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  1. Charlie Lane

    Recording Radio Shows

    Hello there, does anybody suggest any good software to record 2hr long radio shows etc?
  2. Charlie Lane

    Judge Jules 26/01/2008 & 21/06/2008

    Operation Cherry Blossom and E-Craig Vs One Republic - Home (Chaz's booty), although there may be typo's in the radio1 tracklisting
  3. Charlie Lane

    Dance Anthems on Radio 1

    Sometimes i feel i'm too old to listen to this new wave stuff, and i am 19 and a half, it says it all!
  4. Charlie Lane

    Judge Jules 26/01/2008 & 21/06/2008

    Thanks very much . Been whacking my head to why i didnt record them at the time, but now Jules has left radio1 these are great memories when Jules was supporting my mash ups in 2008
  5. Charlie Lane

    Dance Anthems on Radio 1

    I tuned into this for about a hour, heard the Alan Braxe tune then it all went R&B club mix style which was just shite
  6. Hello there, does anybody have these shows on Mp3 as i would like to rip the bootlegs of mine that jules played on these shows and put on my soundcloud, many thanks in advance
  7. Charlie Lane

    Tom Yelland Presents Iconic Jules

    This is awesome, i had a similar idea but i think you have covered everything 1997-2004 so i will do a 2 hour set of the best 'bangin' records jules played 2005-2007 because there were some crackers, from then on trance just went abit downhill on the jules show, so will post this mix up as soon as i've finished
  8. Charlie Lane

    Global Warm Up

    Thanks , it is rather vague about where to find the correct tracklist for what show as his podcast isnt updated 'instantly'
  9. Charlie Lane

    Global Warm Up

    Hello there, does anybody know where i can listen again to Jules' global warm up show which is broadcasted on tuesdays?
  10. You got any more shows like that Lyndon?
  11. Charlie Lane


    That tried and tested tune was my favourite from the show! Also love 'Tokyo' and that Arty 'Around the World' remix was funky
  12. Charlie Lane


    It is there now, Great show for once
  13. Charlie Lane

    2005-10-08 - Judge Jules, Live at Tidy Weekender

    Denis the Menace - Time to turn around, is one of my favourite House tunes ever since jules caned it right through the winter of 2005
  14. Track 20 is Mark Norman - Brasilia
  15. Charlie Lane

    2004-10-30 - Judge Jules, Studio Session

    The Triple M tune is called 'Love Yimanya'