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  1. so 14 is the suede knee length ep the passenger pop (iggy pop), rather than actually post such in a separate reply Burien has just updated the tracklisting in a previous post / comment.
  2. id221: Track 12, 1999-08-27 - BBC Radio 1 Dance Party

    Just gone though loads of Paul King stuff but cannot find it. Good shout though
  3. Well what is the proper artist and title for it so the tracklisting can be updated?
  4. The artist is Dave P not Dave Angel, the track is called Angel.
  5. 'This track is a remix of the TV Show "Angel" theme tune', which would lead me to believe it is a remix of this:
  6. The bassline sounds very similair to studio 613 trip to the moon, porbably a longshot but maybe something to do with that julian napolitano , crosstrax and such labels.
  7. I am good buddy, hope you are too!
  8. This files is no longer available to download?
  9. 07. Skinky Pink - 'Last Train To Kings Cross' [Positiva] is the rhythm masters remix Fool Boona must be the Uber Disko release as it sure aint any of the versions on the VC release.
  10. Latest Retromix

    Now thats a good afternoons listening
  11. Listening back to this for the first time in years, Alex had trouble beat matching during his set!, anyways: Agnelli & Nelson - Hudson Street (Epic Mix) Lemon 8 is on Tripoli Trax NOT Tidy 10. Beat Renegades - 'Hold Up' [slinky] is ACTUALLY The Crazy Drummer - Party Drumz (Yomanda Mix) [Split] 15. Underworld - 'Cowgirl' (Bedrock Mix) [JBO/V2] 23 is Dusted - Always Remember To Respect And Honour Your Mother Part 1 (Big Mix) [Go Beat]
  12. This could be the Frankie Bones track:
  13. One more to slightly take the piss in empathising doing a google search:
  14. Heres more of them: And the gibson brothers sampling track is the unreleased instrumental version og this (I reckon Jules was the only person to have said copy, as he probably didn't like the vocals on it so asked Paul for a instrumental, kinda how the version of Sythn & Strings everyone knows came about): Mucca - Higher = David Morales & Albert Cabrera Present Moca - Higher (Azuli) Zee Cowling - Never In A Million Years (Boy George Mix) Breathless Records = https://soundcloud.com/wasq-2/zee-never-in-a-million-years-boy-george-mix as Burien said, some are mis typed / mispelt / mislabelled. Others,which I've pointed out are easily found on you tube by searching for them.
  15. Minidisc

    Try a lead from the headphones from minidisc player to input of the pc soundcard so a 3.5mm jack to 3.5 mm jack. Its what I use to record tapes to my pc with, using a walkman.