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  1. What else would you expect from Tong, happy hardcore?, mental gabba?!
  2. Hes not on any social media channels, so tracking him down may be tricky. Hes out of making music according to Matt darey.
  3. 16. Ray Doc feat. DC - 'Whisper' [Slip n Slide] is actually played after sugarhill scam!
  4. eh? 15 came out on atlantic, I know as I have it, on the b side to thats the way love is!
  5. 15 is just called space (not space is the place) and its either the original cut or club mix, seem to be the same thing
  6. 19. Pf Project Ewan Mcgregor - Choose Life pf projects rant on mix
  7. wildcat - got to have it is not Got Ta Dub It then?
  8. 14 Todd Terry - Keep On Jumpin - A1 Rhythm Master (The Creator Mix)
  9. yeah 9 is Third Dimension - Don't Go (Rhythm Masters Lunar Dub)
  10. 9 sounds like a remix of dont go, probably of 3rd dimension?
  11. im just wondering if fool boona is indeed that, or maybe the other bootleg track that was doing the rounds before it, passenger pop
  12. instant moments is probably the marino s happy mix, i never heard him play any other version at the time.
  13. 08 is the version with the original sample used, before the re recorded sample version came out.
  14. 01 PF Project-Choose Life (PF's Rant On Mix)(Positiva) 02 03 04 The Mulder ‎– The Police 05 Vincent De Moor - Systematic 06 Bassbin Twins - Out Of Hand (Southern Fried) Progress Funk - Around My Brain (The White Funky Island Mix) (Deconstruction) Dr. Motte and Westbam - Sunshine (Stretch And Vern Goldene Else Remix) id Mambo - Do You want Me id mix Sunscreem - Catch (Red Jerry Mix) (Pulse-8 Records) Lost Tribe-Gamemaster (Hooj Choons) id Nalin & Kane-Beachball (Extended Vocal Mix) (Hooj Choons) Chicane Feat. Power Circle-Offshore 97 (Anthony Pappa Bootleg Mix)(Xtravaganza) id id atlantic ocean soundalike id Moving Up Moving On vocal id id