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  1. Hi there Will

    The unknown tracks forum doesnt exist now and is instead Tracker driven, that's why you couldnt create a thread, you have to create a tracker entry instead.

    Second Track = Signum - First Strike, I think. Deffo a Signum track or it might be under the "Ron Hagen & Pascal M" monicker.

    Third Track = Cant remember the name

    Fourth Track = Floyd - Come Together

    It's Signum - Solar Level.

    Cheers Simcut :thumbsup:

  2. I had Binary Finary in my head, how frustrating!

    So long time still no ID !!!

    Yep it also has the same bassline as 'Binary Finary' The Ferry Corsten mix no less.

    All the evidence seems to be pointing at Ferry Corsten as been the one responsible for this little gem :rolleyes:

    Any ideas? Anyone?

  3. this is indeed in the archives... will upload in a sec.

    Neuro: btw, credits go to 'will' as he was the original uploader of both the 1999 and 2000 Homeland sets from Ireland.

    Cheers for that Fuzzy. I found the last record on vinyl the artist was Minky - 'the weekend has landed'

    Still cant get an ID on that unknown :rolleyes:

  4. 1999-09-25 - Judge Jules, Homelands, Ireland

    View File

    Live from the 2fm Lush Arena, Homelands

    Broadcasted on RTE 2FM Ireland

    Saturday, 3.30pm - 4.25pm


    01. Funky G - 'K-Sera' (Paul Masterson Instrumental Club Mix) [EastWest]

    02. Perfect Phase - 'Horny Horns' (Club Mix) [Positiva]

    03. Golden Girls - 'Kinetic '99' (Commie's Mix) [Distinct'ive]

    04. Hi-Gate - 'Pitchin' [incentive]

    05. Mr. Spring - 'Profondo Rosso' [spring]

    06. Hi-Gate - 'Caned & Unable' [incentive]

    07. Mauro Picotto - 'Lizard' (Claxixx Mix) [Nukleuz]

    08. Atlantis - 'Outland' [2 Die 4]

    09. Spoiled & Zigo - 'More & More' (Instrumental) [Manifesto]

    10. York - 'The Awakening' (Quake Remix) [Manifesto]

    11. Minky - 'The Weekend Has Landed' (Original Klub Mix) [Offbeat Productions]


  5. I have about 12 different mixes of Lightforce - Join Me on vinyl and the closest mix to this is the 'Dave London' mix and it still sounds nothing like this one. I think the mix Scott Bond played is by far the best, even better then the club and Plug 'n' Play mixes...

    I am completely stumped on this one. Well done on no.9 Ducky. Thanks :thumbsup:

    Fuzzy now we know where Jules got the idea from :P