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  1. simple C***. you really are one stinking piece of shite. if I could have ten minutes with you, you would learn what real pain is. you would. shite in your pants and cry for your mummy, and learn something you would never forget. lucky you can hide behind your computer. but I'll be on the lookout for you gay boy

  2. But I don't have the more destructive and harmful characteristics of an adult with ADHD, eg. impulsivity etc. I'm more of a thrill and novelty seeker and a bit of an adrenaline junky. But some of the characteristics would seem similar. You are indeed very perceptive Cheese :)

  3. Hi Cheese. I'm back to try to bring a bit more life to the JJ Archive. But don't worry, I will be benign. thought I'd tell you that I do have some aspects to my personality that are in some ways similar to ADHD. I get bored easily. I have a very active mind. I like to take it to the edge sometimes

  4. hi Quadrant. Thought I'd drop in and say hello. Since you were the first person to welcome you to the JJ Archive. No need to worry though. I will be benign.

  5. Anybody! When has there ever been a politicion with charisma and wit? Tony Blair! I don't say that in any way to praise Tony Blair - but it's the truth - tell me otherwise! They're all f****** useless! Accept me as The Chosen One - a Living God - and I might? rescue you all from the whoredom that is politics. You won't though. So like what you've got. Or lump it! What have we become? that we would be governed by, and have our lives so profoundly controlled by these people? But! I think plenty of people are doing ok out of it! One mans need is an other mans opportunity.
  6. It has it's ups and downs Man. Sometimes I get a bit bored and indulge in misbehaviour - what is known as being random - in the special speak of little 'exclusive' groups of people who come together with a common interest. No harm in it. It's a way of identifying. A little tip - end everything with -age - like tunage, linkage, rapage - not, I hasten to add have any of the board members suffered rapage. Though TomBailley - a well decent guy - did mention it in passing. But I feel assured that it was all just a big mix up. Am surprised that Quadrant and a few of the other guy's and girls haven't been round to welcome you. I will welcome you though - you must love the music - Dance I mean. Wouldn't have to much to do with me - black sheep. But welcome nevertheless. Hope you enjoy the JJA - it has a lot to offer - except when it's boring, and some very interesting people you might like
  7. Ah Aza! You're being a bit of a meanie. Give the guy the respect he's due. Not intending to disrespect you Aza. But Neuro has got the right vibe here I think. It's not about posts Man. It's ALL about the music, and those who get it - and give it - like we do!
  8. Tom Was visiting a beautiful lady friend today. So was late in answering your post re should leonard blah blah. The poll was there. I had considered what Quadrant, and Jason, and yourself had said. Had decided that I should delete the poll, and let the matter rest. Though! I did not at all have much respect for Briggsy saying that maybe Tim should do the honours, and ban me. Sounded like he was crying for his mummy. But. As I said I had decided to delete the poll and leave it at that. But in truth I did not know how to delete, or erase the poll. I very mostly post using a 'smart' phone. It is very easy to write with, though it sometimes forces me to write things as I know they are not actually spelled. Also it makes me do bad things. So just be aware that I am totally blameless of everything. But when I posted the post that I did not know how to delete or erase the poll the poll no longer existed. f****** waste of time. But since it had been done, and I didn't know how to do it, I was happy enough. Get a slight vibe that you perhaps thought my post re you suffering rapage by a gang of hairy bikers was a bit to hard in response to your gently mocking picture. But it was in fact gentle mocking, as I know your picture was. But it's sometimes difficult to totally perceive how someone will take what you say. I was restrained though, and didn't mention the spunkage you must have had to swallow. But I'm very glad that you have an eye for the ladies Tom. One of them will make you happy. Just put all the rapeage and swallowing a bucket full of spunkage behind you Tom. Now I am wondering? Will any of my posts post. Let's see.
  9. Ok Briggsy. I can accept that you are a sandwich - or two - short of a picnic. I had sort of guessed that. So I must make allowances. I will make allowances for you until you leave the JJA. When the f*** ARE you leaving? Are you ever going to really leave. Did you not say 'adios amigo's' quite a long time ago? Are you going to leave shameing yourself with a petty quarrel. Will people remember you as the total dickhead who got totally f***** over by leonard1one. Am thinking that you're still wanking yourself of whilst posting to me. No! It's not ok! In your mind it is ok. But in reality? It is NOT! Do you want to try and f*** with me Briggsy. Can you take that on? Or do you think you should speak to Tim, and get me banned. If you want to take me on, then bring it on! But if it's like the shite I've seen you put in your posts recently? I can't promise that I'll be f****** bothered to respond. I'll certainly give it a look over. But maybe the best thing for you to do is kiss Tim's arse really hard and get me banned. Why? Because that seems to be in reality the kind of man? you are! Best you talk to Tim Briggsy. I'm sure he will look after you. You are leaving the JJA. But you don't just want to slink away like a cur dog. Do you? Nice picture by the way Have a nice day! Tom has said that you're well respected here. I am inclined to listen to the guy. Don't f*** with me, and I won't f*** with you. But try to control the wanking man! It might be ok at the right time and place. But I am f****** telling you straight! It is not ok whilst you are writing a post in response to me!! f*** sake man. See someone about that problem! Might seem ok in your distorted view of reality. But it is not normal behaviour! Have you never talked to someone about it? I suggest you do. But don't be f****** takling about it to me! In fact. If you can control your urges. Don't be takling to me at all! I'm totally f****** bored with you!
