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  1. Cant believe I spent so long thinking this was recorded at is mentioned several times. No idea how I didn't hear it for years, as I played this tape a lot as well!, Guess I just wasn't listening to Jules! haha
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    Hiya all

    Hey everyone, been a while since I was on here actively. Hope you're all good. Been listening back to old Jules shows marathon-style in my car recently, most of which came from this site, so just thought I'd drop in and see how the site is doing. Yes, its Saturday morning and a little on the late side to be visiting, but I've just downloaded the JJ charity mix, which is pretty special i must say. Starfighter coming in as I type this! :thumbsup:
  3. Made a couple of ID's to the OP. Some tunes date back to 95, whereas the most recent I've spotted was released in March 2000 according to Discogs. Not entirely sure this is the same Judge Jules playing this set after hearing a few voiceovers whilst ID spotting. Some French DJ called Jules maybe?
  4. Hi everyone, first time on the board for a while and I spot this thread! excellent to see Jules back on radio 1, i thought we'd never see him again on radio 1. hopefully he will be on some form, classics or current!
  5. Excellent Tim! I had this on tape ages ago, but seem to remember wiping it when I was tapeless for some reason. Pretty sure another Jules set wound up on it, but I've been waiting a long time for someone to upload this, thanks in advance!
  6. Matt Hardwick did 'Future Classics' at a Crasher Sheffield night in April 2006 and it was heavily promoted on the advertising. I must say I had no idea that Crasher had promoted Red and Black to feature new material as well, if I'd have known it was not going to happen, I might not have been so baffled and so gutted when Jules played like he did. Laid Bare made an appearance towards the end of his set and I never get bored of hearing that. I haven't heard it in a while either, so I have to say one or two tunes were welcome. :-) Half of the stuff Jules played wasn't even new trance though, just filth/trouse and didn't really fit well in between TP & Seb's set and Scott Bond's. His DJ Poll position doesn't surprise me at all, I'd put money on him leaving the chart altogether unless he starts playing for the real clubbers again and not the boozers. Speaking of which, there were quite a few people on the dancefloor for Julesy, and to be fair to him, it was clear people were only there for Jules when he came off...he certainly does still pack them in!
  7. Did Solarstone play then? I thought it was Signum that came on after. As they were all running slightly late, I thought Solarstone had pulled out. Would explain why one of Solarstone's most recent productions was played straight after Scott Bond, but I left then anyway as I was getting tired.
  8. So....big things expected from the Judge with a slight expectation that it could all go horribly wrong...which way did the scales tip? Well, after a great set by Tall Paul & Seb Fontaine b2b, they handed over to Jules and he looked to be in good spirits. What followed next was just pure embarrassment I'm sad to say. Considering it was a Red & Black night, Jules played for about half an hour without playing anything from the era, instead playing a load of stuff I've never heard of that certainly wouldn't be considered a true 'Crasher Classic' - I can only assume these productions were his latest efforts in the studio and not good ones to say the least. First sign of a classic was Ratty Sunrise and he only played half of that, before mixing it out and playing again, something that just wasn't suitable....Finally he started playing a few of the older tracks, but still picked a poor selection considering the amount of awesome tunes that Jules has cued up over the years. Even then, he was still mixing old and new stuff, so wasn't really consistent. Has anybody mentioned the 'Somebody screeeam!' samples really do NOT work? I'm sure they have. If you're reading this Jules, and I hope by some miracle you are and take onboard this post, those samples do not work over classics or new material. In fact, they sound bloody awful and you are embarrassing yourself. Stick to your trumpet if you must. No DJ should be getting booed at a classics night, but I certainly heard a few when Jules finished. Scott Bond took over the headphones and he was certainly welcome considering his promise of not playing anything outside of the 98-99 era and the abomination of a set Jules had just made us sit though, he tore the place apart with pure classic after classic after classic. In fact, I'd go so far to say it's the only true Red and Black set I've heard over the years. It really does make you think, is it time to hang up the headphones when you can't even string a decent classics set together? Especially when you are booked at a club based on the fact that you helped make all those tunes classics? I really am lost for words as I haven't seen the Judge's normal sets recently, but I really don't think I'll bother again if last night's set reflects his material now. I genuinely think now he's just taking the piss and is quite happy to run his career into the ground. Oh, I suppose I could mention he didn't really trainwreck any mixes, but the whole set was a complete trainwreck IMHO. Jules has always been one of if not my favourite DJ of all time, but this is the last time I'll mention that...he's making ME look foolish.
  9. Someone I was clubbing with a few years ago, had as much of his vinyl signed by as many as he could (he used to take record bags along to clubs with him and his vinyl collection is pretty impressive I have to say). Never was a fan of signing records though. Just big permanent marker squiggles ruin the look of the record for me. I had a Judgment Sunday poster signed when I met Jules for a signing session at the preclub bar for Judgment in Ibiza, along with Eddie Halliwell's and Sander van Doorn's, I got a picture with Jules and SvD's but that's about it for anything personal from Jules for me.
  10. Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you all have a great Xmas....I've currently got live @ Godskitchen 19/05/2000 blasting out so as you can imagine, it's definitely partytime in my house! haha :oddcake:
  11. Rockafellers - Da Boss Track Termination Source - Poing 98 Vengaboys - Up and Down Wouldn't be fussed about Vengaboys appearing on the Essential Mix, but I bet their success was partly due to Jules's airplay of Up and Down.
  12. I've been trying to find my video of it as it was at my parents house, but I've not been able to find it and not seen it for years now. This was recorded through the audio outs of the Nicam VHS recording>MD>MP3, but as I ripped it years ago now, I should try ripping again and using a better mp3 codec. I don't think there's much I can do about the monitors/speakers issue, this is just how it was broadcast. I've still got the MD I recorded from the VHS of the set, so will give it a try soon and post up if I can get a better sound.
  13. I said something similar on FB...get someone who's never played out properly up the list and then 'retire' from DJing when they place in the chart! lol
  14. Like Tom, I've not bothered voting in the last few years...the DJ's who deserve to be in there rarely place as high as they should. It does highlight the 'state of trance' today though...they've all dropped quite considerably to make way for commercial bollocks like Guetta. Above & Beyond can barely call themselves dance music these days, more like chill out music they're so slow! You can f*** right off if Boy George is a better DJ than J00F and Jon O'Bir...and how did Gash Berlin get so high? Martin Solvieg said Hello and gets to number 29? wtf?
  15. Windoze, even 7, is a shockingly bad operating system really, what with all the virii, malware, defragging, patches and clean ups required. I work in IT too, I've found free programs like malwarebytes' antimalware, microsoft security essentials work well for identifying and eliminating any nasties. CCleaner clears out all those temporary files which somehow become permanent and clog up your drive and getting rid of programs that don't uninstall on occasion. Smart Defrag is useful for defragging your drive when it's sitting idle too, although has become annoying with its nagging update reminders (for me anyway).
  16. 1998 for me as well. ties in with only just having discovered jules' sound (slinky's 1st birthday set in april 1998), and my first trip to ibiza a few weeks later. it pretty much sums up my holiday really as that tape got seriously overplayed! lol
  17. ID'd first track as ROOS Instant Moments Marino Stephano Happy Mix