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  1. take your pick from any of theses, unless its something different: https://www.discogs.com/The-Age-Of-Love-The-Age-Of-Love/release/8614312
  2. To follow up on my previous post, I've known about this for a while thanks to the producer of it. So why would anyone else now need to attemtp to remake it when THIS remake is perfect.
  3. I think it was either june or july 1998 issue, as the tracklistings they would print were usually a month or two behind. Looking at my entries in the tracklisting archive, the final tracklisting i typed up fro what i had in 1998 was 1998-05-23 .
  4. Yet hundreds if not thousands of sheep keep watching his streams. Small minded musically locked in peoples. Fair enough to them. Far better people out there playing a larger variety of music, but nobody supports them because they are not a big name. Jules should have retired a few years ago really. Mighty has fallen massively. Once a inspirer, now just a relic.
  5. A member of this message board already has buddy!
  6. Couldve got it last year via the soundcloud ;links...
  7. So it was made by A member of Lost Witness, and you obtained the original unreleased version from the current sole active member, If anyone else contacted this person regarding this same track you would probably get it off of them. Sounds like.
  8. its now available again here in mp3 or wav on granst nelson new wyze download store.: https://wyzetrax.com/artist/88/digger
  9. terrible beat matching as usual from this period, rare or not, snap shot of technically terrible jules.
  10. Can be heard here too (also downloadable) https://www.emipm.com/en/search?textQuery=dance republic&fields=name,description,albumName,albumDescription,composerName,keywordText,albumCodeCompact,fixationId,versionTypeText
  11. With some of my comments and replies on here, I think i'm going to give up responding on here from now on, anyone who wants to can porbably find me on the book of faces of even twitter or something.
  12. i wonder why people bother to keep atching his streams etc. its his name/brand i guess. Suckers. I've given up, the better djs dont get a look in really.
  13. My bad. My bad, regardless, we all want to know what this bloody track is, Khu, but at this rate like 19-20 years later, who to ask is the question really. We've tried thinking of who it sounds like made it but still not come up trumps yet. One of many tracks Jules kept the identitiy of to himselfe. Burien feels the pain of it. What hardhouse djs could we ask? or trance djs that wouldve played that style of track?