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  1. here is the link to the last half hour, i think.
  2. ok digitized the last half hour but not sure how to get it on site? 23-agnelli & nelson `el nino 24-? 25-arrolla `dreaming` 26-? 27-lucid `i can`t help myself`
  3. Hello, i was in ibiza that year and it was at bar m and i also have the whole of that set on tape i also have jules`s saturday night show which was at mambo.
  4. I wear earplugs but for a different reason,my sausage dog sleeps in bed with me and snorrs like f*** i know it`s not a serious problem but very stressful all the same. i say rest for as long as you can and limit the amount of s*** your ears take. rock on.
  5. Hi, In short what do you need? and how do you do it?,preflaby on the cheap guys cheers
  6. andrewca2


    Hi, i was out at the weekend and got talking to this bird ,after a while she said "whats your name" so i said bond and she replied "your going so say james bond aren`t you" i said " no unibond and i`m here to fill your crack in". boom boom
  7. Yo yo yo, if i was having a night i would call it either of these two, 1) OFF IT! 2) FINGER IT yo agree yes
  8. Hi, anyone remember a tune Jules played a few times on Radio 1 called "Love Yimanya" by Triple M it was a mashup of Filterheadz and something else,been looking for it but found zilch. cheers
  9. Hi, anyone out there know what version jules used to play of White Town " Your Woman" and can anyone remember a hardhouse tune with a male vocal saying something like "pick up the virus and eliminate it" among a lot more vocals,i think it was in the breakdown. cheers i hope you know what i`m on about,not sure if i do.
  10. Yo, on here is a jules mix called an introspective of house 3rd dimension,there is two tunes i would like to get hold of but i cant get an info on them,they are supa.t "love & respect" surrounded "your surrounded" does anyone know what mixes or labels they are on, thanks very much duggie
  11. Yo Yo Yo, An Introspective of house 1st dimension is my fave cd ever but it only gives you track and artist on the back cover,does anyone please know the mixes/remixes of these tracks, Judge Jules cd1 thelma houston-dont leave me this way raw stylus-believe in me inner city-do me right John Kelly cd2 ruby turner-never gonna give you up supa tea-love & respect cheers