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  1. I remember the trailers for this competition ran for week on Radio 1, I missed this at the time as I was already out of the piss at that stage, great to finally hear it, these tunes bring back so many memories of my youth IE (pre kiddie times)
  2. Cheers mate, what tune is that? I might do a mix every month, but there is a shortage of decent tunes out there, Plenty of funky house releases but 90% are carp.
  3. Shorty funky house mix for March, Opinions appreciated. 1 - LOVE, Chuck feat COLETTE - UR Everything 2 - VEGAS, Timmy - Can't Make It Thru Another Day 3 - Aston, Simon - Can I Get 4 - Phunkie Souls - Party Time 5 - DISCO BOOTS - Little Lies 6 - DJ ANTOINE - Monday Tuesday Wednesday 7 - MINISTERS DE LA FUNK feat DUANE HARDEN - I Feel Love (remixes) 8 - BT - Suddenly (Cicada Mix) DivShare File - march.mp3
  4. Anyone know where I can download this tune? Cant find it anywhere even on soulseek, is on youtube here is it possible to even download that and convert to mp3 although its to short to mix and bit rate isnt that great.
  5. Thanks for that but nothing Eric Prydz etc does nothing for me, There should be a bit of Tong,Jules and Pearce Rewind 10 years, Judge Jules live from Gatecrasher, Or even Judge Jules live from a house party which was just finishing about now 10 years ago exactly
  6. Its gone from bad to worse, We used to have Scott Mills now we have MistaJam, 1xtra takeover, I mean what happen to the live dance parties? Infact what has happened to Dance in general? Anytime you would expect a bit of Dance music to be on Radio 1 you get the $hite 1xtra take over
  7. This set is only 1 hr long, and was on air at 5pm if I remember correctly
  8. On 31st December 1999 before doing his set from Gatecrasher which is posted on here Jules did a set on Radio 1 from someone's house party, it was pasrt of a competition or something held by radio 1 but it was definitely on air, Anyone got it?
  9. I call it a jingle, dont know what its called, I have started a podcast, I want to put something over the tracks at various places, same as Judge Jules does with "The judge won't budge etc" so no on can pass my mixes of as there own etc etc. Any ideas???
  10. You see I was wondering that myself
  11. It is a bit s*** to be honest, it will suit Jules show well then, the guy has gone to pot and I used to be his biggest fan back in the late 90's early 00's
  12. Wow, Excellent tune. I have been trying to produce something with Ableton myself but am not getting very far and it so time consuming, But well done.
  13. 1 David Morales -Feels Good 2-Jenn Cunetta - Come Rain, Come Shine 3 - Unknown 4 Silosonic - Something 5 Unknown 6- Liquid people - Ice cream parlour 7 Hott 22 - Unknown 8 Aaron smith - dancing The rest is unknown simply cant remember