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  1. Best betb is to ask her yourself https://www.facebook.com/angelicamandaofficial/
  2. its not the mixing aka bringing one track fader in and the other out, its the actual beatmatching thats the issue, he doesnt even bother to correct it many times, later he does, but really... Yus XD
  3. hes using cdjs that have a bloody sync button which he could easily use, so what use would serato be really, so how can you have no problem with clashing beats when using cdjs for the money he is being paid? dave clanged mix after mix using vinyl, that was a different time, i dont see him clanging them using cdjs now, do you?.
  4. ropey mixing? dodgy beatmatching more like, and looping, and using the lo eq to ry and disguise the fact that the tracks are out of time. there is no excuse for this at all, a total embaressment to himself, regardless of what track were played. I've watched the set too. Jules needs to either shap up or ship out. Not worth 1p of the money he gets paid anymore. Boom .
  5. Jules is near the end of his dj carear the way i see it, he has lost all former credability by using the stupid jingles all the time, especially during classics sets and such (yes I have witnessed this foolery in person). I wonder what his current 'band; concept playing dance classics thing is like, he did it yesterday in a town very close to me Frome, where Chrissie went to. I was at at a local beer festival instead, as I expect such a concept to be terrible. Everyones cashing in with the orchestral versions of classic dance tracks, so a live band concept is another take on it, but is it really needed?. Maybe I am just a grumpy old git already at age 35!
  6. My bad, I just took theprevious track from a inaccurate tracklisting. I still have said mix on tape, I recorded all 4 hours live to tape back then, I forgot, doh!
  7. Get out the way, keep it movin, thats rigt baby get out of the way! *atomic boom!*
  8. Its more likely this one mate: https://www.discogs.com/Speedy-G-D-D-Jay/release/968252
  9. The Space Brothers - Heaven Will Come (Olmec Heads Dub) Vavoom was most probably played by Oakie as his last track, as theres no trace of Jules having ever played it.
  10. up untill i dunno tean or so years ago i had every issue from feb 98 to earlt 2001. no one wanted them, so i ripped put certain pages of articles and such i wanted to keep, including all the judge jules show listings and judge and the jury etc articles, and binned the rest of them. I have a couple of full issues still, like jan and dec 97, also the 200th issue, and dec 99. also a few from 2000/2001 time.
  11. https://www.discogs.com/Junior-Cartier-Women-Beat-Their-Men/master/164147
  12. Slowly losing the will to live day after day, but otherwise chipper as usual!
  13. Funny how all these years later the main now national kis fm has gone to shit, 'the beat of the uk' ? , the shir more like 99% rnb and the occasoanl commercial dance track, even friday and saturday night kis has gone to shit, stever smart or steve thick as i call him playing all the trendy radio edit length remixes of pop tracks. music for the short attention span generation. kistory is terrible as a standalone station, as narrow minded as hearts club classhits shows. kiss fresh is just as bad for the stuff they play. A big multimedia company ruins a once great dance music station. @funkypete id be interested in both tracks mate.