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  1. 18 was, Condor - Velvet Dreams (Skylight Remix) what a tune!
  2. I believe the first track is... Urry Fefelove & Abramasi - We Are Watching You
  3. I believe that same website will be streaming his set live from SW4 tomorrow, should be interesting!
  4. They sound exactly the same to me Was a really good show this... No dodgy mash-ups or bootlegs just good tunes all the way through
  5. The Love People is actually Judge Jules under a different name???
  6. Just listened to this set and it's brilliant so thanks for uploading It just so happens that my favourite track from this set is the unknown one :wall: Does nobody have any idea what it is then??
  7. Good show this. Think track 4 is, Tiesto & Diplo & Rank 1 - 'Come On L.E.D. Let There be Light'
  8. Backroom Two 11. Moby - 'Jltf' (Chuckie Remix) [Little Idiot] 12. Curve Bender - 'Chug A Lug' [CDR]
  9. Yep same here... finally got it though after searching for a while 16. Mat Zo - 24 Hours
  10. 18 is Dada Life - 'Love Vibrations' (Phatzoo Remix) Will try and track down the other 2.
  11. Ali Wilson - 'Pandora' is a recent track that comes to mind...
  12. 16 was 'J Majik & Wickaman - Crazy World'... although not sure if it was a remix or not? been a while since I've heard it...
  13. Looking forward to Jules' show, said during the week he'd be playin a few classics!
  14. 11.Mat Zo - 24 Hours (Anjunabeats)
  15. I was mainly looking for an mp3 file so I could listen to the show on my ipod, since I have limited access to a PC atm... But having said that I was able to listen to most of the show earlier via the iplayer, thanks anyway