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  1. Spin Doctor

    Technocality III - Mixed by Aza

    Good stuff Aza. I still need to leave you feedback on I & II!
  2. Spin Doctor

    aiff to flac/wav

    I use FFMPEG for all transcoding. You have excellent control over all the variables but you have to do some reading through the manual to work out what you want to achieve. This is a command line application so you must be happy with a terminal. I would generally avoid online converters as it is difficult to tell what options they are using. VLC should be pretty good as it is a very reliable product. If you want something simple stick with that but if you want more control try FFMPEG.
  3. Listened to this in the car this evening. Stand out track is Hands Burn - Good Shot (Fontaine & Vern Mix) - a very under rated classic. I also like the fact that you played the non-vocal version of Sunrise as the vocal edit seems to get more support on the nostalgia mixes for what reason I don't know. Really enjoyed the mix from Sonique to Matt Darey.
  4. The good old days! Added to the 'to listen' list drtim.
  5. Spin Doctor

    The Techno Recommends Podcast

    Just seen on my Soundcloud feed you have a guest mix from Chicago Loop. Looking forward to hearing that one.
  6. Spin Doctor

    Jules @ Peach 25th

    Excellently put there Neuro. Nothing to add other than simple support to your view. You are spot on.
  7. Spin Doctor

    Judge Jules @ Gatecrasher Boxing Day, Sheffield (26 Dec 2016)

    Bigsteve, the next event is a Red & Black Night. I don't think the lineup has been released yet but bound to be some good tuneage from Bond.
  8. Spin Doctor

    Technocality I - Mixed by Aza

    Have you got a direct download for this, Aza? Make it easier to listen to in the Car for me.
  9. Spin Doctor

    1999-09-11 - Judge Jules, Saturday Show

  10. Solid mix, Briggsy. I particularly liked hearing Boca - Play With Me again. My copy of this has an annoying warp which makes it particularly difficult to mix.
  11. Some belters in there mate. Like Aza's Technocality, I have added it to my to listen list.
  12. Spin Doctor

    Mixmag article - the evolution of the turntable

    Nice post. I especially love the 'pancake tuners' reference. With the pace of technological change I do wonder where we will be in years to come with DJing technology. Also I am surprised that the laser turntable hasn't made a re-appearance for those wishing the highest possible archive quality of sound prior for digital DJing.
  13. Spin Doctor


    Must be early twenties then?
  14. Spin Doctor

    Technocality II - Mixed by Aza

    Will add this and Technocality I to the ever growing 'to listen' list!
  15. Spin Doctor

    Elements - Mixed by Aza

    Took me much longer than planned to get back, but as usual a high quality mix from Aza . 09. Svenson & Gielen - Twisted (Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix) [High Contrast] 21. Felix - Don't You Want Me (Pants & Corset Remix) [White] 22. G.D. - Choral Reef (Original Mix) [IDJ] Particular highlights for me!