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  1. Craig, a old member on here owns the acetate mate. I have the remix in question as a 320 mp3, if you want to pay £10 for that
  2. That was played by Dave Pearce before midnight in 1998, you are after Ca$ino - Only You https://www.discogs.com/Caino-Only-You/master/153789
  3. http://www.livetracklist.com/nic-fanciulli-tomorrowland-belgium-2017/
  4. Cram as many tracks as you can into an hour. Very messy transitions. Has anyone got that Delignum as a mp3 at all?
  5. As stated in my previous reply which you have quoted 'The version on one of The White Disc comps is this same version but gets faded out before the end so useless for DJing with basically.' It does get faded out. Check it again yourself. Given it is near the end and it just maybe another 30 or so seconds of just the drums / percussion outro full length on the promo vinyl, but still.
  6. Oh yes, oh yes!
  7. Edited my initial post with more info. Hope loads of random people join!
  8. Yes, the Judge Jules Archives league still exists, even though it was just me and Simcut in it last year. If you would like to join, sign up for an account if you do not already have one here: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/ Then click on the Leagues tab or this link: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/a/leagues/main Click on 'create or join new leagues' then 'join a league' then 'join a private league' and enter the following code to join this league: 107663-28607
  9. Aquanuts - 'Deep Sea' (AB & Luis Diaz Mix) [Data Records] was never released on Data, it came out on Manga Beat.Tthe vocals are different and truly awful compared to the original ones. I accidentally bought this version without listening to it before hand on junodownload a few years ago, aside from it being awful version it was also a vinyl rip.
  10. I have it recorded from my vinyl on a cd somewhere.
  11. 08. Cassius - 'Feeling For You' (DJ Tool Short Mix) [Virgin] 13. Kings Of Rhythm - 'Bomb Da Loop' (Loop Da Loop Hardstep House Mix) [D:Disco] 19. Les Amis - 'Vallée De Larmes' (Cyrus & The Joker Mix) [Taaach! Recordings]
  12. 06. Mount Rushmore Pres. The Knack - 'You Better' (Betta 'Ere Dis Mix) [Universal} I got the promo doublepack, which has the wrong labels stuck on the wrong sides!, still THE best version of this track. Mad to hear it being played at a mad speed! 07. Juliet Roberts - 'Bad Girls' (Funk Force Supadub) [Delirious] 11. Marc van Dale with Enrico - 'Power Woman' (Klubbheads Speed Klubb Dub) [Club Tools] Erm, after Sugarhill Scam there is another track not listed in your tracklist which I have no idea what is is followed by Gold N delicious - Ascension, also not listed and then Transformed. Fool Boona is the original on Uberdisko.
  13. Overall a interesting selection of tracks well worth setting a few hours aside to listen to.
  14. Recognise some, some I don't. I wish you had played Ice Rain for a bit longer before bringing the next track it, made it seem , for me, a bit pointless playing Ice Rain at all only until the first main breakdown. As for Pizzaman - The Feeling, I first heard it after buying the Cd single of Hello Honky Tonks at Woolworths when it was knocked down to 30p, and thought back then it was pointless track that went nowhere, still do, ha!. I got rid of the Cd a few years later, I wish I hadn't as I did like the Cotton Club remixes. Shoulda, woulda, coulda!
  15. Nice picture