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  1. This mix is from 1997, regardless of weather it was made available to buy in 1998 or not. 10 is not Bamboogie, it just happens to sample the same kc & the sunshine band track.
  2. WELL 3 is Fine Young Cannibals - I'm Not The Man I used To Be (The Monster Mix)
  3. 01. The Wiseguys ‎– Ooh La La (Wall Of Sound) 02. Celeda - Be Yourself (Part One) (Twisted) 03. Chicane – Saltwater (Xtravaganza Recordings) 04. Mauro Picotto ‎– Lizard (Megavoices Mix) (VC Recordings) 05. Yomanda - Synth & Strings (Manifesto) 06. DJ Jean ‎– The Launch (Da Techno Bohemian Future Mix) (AM:PM) 07. The Space Brothers - Legacy (Show Me Love) (Mash Up Matt Mix) (Manifesto) 08. Eclipse ‎– Makes Me Love You (Sunset Mix) (Azuli) 09. The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl (Virgin) 10. Lustral - Everytime (Mike Koglin Mix) (Hooj Choons) 11. ATB ‎– 9 PM (Till I Come) (Signum Remix) (Data) 12. Paul van Dyk ‎– For An Angel (PvD E-Werk Club Mix) (Deviant Records) 13. Ayla ‎– Ayla (Veracocha Remix) (Positiva) 14. Armand Leg Pull - The Boogie Monster Meccaheadz - Nightschool (briefly) cut in show 15.System F ‎– Out Of The Blue (Tsunami) cut in show 16. Meccaheadz - Nightschool 17. Agenda - Heaven (Lange Remix) (NCredible) 18. Planet Perfecto feat Grace - Not Over Yet '99 (Matt Darey Remix) (Code Blue) 19. Matt Darey Presents Mash Up ‎– Liberation (Temptation - Fly Like An Angel) (Ferry Corsten Remix) (Incentive) 20. The Headliners - 'Who's My DJ?' (Prototype Mix) [AM:PM] 21. Tuff Twins ‎– Dirty Disco (Judge Jules Remix) (Acetate) 22. Art Of Trance - 'Madagascar' (Ferry Corsten Remix) (Platipus) 23. ID simmilar 24. The Morrighan ‎– Remember (To The Millennium) (Lange Remix) (Serious Records) 25. Hi-Gate - Pitchin [Incentive] 26. 14 I think is a bootleg created by two guys from mixmag, they even did a article about it in a issue.
  4. Good point, and more the reason not to bother buying wavs. Boom.
  5. Who really cares about this spectogram bollocks really, unless you are a purist audophile elitist person. Ive had the Lange mix as a 320 mp3 for a few years, as les gave it to someone who then gave it to me. Sounds fine. The Lange remix contains the same keyboard line as in the original mix. Its a low key digital release so i very much doubt enya or anyone connected to her will ne suign anyone this far down the road. Stating not hating. Boom.
  6. https://www.junodownload.com/products/les-hemstock-ascension-remixes/4323081-02/
  7. Superb stuff, get downloading people!
  8. It was avilable on all major download sites up until recentlyish. I wonder why it has been taken off of them.
  9. 01. Anthony Atcherley - 'In My House' (A Side Mix)[White Label] 02. Taiko - 'Echo Drop' (Jonesey's Drop Da Bomb Mix) [Southeast] 03. Shrink - 'Nervous Breakdown' (Original Rohypnol Mix) [Neo] 04. Signum - 'What Ya Got For Me' (Original Instrumental) [Tidy Trax] 05. Ayla - 'Ayla' (DJ Taucher Mix) [Additive] 06. Blue Adonis - 'Disco Revival' [Bonka] 07. Ruff Connections - 'Tough Sensation' [Tuff Tunes] 08. The Invisible Man - 'Give A Little Love' [Serious] 09. Termination Source - 'Poing 98' (De Bos Mix) [Massive Drive] 10. Committee - 'Ripping It Up' (Jumbo Mix) [Club Image] 11. David Morales pres. The Face - 'Needin You' (Original Mistake) [Azuli] 12. DJ Disco - ' That Sound ' [ King Size Records ] 13. Toby One - 'Ying Tong 2' [Whack] 14. Marc Et Claude - 'La' (Moonman Mix) [Additive] 15. Untidy Dubs - 'Funky Groove' (Judge Jules Remix) [Manifesto] 16. Paffendorf - 'Smile' [Orbit] 17. Jonesey - 'Independence' (The Stadium Mix) [Caged] 18. Lucid - 'I Can't Help Myself' (Judge Jules Mix) [FFRR] Pretty much complete finally!
  10. I have no ideas on any mate, sorry.
  11. Nice the Lange mix is getting released for all, but any other new versions, nah.
  12. If you want the proper original mix I can accomadate mate.
  13. Like fuck is it, just use your common sense and you'll work it all out. Just trawl through the tracklstings and you'll find that some weeks listings give the full correct info for all the tracks you are questioning. If you can afford to spend silly money on acetates and such then you can actually spend some time iding stuff for yourself rather than expecting others to do so just for your own personal gain. Boom.
  14. What else would you expect from Tong, happy hardcore?, mental gabba?!
  15. Hes not on any social media channels, so tracking him down may be tricky. Hes out of making music according to Matt darey.
  16. 16. Ray Doc feat. DC - 'Whisper' [Slip n Slide] is actually played after sugarhill scam!
  17. eh? 15 came out on atlantic, I know as I have it, on the b side to thats the way love is!
  18. 15 is just called space (not space is the place) and its either the original cut or club mix, seem to be the same thing
  19. 19. Pf Project Ewan Mcgregor - Choose Life pf projects rant on mix
  20. wildcat - got to have it is not Got Ta Dub It then?
  21. 14 Todd Terry - Keep On Jumpin - A1 Rhythm Master (The Creator Mix)
  22. yeah 9 is Third Dimension - Don't Go (Rhythm Masters Lunar Dub)
  23. 9 sounds like a remix of dont go, probably of 3rd dimension?
  24. im just wondering if fool boona is indeed that, or maybe the other bootleg track that was doing the rounds before it, passenger pop
  25. instant moments is probably the marino s happy mix, i never heard him play any other version at the time.