  10. Cheese. You are the one that has something to say in almost every Topic. In fact you are probably the most prolific starter of Topics. I'm a fire starter. Twisted fire starter. I'm the instigator! But I am just as happy to chill. But I like a bit of a buzz sometimes. When everybody is getting on and saying all nice things? It get's a bit boring. i've enjoyed a bit of off Topic banter with yourself, and Tom. I really enjoy when things are mixed up a bit, and I get hit with some really funny wit. I like to sparr a bit. But maybe, as Simcut sort of imply's, most of the members of the board don't like it. But that is me! I guess I just might have to be banned, and return in another form. Though Neuro, and the other moderator's have been quite tolerant thus far. Mainly, it's been yourself, and Tom who have responded to that aspect of me, and I have genuinely laughed my bollocks of at your responses. I just really love deadly cutting wit. But maybe you and Tom just want to go back on Topic. I have to say though that you are exaggerating a bit when you say 99%. I post on only a few Topics. Maybe it seems like more because it sticks in your mind. But if you actually looked at it, it would be certainly much less than 10% - much much less. I maybe have gained a reputation, which I don't totally deserve. I have said that I love really sharp wit. But I do actually love the music more. Though if I listened to music all the time - even if it was the best Dance music ever - I would be - I think - a fairly one dimensional character. I have said before. I'm not looking for friends. I'm not looking for enemy's. I am maybe looking for a bit of fun. Though I have fun in my life. But I think you can never have to much fun Thanks Cheese. But maybe I am not welcome too.
  11. Cheese. If what you say is sincere, and I think you are someone who tells it like it is then I must respect what you are saying. But! I'd still like to see a quote from anything Cheese has said which suggests that she is jealous of the more well off, or has a chip on her shoulder! Somehow I don't ever think I will see such a quote. So it's ok to make a statement that someone is jealous and has a chip on her shoulder? Just because you happen to feel like saying that at the time? To me it is not! Briggsy. You were probably putting forth the case that supported the post that you made regarding Cheese. But unfortunately your post was somewhat difficult to read. Think you might have been wanking yourself of whilst writing it. It might seem ok to you. But Briggsy! It is not ok! Don't be wanking yourself of whilst writing a post intended for me. Get yourself a girl, or whatever you're into. Why not cut out the crap, and show me a quote of something that Cheese has posted that implies that Cheese is how you said! By all means talk to Tim about getting me banned. Why the f*** don't you do it yourself? Why run to someone else to protect you? Are you not man enough to stand your own ground? Bit pathetic really. That's all I could be bothered to say to you really. Though. If your intention was not to hurt or pick on Cheese I don't have so much of a problem with you. In fact I don't have any problem with you. Though you, and others might have a problem with me. I don't stick close to the herd. But did it never occur to you that Cheese had started that Topic to ventilate her frustration, and anger, and unhappiness with how the economic situation that we are in now is having a significant impact on the quality of her life, and the lives of her children? Was it really necessary to have a bit of a go at Cheese. Ok. Everyone is entitled to to their opinion and to speak out. But I suspect that you are a single male, with no children, as am I. We do not have the responsibilities and worries that come with having children, and maybe you and I are not suffering the same financial difficulties as Cheese, and can take these tough times more easily. Lucky us! I actually have no problem with you Briggsy, except with what you said re Cheese. Maybe I have lowered the tone of the board since I joined. But I live in the real World. A tough f****** World. If the JJA board want to have their own little World that is different? Then they should be entitled to have that. But when you are takling about the present economic state that this Country is in? Then you're bringing in the real World. I resisted posting on this Topic. Why? Because there's no point in it. Though as I've said before it gives people the opportunity to ventilate. Which is a good thing. I can't see why you needed to ventilate against Cheese though. She is one of us! Or one of you, if you choose to exclude me. I have said before. I don't look for friends. I don't look enemy's! But I will take on anybody who want's to take me on! But then again. I'm just as happy with peace and contentment. Though that's generally hard to find.
