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  1. FOUND IT! Went searching through old rapture tv videos and theres it was! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99yVp6jR2rw&list=PLO77x9WimSFwsSUnXI0EVgs3M7qPHE50Z&index=60
  2. Ah the video description sounded so good but sadly no its not Kara Wanna - cheers chrissie for the post anyways.
  3. Yeah ive seen the same question on the net sadly its not goo goo dolls, its definately a trancey tune, i went through a listing of the dancefloor chart since 2000 and nothing jumped out at me.Was hoping that might jog someone the the boards memory and i know how knowledgable you all can be about dance music from this era
  4. Hi all its been mine and my wifes personal mission to try id a dance track from the late 00's. The lyrics are on the tip on my tongue its so frustrating! The music video is of a girl and boy on seperate towers - the girl dancing about watching the lad through a telescope - i used to be so good at remembering track names but this one has done me in for a couple of years now - my wife just reminded me and ive been going through discogs for over a hour but nothings jumping out at me - please help!
  5. Thats very kind of you Mr B. - shame we never got a pint sorted :thumbsup:
  6. Yeah ive been after this too ever since he played it a few months ago - any info peeps?
  7. Just had the mix on while me and the wife have been painting the living room - I really enjoyed the first 20 mins of the mix, Bass driven filth that would sound awesome in a big club :mrgreen: .Theres a few in there ive never heard of - especially into the prodigy remix which is rare as im a firm believer prodigy tracks shouldnt be messed with. You`ll have to PM the tracklist as im after a few including the vocal trancer 27mins in and one ten mins from the end. Tight mixing and good track selection worth checking out if you fancy hearing some new tracks you may have never come across :thumbsup:
  8. I still havent had an hour at work to check this out but ill defintely drop feedback soon as
  9. Ive just tapped you up on facebook - tis the best place to catch me these days
  10. I`ll be the first to have a listen Budders! Ill try get some feedback to you in the week but going on previous mixes it`ll be pretty smooth.
  11. Justin Haze


    Ah it makes some sense now :thumbsup: I however am hoping it f***ing chucks it down tonight as im working on a roof all week :boohoo: One more day would be nice
  12. Justin Haze


    Its got to be said Briggsy that ive never heard someone moan so much about having a day off as you