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  1. What else would you expect from Tong, happy hardcore?, mental gabba?!
  2. Hes not on any social media channels, so tracking him down may be tricky. Hes out of making music according to Matt darey.
  3. 16. Ray Doc feat. DC - 'Whisper' [Slip n Slide] is actually played after sugarhill scam!
  4. eh? 15 came out on atlantic, I know as I have it, on the b side to thats the way love is!
  5. 15 is just called space (not space is the place) and its either the original cut or club mix, seem to be the same thing
  6. 19. Pf Project Ewan Mcgregor - Choose Life pf projects rant on mix
  7. wildcat - got to have it is not Got Ta Dub It then?
  8. 14 Todd Terry - Keep On Jumpin - A1 Rhythm Master (The Creator Mix)
  9. yeah 9 is Third Dimension - Don't Go (Rhythm Masters Lunar Dub)
  10. 9 sounds like a remix of dont go, probably of 3rd dimension?
  11. im just wondering if fool boona is indeed that, or maybe the other bootleg track that was doing the rounds before it, passenger pop
  12. instant moments is probably the marino s happy mix, i never heard him play any other version at the time.
  13. 08 is the version with the original sample used, before the re recorded sample version came out.
  14. 01 PF Project-Choose Life (PF's Rant On Mix)(Positiva) 02 03 04 The Mulder ‎– The Police 05 Vincent De Moor - Systematic 06 Bassbin Twins - Out Of Hand (Southern Fried) Progress Funk - Around My Brain (The White Funky Island Mix) (Deconstruction) Dr. Motte and Westbam - Sunshine (Stretch And Vern Goldene Else Remix) id Mambo - Do You want Me id mix Sunscreem - Catch (Red Jerry Mix) (Pulse-8 Records) Lost Tribe-Gamemaster (Hooj Choons) id Nalin & Kane-Beachball (Extended Vocal Mix) (Hooj Choons) Chicane Feat. Power Circle-Offshore 97 (Anthony Pappa Bootleg Mix)(Xtravaganza) id id atlantic ocean soundalike id Moving Up Moving On vocal id id
  15. 01. Stretch 'n' Vern - 'I'm Alive' [spot On] 02. The Feelgood Factor ‎– The Fonk Train (Electric Mix) 03. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label] 04. Boris Dlugosh pres. Booom! - 'Keep Pushin'' (Jules & Skins Mix) [Manifesto] 05. Express Of Sound - 'Real Vibration (Want Love) (Real Club Mix) 06. Afrowax - 'English 101' (Unknown Mix) [Respect!] 07. Drivetrain - Ride'em (Acapella Mix) 08. Jason Nevins - 'The Real (Oh La La La) [steady Beat] 09. Outrage - 'Tall 'n' Handsome' (Dex & Jonesey Club Mix)) [Positiva] 10. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label] 11. The Ultimate Seduction - 'Ultimate Seduction' (Klubbheads Remix) [blue Limited] 12. Mory Kanté - 'Yeke Yeke' (Klubbheads Mega Blast) [FFRR] 13. Jumpstart - The Beat Is Pumpin (Naughty But Nice Records 14. Nexxt Millennium ‎– Never Gonna Get Enough (Dies Irae) (A&L Club Mastermix) Side B 15. Nexxt Millennium ‎– Never Gonna Get Enough (Dies Irae) (A&L Club Mastermix) 16. BBE - 'Seven Days And One Week' [Positiva] 17. Brainbug - 'Nightmare' (Sinister Strings Mix) [Positiva] 18. Animals By Night - 'Heaven (Acetate) 19. KLM ‎– Wake Up! 20. Tori Amos - 'Professional Widow' (Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' Mix) [Atlantic] 21. Dex & Jonesey ‎- Layla (LAY LOW) (Acetate) + Mr. Fingers ‎– Jack (Acapella) 22. Huff & Puff - 'Help Me Make It' (Mix No. 1) [skyway] 23. Lisa May - 'The Curse of Voodoo Ray' (Full 8 Mins Edit) [Juicebox] 24. MR SPRING - Voyager (V1.41 1996)
  16. 01 Green Velvet - Flash 02 Alcatraz-Give Me Luv (Alcatraz Remix)(AM:PM) 03 Jean-Philippe - 'Sexy Thing' (Chunky Bar Mix) [Redlight] 04 ID "use it, pump it" 05 ID "trancy", vocal break that goes down in tempo and back up (17:00) 06 Scot Project - U (I Got A Feeling) (Positiva) 07 ID female vocal "baby" rozalla ? 08 Team Deep - 'Morning Light' [Multiply] 09 36:02 ID "Lemme hear you" 10 40:33: ID 'the music' sample 11 43:04: Outsider - Pain in my Brain 12 45:30 ID unknown 13 48:20 DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access (Ffrr) 14 Natural Born Grooves - Forerunner 15 Ultra High - 'Are You Ready For Love' (Stormy Weather Mix) [MCA] 16 63:44 ID female moaning 17 65:32 The Prodigy - 'Your Love' [XL] 18 70:05 ID acid'ish beat. Sounds familiar. 19 74:41 ID hard house beat with sample from 'Quench - Dreams'? 20 77:25 C*Y*B – Come On Boy [basic Mix] (Bush) 21 Not Fargetta - The Music Is Moving (Arista) but has re sung vocals from it? 22 Frank 'O Moiraghi - Feel My Body [?? Mix] (UMM/Multiply) -- the last tune --
  17. er no it was a 4 hour essential mix, not 4 and a half hours.
  18. Best betb is to ask her yourself https://www.facebook.com/angelicamandaofficial/
  19. its not the mixing aka bringing one track fader in and the other out, its the actual beatmatching thats the issue, he doesnt even bother to correct it many times, later he does, but really... Yus XD
  20. hes using cdjs that have a bloody sync button which he could easily use, so what use would serato be really, so how can you have no problem with clashing beats when using cdjs for the money he is being paid? dave clanged mix after mix using vinyl, that was a different time, i dont see him clanging them using cdjs now, do you?.
  21. ropey mixing? dodgy beatmatching more like, and looping, and using the lo eq to ry and disguise the fact that the tracks are out of time. there is no excuse for this at all, a total embaressment to himself, regardless of what track were played. I've watched the set too. Jules needs to either shap up or ship out. Not worth 1p of the money he gets paid anymore. Boom .
  22. Jules is near the end of his dj carear the way i see it, he has lost all former credability by using the stupid jingles all the time, especially during classics sets and such (yes I have witnessed this foolery in person). I wonder what his current 'band; concept playing dance classics thing is like, he did it yesterday in a town very close to me Frome, where Chrissie went to. I was at at a local beer festival instead, as I expect such a concept to be terrible. Everyones cashing in with the orchestral versions of classic dance tracks, so a live band concept is another take on it, but is it really needed?. Maybe I am just a grumpy old git already at age 35!
  23. My bad, I just took theprevious track from a inaccurate tracklisting. I still have said mix on tape, I recorded all 4 hours live to tape back then, I forgot, doh!
  24. Get out the way, keep it movin, thats rigt baby get out of the way! *atomic boom!*