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  1. Er... its 320 variable bit rate , when you play the mp4 file using winamp for example, you can see the bit rate constantly changing while the track plays. The same with the mp3 from amazon music, that is 320 vbr mp3. Since the mp3 is the same quality as the mp4 (yes I purchased both from both places), I dont need to convert the mp4. itunes is not almost lossless, its variable bit rate to 320 tops for the 79p file, is there a higher quality file available? if so I didn't see that option. Boom.
  2. the annoyance is its vbr mp3 on amazon music as thats all they bloody sell. So will tere ever be a cbr 320 or even wav made available? Mostiko have not released the download bundle on the big download sites, so annoyingly we still wait. Cheers for the heads up any way. Better than nothing.
  3. The same albums on amazon US music, but it won't let me buy it.
  4. It has appeared full and unmixed on a compilation: https://www.discogs.com/release/9156853 but it turns out it is a vinyl rip, where the speed varies, so its a bugger to beatmatch with
  5. i have both tracks on the release which i downloaded as 320 from juno when they were available.
  6. 15. sounds porn kingish, but might not have anything to do with them, just a idea.
  7. Thats Daf - Battered mate I own it on vinyl and digital.
  8. yeah, the vocals dont sound quite right to be the kosheen one. Funny though, otherwise its pretty identical production wise, wonder why this came about, probably before the Kosheen remix was actually signed proper / cleared legally.
  9. This mix is from 1997, regardless of weather it was made available to buy in 1998 or not. 10 is not Bamboogie, it just happens to sample the same kc & the sunshine band track.
  10. WELL 3 is Fine Young Cannibals - I'm Not The Man I used To Be (The Monster Mix)