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  1. Searchy

    Horny Horns

    Might have been called 'Harder Horns' or something?
  2. Searchy

    Horny Horns

    Don't remember any of the sets unfortunately. Had a look through the audio & the TLs on here & can't see any which is odd. Was definitely 98/99 time when Horny Horns came out. Not the Joe Fandango Remix, to my knowledge - I remember him saying it was a bootleg or something? Definitely not Bootleg Horns though!
  3. Searchy

    Horny Horns

    Anyone remember a version of Horny Horns that Jules played a few times which was really different to the original? It wasn't Bootleg Horns which came out with the release on Positiva. It was a harder version?
  4. Aye - never give up indeed! I knew of a White Label that never got released. Managed to get hold of a tape cut of it 5 years ago.. stuck it on youtube, Oakenfold reposted, producer of the track got in touch with me & one thing lead to another ... as of this year the track got released on CD on DAT Recordings!!
  5. Searchy

    Jules's old mixes?..

    Was gonna mention this site - has absolute loads of random Jules shows from 2003 - 1997.. I have no idea which shows are there and what isn't.. basically this guy recorded a lot of stuff between 5-9pm on Saturdays from 1994 upwards so there's loads of Danny Rampling, Pete Tong, Seb Fontane (urg) etc etc. It's all labelled incorrectly as well which is a bit of a pain (although the dates seem to be right, just the info that he's put totally wrong!)
  6. Searchy

    Judge Jules live @ homelands
  7. my one track shall be: Michael Woods - Solex track means a lot as Jules played it as my classic choice on Radio 1 a few years back! But the original Solex, not the vocal version please
  8. Track 12 is Koolworld - Invader... I think it's Tall Paul's remix.
  9. Any help would be very much appreciated!
  10. Searchy


    anyone got the Radio One broadcast from Pride in the Park 2003? That had a set by Sonique at the end. Was mega! The whole thing was actually... apart from Boy George ha.
  11. Searchy

    Need Track ID - Jules R1 1997

    The Shrink - Nervous Breakdown.
  13. Does anyone have any further information regarding Hercules - Jackin? Desperate to get hold of it! Mega!
  14. Searchy

    1996-xx-xx - Judge Jules, Live from Bella Bella

    01. Jayn Hanna - Lost without You (Evolution's Main Mix) [VC Recordings] **02. Freak & Mac Zimms - Spin Me Wild (Unknown Mix) (Tripoli Trax) 03. Amen! UK - 'Passion' (Original Wand Mix) [Feverpitch] 04. Basco - 'The Beat Is Over' [Deconstruction] 05. Man With No Name - 'Teleport' [Perfecto] 06. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label] 07. Faithless - 'Salva Mea' (Sister Bliss Remix) [Cheeky] **08. SueƱo Latino feat. Valeria Vix - Viciosa [ZYX] 09. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label] 10. Deep Dish - 'Stay Gold' [Deconstruction] **11. Tin Tin Out - Dealers to the Dancefloor (:VC) 12 Quench - 'Dreams' [infectious Records] 13. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label] 14. Unknown - 'Unknown' [white label]
  15. oh - some TL updates:: Faithless - Reverence is the Monster Mix and Karen Ramierz - Troubled Girl is the Bossadub. Erykah Badu - 'On & On' - is the West Coast Drum & Bass Mix on a White Label