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  1. f***ing love this track. Its quite a euphoric house track and in my opinion more trancy than actual trance is these days LOL Well the mainstream trance all the big shot djs play not the real trance small time djs play
  2. They only sound better if played through speakers. 320 sounds weird with bass loss whereas wav is full cd quality. If you are listening via headphones theres no noticeable jump in sound quality. If i ever come across a wav file i convert it down to 320 and it keeps the same quality. Sounds silly but it actually works. Once a file has been created in the highest bitrate its impossible for a converter to make it lossy as the audio is already there. Only the size is changed. Ive tested this on speakers too they sound identical!
  3. Im awaiting the Photographer Remix of this, release date? Also, i much prefer the mix which he has on soundcloud with the fantastic drop rather than ones ive heard on youtube, will it be on the release?
  4. Yeah just bought the german cd single for £1. Cant wait to hear it when it turns up!
  5. 92. Holy hell thats rollin back them years! Must be plenty of rave and garage house on here. Im gonna give this a listen.
  6. Yeah saying he helped bring house to the mainstream is overly big headed. Just because rappers have discovered dance music in the past 4 years. Its been big ever since its inception in the late 80s and commercially big since the early 90s. f***ing pleb!
  7. I love the Sharam track, such a bouncy fun tune!
  8. Same thing with Sister Bliss - Deliver Me, not sure if its pop enough, but the Hiver & Hammer remix is total bliss (no pun intended).
  9. This is pretty rubbish though tbh, there have been some killer remixes of pop stuff though, these are my faves: Billie - Girlfriend (Tin Tin Out) Vengaboys - Kiss (Airscape) Anggun - Snow On The Sahara (Trouser Enthusiasts) Madonna - What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above & Beyond) Geri Halliwell - Bag It Up (Yomanda) All of the above are examples of how pop remixes should be done. Turn a pop track into a complete stormer!
  10. Any progress in this rework mr bradley? Id love to hear it
  11. Mat zo for me has always produced nothing but rubbish but this mix looks to be quite an eclectic mix of styles. Kudos for that at least.
  12. Sounds like everything else right now, pseudo electro. This was played on a state of trance? So trance really means house now does it? Whatever has become of this genre in recent years.