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  2. Welcome to the club Noodle!
  3. Welcome Phil. The Archive truly is a great place to research tunes and rekindle memories.
  4. I am reasonably forgiving about the odd mix which goes wrong. Many of us are DJs here and we can list numerous frictions which get in the way of seamless mixing. Ultimately, tune selection is and always will be the most important factor in the quality of a set. That said, from a mixing perspective Jules really was off form here. I’ve seen him do a few classics sets live, all at Gatecrasher, and at each of those his mixing was flawless though there was little variety between the tunes at each performance. In many regards though, this is classic Jules. Throughout his career, even when at his peak, he frequently antagonised and alienated with seemingly questionable decisions and terrible performances. Thankfully these were counterbalanced with performances which would . As someone else once said on this forum, he ‘frustrates and delights in equal measure’. I do wonder if Jules’ consistency had been better over his career he would have fared much better in terms of his standing in the annals of DJing and Trance history. I had been tempted to go to Luminosity this year with a friend, glad I didn’t though!
  5. It's been rather quiet her recently but still a few of us around. I hope everything is well with you.
  6. I attended one of the Gatecrasher ones which, as a one off, was an excellent event and something to remember. However, the market is well and truly saturated as you have said, and I don't think I would bother to go to another.
  7. Both these tracks have being getting support from me. I really like the Environs B-Side, Side Missions, too. Will check out the mix later.
  8. Briggsy, thanks for the Grotesque and Aerys label recommendations. I will be sure to look at their releases. Louk, likewise with Skullduggery.
  9. I don't do Facebook so if you could post back what his announcement many of us here would be grateful.
  10. I absolutely couldn't remember what Ascension sounded like. I usually have a good musical memory so had to look it up: youtube. Ascension never did it for me though I am intrigued to listen to the sets you have linked WAP. A quick scan from the first one had Darey's remix of Blockster - Grooveline which is one of my favorite from the era. Thanks for sharing.
  11. You are very correct about Bonzai. MIKE and L-Vee were fertile minds and it was truly was a lucky time to be into electronic music. There haven't been any releases on the other FSOE imprints which have captured my interest. The harder techy basslines of Clandestine tend to peak my interest though. Two releases I have particularly enjoyed are: Paul Webster & Casey Rasch - Silencer David Forbes & Paul Denton - Blizzard
  12. Admittedly, I am a little slow to pick up on this sub-label, however I am really enjoying the releases on FSOE Clandestine recently. While they are getting slightly formulaic, typically featuring a heavy tech influenced bass with trance saw breakdown, overall I am very impressed. This reminds of the excitement that Nukleuz could generate at it's apex. You could almost buy a 12" blind from them and still be sure of a high quality release. Any thoughts or particular recommendations? Discogs: FSOE Clandestine
  13. Good stuff Aza. I still need to leave you feedback on I & II!
  14. I use FFMPEG for all transcoding. You have excellent control over all the variables but you have to do some reading through the manual to work out what you want to achieve. This is a command line application so you must be happy with a terminal. I would generally avoid online converters as it is difficult to tell what options they are using. VLC should be pretty good as it is a very reliable product. If you want something simple stick with that but if you want more control try FFMPEG.