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  1. oh sweet lord yep, chewbains is the one. this really takes me back.....i'll be listening to this back to back for the next month god bless you all cheers
  2. sounds promising... her set starts with her singing something along the lines of "if you're wondering what my name is...it's sonique" ['repeat a few times], before she really tucks into it it might or might not be helpful also but mr jules uses the phrase....."more front than an out of town retail park" at some point during the show and there was a sos band/cherelle/alexander o'neil mix done of saturday love as well. here's hoping
  3. hellooo i'm desperately trying to find a set on a judge jules show from many moons ago. it had sonique doing a 20-30 minute set in the middle of it...singing over the top of the songs. put a spell on you was one of the songs but it was a much harder mix than the standard fluff that was pedaled out to the masses. had it on cassette but its gone and i cant find the bloody thing. guess it must have been about 1998-2000. any help very much appreciated. cheers