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  1. Just listened to this again as I am really enjoying Jules sound from 1997 at present. The original recording is an MP3 rip of a CD of Jules' first show Tim posted to me while I was at university. I noticed back in 2015 that it wasn't in the archive so I uploaded it to your FTP along with a load of other audio. The rip I made was a direct from CD with no edits, so what you got was exactly what was sent to me. Didn't know that Tim had lost this otherwise I would have uploaded it much earlier.
  2. Another great recording of Jules. Lots of cross over here with his first Radio 1 show which was broadcast just one week later.
  3. After listening to this several times over the last week, I really rate this as a top quality Jules recording. Firstly, it's longer than two hours, which was the de facto default because of club booking schedules and radio programming. Secondly, it's got a seductive blend of proto-trance, house, tech and hard house which Jules would become renowned for in later years.
  4. Or better yet, upped his game with the classics.
  5. Not at all mate; I should have been clearer about what I was trying to communicate in the first post. I'll keep an eye out and highlight anything that may be missing from the archive.
  6. This was part of of a back to back with John Digweed, who's set is pretty good too. Tracklist for the second half if anyone is interested. Should be quite easy to find online, noting that just the Jules half is in the archive. John Digweed 01. Ocean Wave - Velvet 02. Dolls Head - It's Over, It's Under (Brothers In Rhythm Club Mix) 03. Slacker - Psychout 04. Sasha - Rabbitweed 05. Paul van Dyk - Avenue 06. Amoeba Assassin - Rollercoaster (Oakeys Courtyard Mix) 07. Pablo Gargano - Farringdon 08. Mirage - Syrus 09. Return Of The Native - The Lost Tale
  7. Absolutely understand the drive for audio quality, however I would also suggest that a low quality recording is better than no recording. To be clear, I wasn't suggesting having a YouTube channel for the archive to upload to, but instead having section of this site (like gallery, tracklisting archive, audio archive, etc) where you could embed those videos from others YT accounts. The suggestion of ripping YouTube videos to upload here was to mitigate the risk of loss on any platform and ensure these recordings are held for posterity. I sknow I mentioned the GC@NEC videos from Rapture before, but I think these are a good example. It's Jules content which isn't just audio, potentially at risk of disappearing, of interest to this audience, historically important from than era and featuring it would be in line with the the ethos of archiving Jules' work. I must admit that it hadn't occurred to me to approach the original up-loaders though, which would be a better all round but largely out of our control if the account is dead.
  8. Tracklist correction: 21. Nick Sentience - 'Musical Rush' [Nukleuz] I am surprised I didn't pick this up at the time or during my last listen as I was, and still am, a fan of the Nukleuz Purple sound. Jules announces it as Purple Twilight which is in fact the A side to Musical Rush (Discogs).
  9. I remember being gutted I couldn't attend this night, as usual due to work commitments. This is an iconic Bond tune for me and one which is criminally under rated. Tension, release, emotion in the melody; great stuff. Thanks for sharing this.
  10. I listened to this show for the first time today whilst out for a run. I missed it when originally broadcast due to work commitments and I’d stopped listening to Jules when his regular show times changed. Even though I had diverged from him musically by this point it’s still a sad occasion recorded here. I’d refrained from listening to this almost out of denial that this era had truly come to a close. I know we had a separate thread for his departure (link), but it’s a shame to see such a quiet response from the board discussing this show given we are Jules’ strongest proponents, prepared to acknowledge and discuss his work at its best and worst. Featuring Jules’ favorites from each year of his tenure in the second hour is a really memorable touch as are the shout outs from Armin, Marco V, Oakie, Dangerous Dave and Eddie. All of these are huge names in their own right, highlighting the massive influence Jules has had on electronic music. The Above & Beyond comment really hits the mark though; a radio persona larger than life but down to earth. Perhaps bold to suggest, but Jules has to be up there in the annals of Radio 1 history with Tong, Peel and co, given the length of his career and the significant backing he once enjoyed from the BBC Radio 1 management team during the ‘golden years’. Unfortunately, the emotional resonance declines as he heads though years in his retrospective mix. It was disappointing to hear Gladiator feat. Izzy and not the infamous Hans Zimmer - Gladiator (Judge Jules Remix). That said, it was poignant for him to drop Can’t Keep Me Silent and Alone Tonight both of which seemed very appropriate choices. I’m not afraid to admit that listening to this has really generated nostalgia in me. Not the ‘happy nostalgia’ which is marketed and exploited commercially. Rather nostalgia in the old sense of the word; a deep home-sickness and longing for a time and place which you will never be able to visit again. Listening to this show has also stirred nostalgia for this board, a longing for the time it was thriving and full of energy with regular new uploads of rediscovered audio, posts and a large following. Sadly, but understandably, we are left with the resolute regulars doing their best to share knowledge and memories of this time. To echo Quadrant, a name we haven’t hear from in a long time, thanks for the memories Jules, you will not be forgotten. I wouldn’t have got into the depths of electronic music, DJing or production if it wasn’t for you. While I haven’t given it the energy and attention I’d like to have done, the boyhood dreams of following in Jules footsteps given way to a more humble career, it’s still a considerable part of my life. Huge respect. The Judge won’t budge.
  11. @Jonathan1990, there's a good chance the recordings you are after are in the archive so get searching. As for your tapes, if they are no in the archive already and are newly unearthed recordings, there are a number of us regulars who would be more than willing to rip them for you and get them included.
  12. Fuzzy, have you though of having a YouTube section of the archive where you can post links to recordings like this, or perhaps the Gatecrasher @ NEC videos for example. Alternatively, is there an appetite to rip the audio and upload that? Just thinking that things sometimes, though not frequently, go missing from YouTube. Also, while there isn't a huge quantity of recordings on there which aren't uploads of existing MP3s, there is definitely audio and video which isn't featured in the archive.
  13. Interestingly enough we were actually provided with such a thing but of a more commercial vein than techno BXR. The follow up single to The Awakening was of course On The Beach with the CRW Mix being the main feature of the release. CWR were made of some of the usual BXR players including Andrea Remondini, Massimo Chiticonti, Mauro Picotto, Riccardo Ferri. See Discogs for more: link.