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  1. Nothing on Discogs! The only references I can find to it are here.
  2. Plenty of great tunes in this show. Well worth a listen.
  3. I saw this in my sound cloud stream the other day. I will make an effort to listen to it Aza. I wouldn never really class myself as a proponent of Prog House but it's always good to seek out new sounds.
  4. Thanks for the upload Simcut. The Act - 'Something About You' (DJ Garry Mix) is a great tune.
  5. Mixed reviews online of Jules' performance which is a shame. His last two classics sets at GC have been superb, the first recieving almost universal praise. Still, we all have our off days! I am not as disapointed I couldn't make it now, though hearing Caned & Unable front and centre is always a treat. The Bryan Kearney mix is getting some good comments: link.
  6. Great historic recording of Jules here. The end mix is certainly a portent of things to come. TL Correction: 07. Da Hool - 'Meet Her At The Love Parade' (Dextrous Mix) [Manifesto]
  7. I am also interested to see these. Unfortunatley, I couldn't make the even this time.
  8. Kulay - 'Burn' (Judge Jules Remix) [INCredible] One of the best Jules' productions. Always pitched up too much though sounds much better slowed down.
  9. Tuned in now. I was listening to Jules @ Creamfields '98. Seems to be a mix of The Invisible Man - Give A Little Love playing now.
  10. TL correction: 11. Yosh - It's What's Upfront That Counts
  11. Outstanding mix from Jules. Such a a shame the recording is incomplete. I find it really interesting how DJs can iconically link tunes to thier own identity when they aren't involved in production. Nevada - Touched By The Hand is certainly one such tune in my mind for Jules. Synchro ‎ - 'Elektrik' [Liquid Audio Soundz]; Do we have any other examples of Jules spinning Psy-Trance? 16 is "Supernova E.P." not "Supanova E.P."
  12. Some more tracklist corrections. Mac Zimms is the first tune of the half-hour mix after the jingle, and it's Godfather not Recalling '86 that he plays. Digital release of EPIII as evidence: link. 19. Mac Zimms - 'L'annonce Des Couleurs' (Original Mix) [2Play] 20. Digger - ' Godfather' (Episode III) [Casa Nostra]
  13. I am interested to hear your mix. I very rarely by new trance so hopefully I can uncover someting more modern in your mixes. I really enjoyed M.I.K.E. Push ‎– Quadrant from 2016 but that has a more Psy influence.
  14. As the regulars well know, this was given heavy support by Jules in 1999/2000, featuring prominently on Clubber's Guide to...2000. As discussed historically on the board (here and here) this was shifting for some silly prices. While it hasn't retained the peak value it is stuck in my mind as one of those tunes which were pretty rare and special to have. Finally got hold of a copy: £7.76 M/VG off eBay. The other one listed on eBay is VG/VG £49.99! I know that the value of this has depreciated since the digital release, which one can find here, but as a collector I am deeply pleased to finally pick this up without breaking my wallet.
  15. Thanks for uploading this. I know there are many, though not represented well on these boards, who feel that the 94-96 era represented Jules' peak so really good to hear pre-97 Jules recordings.