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  1. Did anything ever happen with this? Would love to see some of those old Mixmags, the Muzik collection is ace
  2. I grew up listening to some fantastic weekend dance shows on the radio in the north of England in the late 90s - Ian Roberts on Rock FM particularly sticks in my mind, also Key 103 and 96.7 Radio City. Everything I taped from back then I just recorded certain tracks and edited out the DJ (wish I hadn’t been so clever now!) and I’ve lost nearly all the tapes anyway. Wondering if anyone has any recordings of these shows knocking around? Would be a lovely trip down memory lane
  3. Ah, it's the Angel Farringdon mix on here: - no great mystery, it turns out Notice that the vocal has been edited out on this set which is a shame!
  4. Ahhh, that remix of Donatella! I emailed Graham Gold back in the day to find out who it was by and he replied (and sent me some CDs of his show, nice chap!), but I've totally forgotten. It can't to me a while ago though and I couldn't find it anywhere online, so it's a pleasure to hear it again! I'll try and remember the remix name Absolutely class track. Never heard it anywhere else than Graham Gold's show (and now here) mind!
  5. Wicked set, didn't hear this at the time it was put out. So many tunes and so well mixed, nice one uploader and whoever's recommendation I saw!
  6. Thanks for posting the audio, this site is like a time machine Love it!
  7. Found this site while searching for an old Jules 30 minute mix I had on tape back in the day featuring Hands Burn and "If" - not located the one yet (although my memory could be playing tricks on me!) but great to have found the site, awesome archive of a time when the Judge was one of the key DJs who introduced me properly to this crazy thing called dance music