  12. Cheese. Don't know whether this will be able to post. But was that you having an orgasm
  13. Oh Tom. Maybe I have misundertood your words? I thought you were saying that your ass had been won by the Chosen Few - a biker gang. If you think about it, it's an easy mistake to make. Bit of poetry there. Though I think mostly poetry is shite. Am glad that the Choosen few are are not committing rapage upon you. I have, as you probably are aware, visited Soundcloud, and I have seen your 'profile' picture. You seem to be a pretty decent guy to me. I can tell! I was not happy that maybe your ass had become owned by the Chosen few- and there was any rapage going on. Though I would never put it as bluntly as that. Actually I would! Though I didn't. Please note. I advised you that you should instead seek a nice beautiful girl. Seems you are with me on that Tom. That is good! I would say that you could get a hot babe, and nice too. Was worried about your post suggesting that - ah well, we'll put that behind us. Do you get a lot of girls being an up and coming DJ? I get a few girls. Me being the best Club Dancer in the World. But the really beautiful ones? Don't they always seem to really want to make you work for it? In the end I don't really give a f***. I LOVE the music. Mostly it's a bit of melodic Techno for me. But your Prog Trance has a fairly similar vibe. Though when a Techno tune hits it just right. It is f****** beautiful and eternal. Do hope that you haven't suffered to much rapage by the hairy sweaty bikers Tom. Batt about to go. Can't reply to Cheese. Is a bit late. My batt about to go. I don't sleep when I don't want to. But sometimes it get's to when I have to sleep whether I want to or not. Tom. You are a master of the visual. I am not. Yet. So I responded in a way that came to me. There weren't really a lot of responses open to me. No disrespect whatsoever Man. Truth! I actually have respect for you, and I don't have that much respect for many men at all! Who the f*** can! Cheese. Apologies. But I know my batt is about to go any second. But! I mostly hunt beavers
  14. Ok Tom. It's Open Chat. Where we can discuss anything and everything? But takling about politics? What is the point Man? Seriously! Ok. It gives people the opportunity to ventilate. That's healthy. But it won't change a f****** thing! But I understand that when things are out of our control, then some might feel the need to have their say. I understand that. I am not criticizing that. I mentioned it in passing. What I was really getting at was the way I feel that some members of the board have ganged up on Cheese. When Neuro has said to me that this site has a friendly communty spirit. Where was the community spirit when Cheese was ventilating her distress, unhappiness and anxiety? With the mob mentality Cheese was picked on. I'm stepping up to say! I'm not going to take that! Nor will I ever stand by and let something like that happen! Cheese has not looked to anyone for any support, and stands her own ground. I stand my own ground, and I say to anyone produce a quote that suggests that Cheese is jealous of those who are more wealty, or has chip on her shoulder! Briggsy wrote quite a long post regarding Cheese. In his post to me? He could only put on his pink baby grow and wave his hand at me. I could have said a lot more, and would quite happily have done so. But you (Tom) got there first with a deadly accurate killer blow. Respect for that my Man But! Briggsy. You still have the opportunity to back up what you said. Or apologize to Cheese. Or slink away like a cur dog with your tail between your legs. No longer the big man? Then I guess maybe it is time for you to go. Though you have said you intended to leave anyway. But one short post from me was all it took for you to make your mind up?? I can't put it better than Tom. I'm sure many hearts will be breaking. But not f****** mine! If board members can talk bollocks about politics, and Simcut you do talk some bollocks, think you are fairly right wing - with the blue rinse brigade. Though I would stand up totally for your right to have your beliefs and views, and express them. Are you coming down hard on me because I'm totally left wing? And! I am random and a bit chaotic? Who does that piss off. You? I really don't give a f***. Though I have nothing against you personally. I random. That's not safe. That's not right. I get the very definate feeling that you're trying to close me down. But I go around, I go over. Or I go through! I have said I'm not looking for friends. I'm not looking for enemy's. I tell it how I see it is. Some might agree with my view. Many will not. You've got a lot on your side. But I WILL be back! I never give up on anything EVER! But I'm happy to chill. Listen to what's happening. Maybe stay on Topic - or maybe not! I don't mean to hurt or disturb the happy people of the JJA. But I live in the real World, and the real World lives in me. We'll see what happens
  15. laughed my f****** bollocks of there Tom. Was going to have a little conversation with Briggsy. But what the f*** can I really say after that. Still totally laughing my bollocks off. I could do myself an injury. Ok Leonard. Get your mind right. I'll be back in a minute or two whilst I try to stop this insane feeling. Tom. You might be better than me! Though I've got plenty to draw upon. Though everybody is on my f****** ass. But if you're better then I will accept it. Then Ill send the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse round to your house. Actually. I might not.