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  1. Hi all, Just joined up and thought I'd post to say what a great forum this is, with plenty of like-minded individuals dedicated to the cause. My era for listening to Judge Jules on Radio 1 would be roughly 1997-2001 and I have fond memories of some of the stuff I recorded on tape during this time (and wish I'd kept). The first show I recorded was probably one of my all-time favourites, from 1997 I think, and although I've forgotten most of it one of the stand-out tracks I do remember was Judge Jules' mix of Trevor Reilly's 'Down with the Underground', which I've yet to track down anywhere. I also recall Treat Infamy by Rest Assured being in there too, with a 'Choose Life...Choose Judge Jules on Radio 1' jingle played over part of it. The whole show was great though - I wish I'd remember more track names. I also recall a show where the last half-hour mix or even the show itself began with Toddy Terry - Ready for a New Day (Rhythm Masters mix), which I thought was a cracking tune at the time and still do. But probably the best memory for me was hearing Ayla for the first time. I was totally blown away by it. And also Binary Finary as well. They may have been in the same half-hour mix at the end of a show; Ayla right at the start and Binary Finary at the very end. Absolutely fantastic times Some of the white labels and unknown tracks were very good and I used to buy CD's quite often with tunes on that I recognised, always secretly hoping that some of these missing tracks would be on there too, but even if they weren't I'd discover some other stuff anyway. I have good memories of some of the other great tunes I discovered from the shows - Travel - Bulgarian System F - Out of the Blue Joshua Ryan - Pistol Whip (James Holden mix) - when I first heard this I forgot to record it and spent a week worrying that I'd never hear it again! Gouryella - Gouryella Great stuff all round All the best, and keep up the good work! Steve