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  1. jules will now focus on the global warm up show , which will have nothing to do with radio one ,still a bad move for R1 ...
  2. hell does no one listen to the show on here but only pass comment on the track list , didnt sound to bad ........................
  3. jules moving up the chart is right from what i heard :thumbsup:
  4. Going to MOS on friday cant wait !!!!!

    1. Chrissie Brown

      Chrissie Brown

      Hope you have a great time, wish l was going too.

  5. helping chrissie out via the airport tomo !

    1. Chrissie Brown

      Chrissie Brown

      Really grateful, its great to have my phone back, thanks so much.

  6. this time next week IBIZA !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. warren g regulate at the time i was moving from hip hop to dance ( i know its random ) :thumbsup:
  8. yep saw it all filled in :thumbsup:
  9. i must be deaf ..............going off to play with my self :eek:
  10. think my newquay hangover has gone

  11. so was i the only one to sort of like the mix :sweatingbullets:
  12. judge jules newquay party time

  13. spot on trance / dance has changed / jules has always been a dj people love to hate ......
  14. i have seen tristian doing a lot of work for jules apart from some of those ropey boot legs ...........