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  1. Think what you will, im not coming back here again now. I am done for good, quote me. Boom.
  2. Well, theres no file to listen to now, the uploads dissapeared....
  3. It really is not the fontaine & vern rmix, there is a very distinctive noticable sound to it, and as far as I am aware I have never ever heard Jules, or Tong or anyone play anything other than the original version. Get yer ears cleaned out if you think otherwise!
  4. To bump this thread on a bad note, hes having his streamed on home rave and also tiwtch now, so i had a look and yes, still the same old streams of pre recorded sets badly being mimed to. I riled up the viwers in the chat, truth obviously really hurts. All 49 nine of them sheep. Jules rerally is an embarassment, playing some technoy bootleg remix of gwen stefani hollaback girl? crikey. Man he has fallen low. Hes mid 50's multi millionaire, bloody retire!. There are others older than him with very little money it seems, like talla 2xlc who are struggling and porbably will be djing playing really good music, just to kake ends meet for many fmore years to come, while these embarassing millionaires make spectavles of themselves
  5. He has a great voice. I has given him custom/.
  6. 01. Loop Da Loop ‎– Hazel (Johan S Toxic Club Mix) 02. Blackout ‎– Gotta Have Hope (Judge Jules Remix) 03. Ruff Driverz Presents Arrola - La Musica (Untidy Dub) 04. Barabas & OD1 ‎– Deeper '99 (Jon The Dentist & Shane Morris 99 Remix) 05. System F - Out Of The Blue 06. Kaycee ‎– Escape (Signum Remix) 07. Hand's Burn - Good Shot 08. The Cardigans ‎– My Favourite Game (Vengaboys Remix) 09. Fool Boona ‎– Popped (Trevor Reilly) 10. Deep Stereophonics ‎– Tuff Groove 11. The Headliners ‎– Who's My DJ 12. Liquid Child - Diving Faces 13. Double Dutch – Here We Go...! 14. Niels van Gogh - Pulverturm (Quake Remix) 15. ATB - 9PM (Till I Come) (Signum Mix) 16. Hidden Sound System ‎– Freeze 17. DJ Sakin & Friends*‎– Protect Your Mind (Lange Remix) 18. Humat - Love Stimulation (Blank & Jones Mix)
  7. Phunky Phantom - Get Up KLM Mix id id Unitidy Dubs - Funky Groove Unknown Artist ‎– The Suede Knee Length E.P. The Passenger Pop Miss Peppermint ‎– Let Me Hear The DJ (Dance Club Style) Sosa ‎– The Wave (Lange Remix) O.R.G.A.N - To The World (Trance mix) aka Trance Voyage Mix Lucid - I Can't Help Myself (Judge Jules Vocal Mix) Kings Of Rhythm - Bomb Da Loop (Loop Da Loop's Hardstep House Mix) Baby Bumps - Burning (Blocksters 12'' Mix) ID Samples Gino Soccio - dancer dj disco - here comes that sound Nerio's Dubwork Meets Kathy Lee ‎– K Mart Shopping Perpetual Motion - Keep On Dancing (Banging Club Mix) Boccacio Life - The Secret Wish id The Pianoheadz - Distortion (It's Over) (Knuckleheadz Remix) Marc Et Claude - La (Moonmans Flashover Mix) Mr Spring - Voyager 1.56 (Filter Kings Mix) id
  8. 04. is Barabas & OD1 ‎– Deeper '99 not sure which version Hands burn is the original, as the fontaine & vern version is this Popped (Trevor Reilly Remix) also theres a 18th track Humate - Love Stimulation (Blank & Jones Mix)
  9. I have uploaded it here for anyone to download in wav: https://mega.nz/file/gao2nTjA#N8j8AKVZk_bSBdPR239XEVhqH49tZepT_hQ8-I7b-Es
  10. You indentified a version of one of the tracks, not all of them. I managed to identify the versions of the other tracks hes asked for. But ho hum :P.
  11. If anyones interested Both the vocal and dub mixes are now available digitally here: https://sunscreem.bandcamp.com/
  12. Closest we are ever going to get to the actual track itself in my view. Fair enough though. Pointless someone else Like Andy doing another version that will probably sound near enough exactly the same but fair play with that though. I bought the sa31 version and as far as I am concerend, end of!. You can all carry on though...
  13. Yeah considering Jules streams consist of him pretending to DJ to a pre recorded set, and looking stupid by missing all the cues in the process. But thousands of sheep keep watching these streams. Seems they couldnt care less that he isnt doing it live. No different to slapping on a pre mixed cd and miming to it. Terrible.
  14. 13 years later heres my take on it: Ruby Turner - Never Gonna Give You Up (Big Bump Mix) Supa T - Love & Respect is Actually Gotta Jump (Party Animals Drop Mix) Thelma Houston ‎– Don't Leave Me This Way is one of the joe t vanelli remixes raw stylus-believe in me is Raw Stylus Believe In Me (Vission Larimer Acid Trip) inner city-do me right is (Lisa Marie Sequential Dub)