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  1. terrible beat matching as usual from this period, rare or not, snap shot of technically terrible jules.
  2. Can be heard here too (also downloadable) https://www.emipm.com/en/search?textQuery=dance republic&fields=name,description,albumName,albumDescription,composerName,keywordText,albumCodeCompact,fixationId,versionTypeText
  3. With some of my comments and replies on here, I think i'm going to give up responding on here from now on, anyone who wants to can porbably find me on the book of faces of even twitter or something.
  4. i wonder why people bother to keep atching his streams etc. its his name/brand i guess. Suckers. I've given up, the better djs dont get a look in really.
  5. My bad. My bad, regardless, we all want to know what this bloody track is, Khu, but at this rate like 19-20 years later, who to ask is the question really. We've tried thinking of who it sounds like made it but still not come up trumps yet. One of many tracks Jules kept the identitiy of to himselfe. Burien feels the pain of it. What hardhouse djs could we ask? or trance djs that wouldve played that style of track?
  6. A while ago i watsed time taking pictures on my phone of every page of that jan 1997 issue (with karl hyde on cover) and uploaded, only for ungrateful Burien telling me to do it again and compile as pdf. Bugger wasting my time helping with this if thats the thanks I get. Sorry, but good idea and good luck to you. Wish I had done it when i still had the magazines years ago. But space was needed, and the magazines were no longer. No one wanted to pay for them like 15 years back, so out they went basically. Oh well. tally ho!
  7. I gave you all the mixmag printed jules shows tracklistings ages ago, and burien recently sourced a full page of one where i had a piece mising (due to cutting out essential mix tape inlay printed on the back). Also gave you all the judge & jury and jules dirty half dozen pages too. I have the 200th issue still. Mixmag stopped printing tong, jules and even one in the jungle radio show listings way before this issue. So I wonder why you search for what doesnt exist XD . if you need me to re upload the jules stuff let me know. Cheers, your roger shah,
  8. 10k people watching and listeneing to the same old rope from a has been. Just like people on all streaming services listening to the same old rope instead of supporting new talent and msuci. Musics dead. Boom.
  9. simply because, as you can clearly see, manifesto decided to bung synth and strings on the cd single instead. Baffles me why they edited (or was it actually edited by fading out or was it full length?) the joe fandango remix, and also why they put egg n cress on the synth & strings cd instead of the original , total throwaway track, pointless. Jules is just going to giveaway the track?< he doesnt seem bothered (if he has the rights to) about making all the hi gate stuff downloadable for starters. Maybe asking Paul Masterson
  10. Playiung the same old big hits, but what would you expect really. He was usinga old dj rx all in one which atila sumer uses (all in one wthat plays cds and uses ubs) also with older cdjs either side, then the week after hed got the 2000s.
  11. Already this mammoth long going thread for it, and as you can see, all indications points to Jules having made it, even with his constant denials of any knowledge of it.
  12. In English? . Er.. yes Creep is cover of the Radiohead track .
  13. Inner City - 'Buena Vida' (Tommy Onyx Summer Fiesta Mix) (The 1st Part)[KMS]
  14. Hi m8 i know this is very random but im trying to track down all jules tunes from his radio one shows 99 -2002 .. was wondering as u post alot on the archive site if u had digital copies of the tracks from his radio one shows from those years  i have hundreds of the tunes on vinyl but they are at my exes and i dont think she would have kept them so ive kissed them goodbye lol the question i want to ask is there anyway i can buy copies off you ie a hdd with them all on or do u know someone who has collected them all and could point me in the rite direction....thanks