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  1. just listening back to this. what a brilliant show this was! I really miss this era.
  2. Besides jules, who is everyone's favourite dj?
  3. Welcome to the site mate! :-)
  4. Does anyone have jules' s set from homelands 1999 at the materly bowl in Winchester?
  5. i didnt realise he was that much of a caner! you can see how going from partying hard to being a full on addict occured. and as for his apperence at the brits, that was pure rock and roll. ive watched it on you tube a couple of times, it is pure classic.
  6. it says a lot about the trance boom. it says how it got bigger and bigger and then explains what happened in its down fall in 2000-2001. its a bloody good insight into clubland at the time. i still think that there is scope to do another one with clubs and djs that were left out of the first one. i would love to see slinky's or passion's story, along with dj's like seb fontain, alex p etc.
  7. breadbin

    one more...

    i recently bought the book; Brandon Block,The life and lines, (his biography) ftom amazon. about a week later i recieved an email from amazon with suggestions of other thing that people have bought with this book. one of the items was a dvd called One More. i had never heard of this before but bought the blu-ray for £9. when i watched it, i was anazed. its a documentry about the the haydays of brittish clubbing at its peak between 1988-2008. its narated by brandon block and has several features of individual clubs like gatecrasher, golden, progress, turnmills etc. it is also full of interviews
  8. i am personally gutted that the legend has fallen. but to be out of the top 100 must be telling us something. i hope he can rise from the ashes. if only it was 1999 again!
  9. breadbin

    jules mixing

    his set at like its 199 was just how it should be. perfect mixes, perfect timing and a tracklisting to die for. has he lost the spark for the scene and plays only to keep the cheques comming in?
  10. just downloaded this mmix and listened to it. i think its a stormer of a set! where did the good old dayz go eh?