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  1. Yep Transgenic Tools - Butterflies (Chrysalis Cloning Mix) Had the Inferno promos since back then, a typical quirky funny noises Jules track
  2. 18. is the Dark Moon Remix
  3. 03. is 3 Wise Monkeys 04. is The Perfecto Mix
  4. 02. is I Like The Sounds (DJ Sneak's Funked Booty Mix) or Dub
  5. I sent a couple of links to some tunes to you on your discogs account bud, not sure if you saw them or not, let me kno0w if not and I'll reupload. Maybe I could get a copy of this tune you've just acquired in return. Just downloaded this show to have a quick listen again man.
  6. 22 is Smudge & Smith - Near Me (Translucid Club 1) (INCredible)
  7. Artist should be 1st Wave , regardless if Homeless produced it or not.
  8. Updated with download link.
  9. He also played it on Clubbers Guide To Ibiza (1998) CD2
  10. 03 is probably the Stacy Kidd 'Kash' Mix as that's the version I remember Jules played.
  11. I finally bought this from Discogs marketplace, as the B side tracklisting indicates a Judge Jules Mix (I think the A side is probably mixed by Luke Neville). http://www.megafileupload.com/1qbmv/MANIFESTO_CHRISTMAS_CRACKERS_TAPE.mp3 A 1 That Kid Chris - 'Feel the Vibe' 2 House Foundation Feat. Butch Quick - 'Feel It In My Soul' 3 Boris D'lugosch Presents Booom! -'Keep On Pushin'' (Murk Monster Mix) 4 Byron Stingily - 'Get Up' (Derrick Carter Red Nail Mix) 5 Blackbox - 'Native New Yorker' (Angel Moraes Mix) 6 Darryl D'Bonneau - 'Don't Turn Your Back On Me' 7 Sara Parker - 'My Love Is Deep' (Nush Norty Dub) 8 Hole In One - 'Lifes Too Short' (Live At Paleis Mix) B 1 Hole In One - 'Lifes Too Short' (Live At Paleis Mix) 2 Groove Park - 'Say What' 3 Digital Blondes - 'Antheum' 4 Fanny Flow - 'Kiss Of Life (Digital Blondes Mix) 5 Loop Da loop - 'Go With The Flow' (Dex & Jonesey Dub) 6 Hondy - 'Hondy (No Access)' (Salone Marghertia Mix) 7 United Nations Project - United Nations Of House (Qattara Mix) It turns out that this Digital Blondes Mix of Fanny Flow never got released, there is no trace of it anywhere. Also there is no trace of the other version of this track Jules during his Essential Mix Comp Mix!
  12. Ok thanks for that. And with that I am done with this forum. Have a nice life!
  13. If you have already recorded the vinyl then job done. There is your 'digital copy'. The CD version could possibly still be fixed, unles the noises occur during parts that are not repeated again during the track. No need to get confrontation over everything I type in response to you!, don't take things so seriously.
  14. 01. Mr. Oizo - 'Flat Beat' [No Disc] 02. Candi Staton - 'Love On Love' (Robbie Rivera's Funkin Around Mix) [React] 03. Trade Secrets - 'Rock It' (In Yer Face Mix) [Airborne] 04. Kulay - 'Burn' (Judge Jules Remix) [iNCredible] 05. Fool Boona - 'Popped' (Judge Jules Remix) [VC Recordings] 06. Junior O - 'Echo Vibes' (The Story Of O) [Narcotic Records] 07. Les Amis - 'Vallée De Larmes' (Cyrus & The Joker Mix) [Taaach! Recordings] 08. Southside Spinners - 'Luvstruck' (Unknown Remix) [Orbit Records] 09. Lennie De Ice - 'We Are I.E.' (Johan S Filterman E-Dub) [Distinct'ive Records] 10. The Invisible Man - 'Give A Little Love' (Commie Remix) [serious Records] 11. Trumpet Thing - 'Don't Need You Back' [XVX] 12. Phil Fuldner - 'The Final' (Sharp Mix) [Logic Records] 13. The Mudmen - 'Thriller' [Extatique] 14. DJ Ionic - 'Give It To Me' (DJ Ionic's Original Mix) [Episode Records] 15. Solange - 'Messages' (The Original Mix) [Global Cuts] 16. Urban D.K. - 'It's Gonna Rain' (Unknown Remix) [Critical Mass] 17. Angelmoon - 'He's All I Want' (Cappery) [V2 Records, Inc.] 18. Yomanda - 'Synth & Strings' [Manifesto] 19. Lost Witness - 'Happiness Happening' (Lange Remix) [Ministry Of Sound] 20. DJ Manta - 'Holding On' (Hypnotic Mix) [Reef Recordings] Half Hour Mix 21. DJ Jurgen - 'Better Off Alone' [Violent Records] 22. Ruff Driverz Presents Arrola - 'La Musica' (Untidy Dub) [inferno] 23. Cygnus X - 'The Orange Theme' (Moonman's Orange Juice Mix) [Free For All] 24. R.O.O.S. - 'Instant Moments (Waiting For)' (Unknown Remix) [stip] 25. Razor's Edge - 'The Tuning' (Unknown Remix) [Metropolitan Music] 26. Gouryella - 'Gouryella' [Tsunami]
  15. 01. Untidy Dubs - 'Funky Groove' (Judge Jules Mix) [Manifesto] 02. Dina Carroll vs Space Brothers - 'Living For The Weekend' (Space Brothers Remix) [Manifesto] 03. The Escort Agency - 'Strictly High' [Pow!] 04. DJ Quicksilver - 'Timerider' (Lange Remix) [Positiva] 05. Beastie Boys vs. Alan Braxe- 'Beastiality' (Rob Jay Mashup) [white label] 06. Lisa Loeb ‎– 'Falling In Love' (Black-Out Beats) [white label] 07. Vanessa Mae - 'Toccata & Fugue In D Minor' [sinmix Vinyl] 08. CM - 'Dream Universe' [Hooj Choons] 09. Blockbuster - ' You Should Be Dancin' [White Label] 10. Blue Adonis - 'Disco Cop' (Original Climax Mix)[serious] Judge Jules' Tried & Tested 11. R.O.O.S. - 'Instant Moments (Waiting For)' (Marino S Happy Mix) [stip] 12. Mike Koglin - 'The Silence' [Multiply] 13. Electribe 101 - 'Talking With Myself '98' (Canny 12" Vocal) [Manifesto] 14. Parkride - 'Can You Feel It?' (Eddie Lock & The SMC Project) [Diverse] 15. Vincent de Moor - 'Orion City' (Moonman's Drift Mix)[universal] 16. A.T.G.O.C. - 'Repeated Love' [Groove Groove Melody] 17. Bomb Da Loop - 'Kings Of Rhythm' [D:Disco] 18. Travel - 'Bulgarian' (Signum Mix) [Jinx] 19. Inner City - 'Buena Vida (Good Life)' (Tommy Onyx Summer Fiesta Remix) [PIAS UK] 20. Cheek -' Venus (Sunshine People)' (DJ Gregory Remix) [FFRR] Jules in the mix 21. Flow vs Zamek - 'Orbit' [Tokyo Disko] 22. Boccaccio Life - 'The Secret Wish' (Lange Remix) [Neo] 23. Thorpanite - 'Casualty' [Doyle Trax] 24. Gold 'n' Delicious - 'Ascension' [Klub 18.30] 25. Billy Hendrix - 'Body Shine' [Kingsize/Hooj Choons] 26. Ruff Driverz Presents Arrola - 'Dreaming' (Lange Mix) [inferno]