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  1. 15 = https://www.discogs.com/Nexxt-Millennium-Never-Gonna-Get-Enough-Dies-Irae/release/1291857.
  2. JasonB

    Gold N Delicious / Les Hemstock

    Quite why it needs any new remixes is beyond me. It was quite obvious at the time, recreated sample from an Enya track that it never got cleared as Serious never released the Lange Remix. Send me a PM mate.
  3. Meh, I personally think he is very samey and very overated. I own odd tracks and remixes(more early ones) here and there.
  4. JasonB

    Gold N Delicious / Les Hemstock

    eh?, whos remix?, dont you mean the Lange remix? which Craig a member of this forum owned, and recently sold to Hidden agenda aka jules rocks?
  5. JasonB

    Gold N Delicious / Les Hemstock

    Eh?, Ascension was released mate: https://www.discogs.com/Gold-N-Delicious-Ascension-Pulsate/release/133555 It was also released full length on Cd too: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Club-Class-Volume-Seventeen/release/4692116 As for the Lange remix..... I own it digitally...
  6. JasonB

    id131 - last track played @ Lush, 30-06-2000

    Paris Texas was the track Jules chose, check out page 18 of this issue of muzik http://www.muzikmagazine.co.uk/issues/muzik044_january_1999.pdf
  7. JasonB

    id131 - last track played @ Lush, 30-06-2000

    well its a recreated guitar riff using a synth supposedly. Jules was part of Muzik magazines do us a tape feature one month, and he put a ry cooder track on said tape. Not sure if said track is where the short recerated riff comes from, but this is a link to Jules possibly being behind this track.
  8. I remember listening to this show when it was broadcast live, as i was having a bath, like i did on a sunday evening during dance anthems back then. He never said the artist or title. And I never heard the track ever again, until now!
  9. JasonB

    What mix is it?

    Hmm Then that is a different thing all together then. I never knew this occured.
  10. JasonB

    What mix is it?

    Jules played the midnight track for 98 into 99 which was prince 1999 and then played for an angel if thats what you after?
  11. JasonB

    The Techno Recommends Podcast

    Chicago Loop on a very simple but effective and respectful rerub. I'd rather you'd played the dark train or another of the versions that actually came out back in 94 though! :P. Much love, thankyou and goodnight, terry tibbs1
  12. JasonB

    Angelic white label

    That is for live performances. The instrumnetal of its my turn on acetate or whatever i bet is till owned by jules.
  13. i bought a cheap sony walkman from argos a few years ago and use a 1/4 jack to 1/4 jack from headphones to pc line input to record tapes
  14. A few updates Judge Jules [00] Dub Pistols - Cyclone [Stretch 'n' Vern's Punks Jump Up Mix] [04] Eric B. & Rakim Vs. Freebass Cru ‎- I Know You Got Soul (98 Remix) [09] Blue Adonis - Disco Cop (Judge Jules vs Commie Rumble In The Jungle Remix) [16] Tony Di Bart - The real thing (Klubbheads mix) [21] ID It's Only What You Do To Me [25] A vs B - Ripped In 2 Minutes (Rated PG Club Mix) [30] ID [34] Perpetual Motion - Keep On Dancin' (Let's Go) [38] Kadoc - Got To Be There [41] David Morales Presents The Face - Needin' U (One rascal Mix) [44] Axus -Abacus (When I Fall In Love) (Baby Blues Rhumba Mix) [47] JDS - Jump Around [50] Knuckleheadz - Raise Your Hands [55] Babe Instinct - Disco Babes From Outer Space (Burger Queen Mix) [59] Red Light District - Did You Hear Me? (Phase II Mix) [66] Golden Girls - Kinetic (Rhythm Masters Remix) [71] Jet-Set - Travelling Without Moving [75] Aquaplex Meets Junk Project - Brightness Jeremy Healy [00] Kadoc - You Got To Be There, I think its a different track that just happens to use the same vocals at points. [03] Olav Basoski - The Prize (Hitch-Hiker) [07] Bob Sinclar - Gym Tonic [12] ID [17] Disco Dude - Throw Yo Head Up [23] Olav Basoski - Easy Piecy Japaneesy [26] Unreleased Anthems - All Nite Long [31] Shamen - Universal (1999 Cyberwarriors In Dub) [37] David Morales Presents The Face - Needin' U (Original Mistake) [42] Cevin Fisher's Big Freak - The Freaks Come Out (Sharp Freaks At Trade Mix) [48] TNT (3) Presents Casa Royale - We All Need Love (Sharp Mardi Gras Bomber Mix) [52] Blue Adonis - Disco Cop (Original Climax Edit) [56] Eric B. & Rakim Vs. Freebass Cru ‎- I Know You Got Soul (98 Remix) [61] Tony Di Bart - The real thing (Klubbheads Dub) [65] Axus -Abacus (When I Fall In Love) (Baby Blues Rhumba Mix) [71] Moby - Honey (Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix) [76] ID Come On Baby Lets Stick Together [78] Truman & Wolff Feat. Steel Horses - Come Again (Hybrid Remix)
  15. JasonB

    Hi Gate Split Personality