is pretty special i must say. Starfighter coming in as I type this! :thumbsup:
  3. Made a couple of ID's to the OP. Some tunes date back to 95, whereas the most recent I've spotted was released in March 2000 according to Discogs. Not entirely sure this is the same Judge Jules playing this set after hearing a few voiceovers whilst ID spotting. Some French DJ called Jules maybe?
  4. Hi everyone, first time on the board for a while and I spot this thread! excellent to see Jules back on radio 1, i thought we'd never see him again on radio 1. hopefully he will be on some form, classics or current!
  5. Excellent Tim! I had this on tape ages ago, but seem to remember wiping it when I was tapeless for some reason. Pretty sure another Jules set wound up on it, but I've been waiting a long time for someone to upload this, thanks in advance!
  6. Matt Hardwick did 'Future Classics' at a Crasher Sheffield night in April 2006 and it was heavily promoted on the advertising. I must say I had no idea that Crasher had promoted Red and Black to feature new material as well, if I'd have known it was not going to happen, I might not have been so baffled and so gutted when Jules played like he did. Laid Bare made an appearance towards the end of his set and I never get bored of hearing that. I haven't heard it in a while either, so I have to say one or two tunes were welcome. :-) Half of the stuff Jules played wasn't even new trance though, just filth/trouse and didn't really fit well in between TP & Seb's set and Scott Bond's. His DJ Poll position doesn't surprise me at all, I'd put money on him leaving the chart altogether unless he starts playing for the real clubbers again and not the boozers. Speaking of which, there were quite a few people on the dancefloor for Julesy, and to be fair to him, it was clear people were only there for Jules when he came off...he certainly does still pack them in!
  7. Did Solarstone play then? I thought it was Signum that came on after. As they were all running slightly late, I thought Solarstone had pulled out. Would explain why one of Solarstone's most recent productions was played straight after Scott Bond, but I left then anyway as I was getting tired.