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  1. Oh well, h did host the recent ministry annual classics event. I've already had enough of all the classical infused dance music events that even Cream, MOS and Gatecrasher have all now jumped on. Tongs BBC proms event did it good, anything since has been a bit crap really, too much pre done electronics and not enough actual classical instrumentation. Cash cows simply.
  2. All you need is like a walkman then a 1/4 inch jack too 1/4 jack, plug into line in on your pc, use audacity or something and waaa laa. Thats what i use anyways.
  3. On the other hand I am liking some recent releases on FSOE parralels. Horses for courses really, on the whole not a big fan of a lot of trance stuff from the past few years, as noted by whatever mixes I do its the mellower, deep, proggy house and such I go for these days.
  4. As I suggesteda few years back, but we've eheard it to confirm it, noce on mister burieenn
  5. See, i wondered why it sounded so much like the bbe remix.
  6. Hello Weaver, wow, I would love a copy too please fine person (have to be gender neutral these days!). It's great when people like you who did unofficial remixes or never released / hard to obtain tracks from years ago surface. Had you been making your own tracks prior? or did you continue to make music after? . Cheers.
  7. there iis no yago killer noise at 2, 2 is the prodigy?
  8. 09 is Mambo - do you want me, one of the 97 remixes.
  9. obviously with 7 jules is cutting back between two copies at points, how else does it go on for 12 minutes, proper mad
  10. its a shame forums are dying off, before facebook and such they was the ways (just like this very forum thingy). Just a randon cheeky plug, I started my own dance classics radio show for a local community radio station thats on fm in their town 9 months back. Hour ones house, disco, uk garage, then some d n b and happy hardcore, with the second hour being trance, techno hard house. Great to see Briggsy spinning the bosh bosh agin
  11. some good shizzle, highly recomended. just like the techno sounds of tidy trax (i jest, that comment on discogs always makes me chuckle)
  12. I dont see why FSOE need like, what is it three labels now? its all samey stuff really. Ok but not outstanding. Buying stuff blind was pretty much a Bonzai thing aswell, when it was mike and l vee producing stuff under loads of different names.
  14. id go as far to say it wasn't properly promoee and very few people have the lange mix on acetate.
  15. natious remix out on the commercial vinyl release so... Also its the masters in instrumental not dub. Nit picking....
  16. Sorry to come off wrong with the following comment but - we know.
  17. 15 = https://www.discogs.com/Nexxt-Millennium-Never-Gonna-Get-Enough-Dies-Irae/release/1291857.
  18. Quite why it needs any new remixes is beyond me. It was quite obvious at the time, recreated sample from an Enya track that it never got cleared as Serious never released the Lange Remix. Send me a PM mate.
  19. Meh, I personally think he is very samey and very overated. I own odd tracks and remixes(more early ones) here and there.
  20. eh?, whos remix?, dont you mean the Lange remix? which Craig a member of this forum owned, and recently sold to Hidden agenda aka jules rocks?