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  1. up untill i dunno tean or so years ago i had every issue from feb 98 to earlt 2001. no one wanted them, so i ripped put certain pages of articles and such i wanted to keep, including all the judge jules show listings and judge and the jury etc articles, and binned the rest of them. I have a couple of full issues still, like jan and dec 97, also the 200th issue, and dec 99. also a few from 2000/2001 time.
  2. https://www.discogs.com/Junior-Cartier-Women-Beat-Their-Men/master/164147
  3. Slowly losing the will to live day after day, but otherwise chipper as usual!
  4. Funny how all these years later the main now national kis fm has gone to shit, 'the beat of the uk' ? , the shir more like 99% rnb and the occasoanl commercial dance track, even friday and saturday night kis has gone to shit, stever smart or steve thick as i call him playing all the trendy radio edit length remixes of pop tracks. music for the short attention span generation. kistory is terrible as a standalone station, as narrow minded as hearts club classhits shows. kiss fresh is just as bad for the stuff they play. A big multimedia company ruins a once great dance music station. @funkypete id be interested in both tracks mate.
  6. Response: ' The Stupid Experts (Ally here) Listening to the track with my daughter and she started fist pumping to it (she was barely 1 year old)... had a play around with the melody and made the track... she loved it (as she does most dance music I play for her)... it needed a name (as you say, there isn't one!) so named it after my daughter... was her that inspired the remake after all, so what better name to give the track!? We'd love to find out who made that elusive tune too... what a belter! ' That clears that up.
  7. JasonB

    New Shows?

    1 id 2 the clergy-saints & sinners saints mix 3 nappy hardcore - the laugh 4 hi gate - work it out 5 id 6 7 da hool - eicherlruck mg remix 1 8 stix n stoned - outrageous 9 warp brothers v aquagen - phat bass 10 yves deruyter - back to earth 11 yellow vicious circles moogwai mix? 12 hi gate - cained n unable 13 rba no other alternative 14 dj gary - my own kind of style 15 hi gate - d tune 16 17 dj gert - give me some more 18 delirium - silence tiesto 19 angelic - cant keep me silent 20 id - ak47?
  8. sounds more like Underwater Love (Morales Underwater Club Mix) , but then Ive not heard the reprise mix.
  9. Fuel Sessions, before Underwate lLove the track is Anthony White - Love Me Tonight (Fathers Of Sound Xtended Mix)
  10. Mike Koglin - The Silence (Truman & Wolff Remix) [Multiply] Sam Mollison - Always On My Mind (Southern Cross Mix) [INCredible] Ruff Driverz - Shame (Red Jerry Dub) [Inferno] DJ Rap - Good To Be Alive (Deep Dish Loves To Dub Her Dub) Friction & Spice - Step Into My Dream [FFRR] Slacker - Psychout (Thing) [Jukeboy In The Sky] Voices Of Kwanh A.D - Ya Yae Ya Yo Yo Yo (The Light Mix) [Excession] Hybrid - Kill City [Distinctive] Freefall Feat Jan Johnston - Skydive [Stress] BT - Godspeed [Renaissance] Alanis Morissette - Your House (Hybrid Forgive Me Mix) [White]
  11. Have just asked the stupid experts on their facebook page.
  12. Sorry? dont you mean Rich Mowatt aka Solarstone? John fleming runs JOOF not Pure Trance or Pure Progressive! . I personally dont think he has any clue or idea. He played a remix of motorcycle and said on his show that the remixer got hold of the acapella illegally or something, Rich was totally unaware that G&D themselves made the acapella available to download on their soundcloud (you still can now) to celebrate 10 years of the originally release and endorsed people dong new remixes using it. Shows how Rich Solarstone is caught up inside his own Pure brand bubble and has little to no cue as to whatever is going on outside of it. As to the fabled unknown track, the stupid experts were obviously fans of it so have recreated it in their own style. I know they are friends of Cliffy Burrows, better off asking him or the stupid experts who hes freidns with about it.
  13. JasonB

    New Shows?

    I thought simcut had some more tapes to upload?. if not then it was a good run, long live the archive!
  14. Why has a track that has nothing to do with this thread in any way been posted in this thread?!
  15. 12 no, still one I would like to know, if you look above you'll find that I ided number 14!
  16. track 6 is actually a unknown track, spliced in after is serious danger.
  17. the hell is dj spuddy, and why has this been uploaded again in december?, we pretty much know its was made by jules and shelved. the end.
  18. not long or clear enough to make out what it is at all.
  19. Oh well, h did host the recent ministry annual classics event. I've already had enough of all the classical infused dance music events that even Cream, MOS and Gatecrasher have all now jumped on. Tongs BBC proms event did it good, anything since has been a bit crap really, too much pre done electronics and not enough actual classical instrumentation. Cash cows simply.
  20. All you need is like a walkman then a 1/4 inch jack too 1/4 jack, plug into line in on your pc, use audacity or something and waaa laa. Thats what i use anyways.
  21. On the other hand I am liking some recent releases on FSOE parralels. Horses for courses really, on the whole not a big fan of a lot of trance stuff from the past few years, as noted by whatever mixes I do its the mellower, deep, proggy house and such I go for these days.
  22. As I suggesteda few years back, but we've eheard it to confirm it, noce on mister burieenn
  23. See, i wondered why it sounded so much like the bbe remix.