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    He looks about 12 in that picture!
  2. Elements - Mixed by Aza

    Looking forward to this. Will listen at the weekend.
  3. Judge Jules, Gallery Boat Party, 23-06-17

    Looks fun. You can't beat small venues for crowd/dj interaction.
  4. 2002-08-24 - Judge Jules, Live at Creamfields

    I do kind of remember meeting some JJ Message Board members that day, but I must admit exactly who escapes me. I spend most of the event with one of my mates from School (!) and a friend I'd made at the first ever GKGG in 2001. Very bad to admit forgetting to meet every, and how I'd forget the famous No2 fan I'll never know! Can you remember who was there?

    If you increase volume past 0db you will get clipping; there is no way round this. If you want to increase the overall volume of the track without clipping you will need dynamics processing, also known as compression. Compression is a reasonably simple concept but one which is very hard to master to get professional results, therefore I think you are better off just normalising to 0db and leaving it there. Modern music is recorded with little dynamic range, the difference between the loudest and quietest part of a recording and if you start over compressing it further it will sound worse. Some more reading to improve your background knowledge: Wikipedia - Loudness Wars FL Studio Manual - Mixing Advice

    You need to normalise the file; this will bring the loudest peak of the waveform to 0db.
  7. 1999-02-27 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    A small correction. This is a UK Saturday Warmup show on Saturday not a Friday night show.
  8. Luminosity 2017

  9. Audio archive - back online

    Great stuff Tim.
  10. 1999-02-27 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    All hail new audio! Thanks to all involved.
  11. Conductor & The Cowboy - Sunshine ????

    Nothing on Discogs! The only references I can find to it are here.
  12. 1999-01-15 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    Plenty of great tunes in this show. Well worth a listen.
  13. If you fancy something different

    I saw this in my sound cloud stream the other day. I will make an effort to listen to it Aza. I wouldn never really class myself as a proponent of Prog House but it's always good to seek out new sounds.
  14. 2000-02-25 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    Thanks for the upload Simcut. The Act - 'Something About You' (DJ Garry Mix) is a great tune.
  15. Gatecrasher Easter Weekend

    Mixed reviews online of Jules' performance which is a shame. His last two classics sets at GC have been superb, the first recieving almost universal praise. Still, we all have our off days! I am not as disapointed I couldn't make it now, though hearing Caned & Unable front and centre is always a treat. The Bryan Kearney mix is getting some good comments: link.