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  1. 1999-02-27 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    A small correction. This is a UK Saturday Warmup show on Saturday not a Friday night show.
  2. Luminosity 2017

  3. Audio archive - back online

    Great stuff Tim.
  4. 1999-02-27 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    All hail new audio! Thanks to all involved.
  5. Conductor & The Cowboy - Sunshine ????

    Nothing on Discogs! The only references I can find to it are here.
  6. 1999-01-15 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    Plenty of great tunes in this show. Well worth a listen.
  7. If you fancy something different

    I saw this in my sound cloud stream the other day. I will make an effort to listen to it Aza. I wouldn never really class myself as a proponent of Prog House but it's always good to seek out new sounds.
  8. 2000-02-25 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    Thanks for the upload Simcut. The Act - 'Something About You' (DJ Garry Mix) is a great tune.
  9. Gatecrasher Easter Weekend

    Mixed reviews online of Jules' performance which is a shame. His last two classics sets at GC have been superb, the first recieving almost universal praise. Still, we all have our off days! I am not as disapointed I couldn't make it now, though hearing Caned & Unable front and centre is always a treat. The Bryan Kearney mix is getting some good comments: link.
  10. 1997-11-21 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    Great historic recording of Jules here. The end mix is certainly a portent of things to come. TL Correction: 07. Da Hool - 'Meet Her At The Love Parade' (Dextrous Mix) [Manifesto]
  11. Gatecrasher Easter Weekend

    I am also interested to see these. Unfortunatley, I couldn't make the even this time.
  12. Judge Jules Saturday 27th February 1999 Show

    Kulay - 'Burn' (Judge Jules Remix) [INCredible] One of the best Jules' productions. Always pitched up too much though sounds much better slowed down.
  13. Judge Jules Saturday 27th February 1999 Show

    Tuned in now. I was listening to Jules @ Creamfields '98. Seems to be a mix of The Invisible Man - Give A Little Love playing now.
  14. 1999-12-10 - Judge Jules, Friday Show

    TL correction: 11. Yosh - It's What's Upfront That Counts
  15. Outstanding mix from Jules. Such a a shame the recording is incomplete. I find it really interesting how DJs can iconically link tunes to thier own identity when they aren't involved in production. Nevada - Touched By The Hand is certainly one such tune in my mind for Jules. Synchro ‎ - 'Elektrik' [Liquid Audio Soundz]; Do we have any other examples of Jules spinning Psy-Trance? 16 is "Supernova E.P." not "Supanova E.P."