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  1. Hello. Yes, it was truly a great era, the likes of which will never be seen again. I imagine the "EDM" scene in America to be much like the vibe of 1999. The Americans, at last, seem to have "got" dance music. Everything has completely changed, and that includes us. I've just made a playlist in my iTunes of all of the old Jules radio shows i have, this site has given me lots of them. They are memories, from what, 16-17 years ago(!) that will always be treasured, and never forgotten, somehow. Dance music now is so disposable, you hear it one minute, forget about it the next. Every kid now has
  2. John Dahlback - Mutant Radio, NiCe7 - Monthly Podcast, Hoxton Whores - monthly Podcast, Olav Basoski Rootz Radio are the ones i like.
  3. @A2a I had that show on tape, but i lost when i moved in with an ex. That is the one show out of all of them that i would love to hear again. It is a shame Jules is gone. His contribution to dance music cannot be underestimated. But here we are again, Radio 1 have 1Xtra, which dubstep in my eyes, clearly fits onto, yet its wheeled out on Radio 1. This annoys the hell out of me. Anyway, enough of that, The final mix started well enough, and the first three tracks did trigger some memories. It's scary that "the bass" is 5 years old already! wow. When it started, it was like Jules of old, howev
  4. defo the Friday night shows. As already said, the music was immense, and it had an air of freshness about it - you could feel the excitement jules got from the tunes too. Not only that, but when i started listening i was 16 back then! - oh to go back I enjoyed the saturday shows too with Danny Rampling following, was so good. Radio 1 between 1999 and 2002 just got their weekend schedule so right, that nay change was simply going to ruin it. Well, i'm listening to Jules last show now, whilst for the last 5 years i havent really listened (been more into Tong) i simply cannot forget the impac
  5. Back again with new mixes, probably off the back of Avicii's new found fame (which has gone forward as the main mix and was the original release for the nadio ali version). I got that track like, 18 months ago off beatport!!
  6. i get a feeling this may be more aimed at scratch DJ's. Especially if the Americans have anything to do with it. Either that, or it will be DJ Hero style cutting up etc, which i guess falls more with hip hop/cut & paste dj's anyway. Personally i think this is embarrassing, Tom is right, Cowell has seen the success the likes of Guetta, Afrojack, SHM, Calvin Harris have all had (especially over the last year) in the charts, and wants a piece. As craig has also pointed out, what makes me sick is these people that do actually "make it" off the back of this show, will have never had to play c
  7. I'm surprised you are having these problems. I'm running a 2 year old laptop (though it was top of the line at the time, and is still better than current) with Windows 7, Aero themes on, wifi on, and stuff like messenger running! I've got the latency set to the tightest aswell. The CPU load (even with 4 decks on and running key correction never goes above 60%. Traktor needs and has always wanted plenty of RAM, whereas Serato likes to have raw processing power. My laptop has 4 gb RAM, Intel i5 processor and a stupidly big hardrive. The music library is also massive. So it shouldnt be running a
  8. i just hope they dont get rid of Tong. How can they? He is still relevant and has moved with the times, which is why he is still going strong.
  9. Kulay "Burn" (Judge Jules Mix) for me. Always liked this and it takes me back to sunny times in 1999. ahhhh.
  10. this is sad news indeed, but as most have already said, its been a while coming, even i said it last year that his time was coming to an end. What worries me, is Tong will be next, but who on earth do they replace him with? There is no one who immediately springs to mind except Dave Spoon (His in new dj's we trust shows were excellent and vastly underrated). Radio 1 needs to keep house dj's at least, if they are phasing out trance djs. If Tong goes, i can safely say i will no longer be listening to Radio 1 at all. But anyway, Jules...what a legend. Calvin Harris recently tweeted about this,
  11. so, i havent done a mix for a while as i havent had my gear setup. So anyway, i upgraded to Traktor Pro 2, and its awesome. However, i'm still seriously thinking about gettin an Akai APC 40 and using Ableton. So anyway, heres the mix. My tastes have changed somewhat. I'm way more into the german house style at the moment...
  12. BORING! The best nights ive had out this year (in Ibiza particularly) were listening to no name dj's playing tunes that are fresh. The problem with, certainly the top 20, is, they all play the same tunes. How many of them said their big tune of the year was either Avicii "Levels" or SHM "Save The World"?
  13. and for the price of a second hand car, those CDJ2000's STILL CANT DO some of the stuff Ableton Live or even Traktor 2 can do. CD players are dead and buried now. Even Pioneer have come round to that fact, due to them releasing quite a few midi controllers now, i'd say. i've not used that Aza, so cant comment, i'm still using Traktor Pro and a Vestax VCI 100, but i've got ableton, and the temptation to sell up and get an Akai APC40 is appealing to me more and more...
  14. <p>i caught bits of this at work on the ol' meat wagon doing city centre stuff. It was shocking tbh. Some okayish tracks in there, but when you compare this to say, Tong (who i think STILL leads Radio 1's dance shows), the level of quality is just miles apart. Tong is on the pulse (still) and can foresee trends etc, Jules just plays for the masses now. I dont know who filters Tongs tracks for him or whether he picks them himself, but Jules is missing too many tricks here, i think he needs to vet the tunes himself as i suspect Tong does. Sad to see that this is the way Jules has gone.<
  15. I'm on Ableton Live 8. I'm slowly getting there. I'm just trying to understand how everything is put together and how everything works. I must admit though, i do enjoy it and it is fun!